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  1. Nice work. I am in love with Draugr.
  2. Orcs and Dwarves factions have appeared in Runeage card game by FFG. The art is already established, The card designs have been completed in that game. Their heroes also make presence in Descent and Runebound. As for Mechanics to make them different in Runewars Miniatures Game, the Dwarves can introduce Siege Engines and Orcs bring the game toughness and Rush engagement ability causing panic. I also hope there will be a Neutral expansion introducing Giants, Harpies, Dragons so each faction can have their own Dragons to fight.
  3. whats it mean: starting to chap my *** as in lose my temper ? I think FFG formula (subject to positive sell results) is to publish one good army followed by evil, then good faction, then evil again.. They started with core box Daqan (good) and Waiqar (Evil), now Latari Elves (Good) followed by Uthuk (Evil) and maybe just maybe another core set with Dwarves (Good) vs The Orcs (Evil) ?? I just cant wait for some girl army warriors ! Thxx Sonja
  4. Six factions would be awsome. For casual gaming as well as tournament play. My group loves this miniature game. The quality of components, the style (dial counter) and the price makes it affordable compare to other miniature games out there.
  5. Just wondering since February is around the corner is FFG going to delete all these posts pertaining Warhammer invasion in the Forums section ? They deleted everything after similar divorce took place between them and Blizzard and all of the World of Warcraft the Board game and the Adventure game Forums were gone. In case they do I want to thank everyone here for wonderful posts and say bye to you all. Hope to continue talking with you guys in Boardgamegeek Forums. Take Care. xo Sonja
  6. Few years back FFG started a relationship with Blizzard for World of Warcraft (The Board game and the Adventure game) and came with some expansions but before the final expansions were announced they divorced each other. I was a big fan of world of warcraft and both FFG games about world of warcraft was fantastic. so i was disappointed and moved on... Then I fell in love with Warhammer invasion LCG but that also stopped in my opinion to make room for Warhammer Conquest 40k so I followed conquest and now FFG and GW are going to divorce. Perhaps FFG/Asmodee should stick with their world of Terrinoth as clearly Terrinoth belongs to FFG and no one else.. in the meantime I feel Conquest and Invasion LCG had so much more to offer and so many future publications but just like world of warcraft the ending such as this is not well received. Sonja
  7. I am not sure if the new Runewars Miniature can be played as RPG.
  8. There was a fairly large event in Eastern Europe last month included some fan made non published factions. Bretonnia-Norse-Female amazons-chaos dwarves and ogres deck(s).
  9. Hey there. Nice job on this. I will give these a try in my next RA get together with my gf`s. Can u pls consider post this on board game geek site ? www.boardgamegeek.com almost everyone in my gaming group are BGG members and I am sure they will follow your suggestions as there is a good bunch of RA followers on that site. Only one other girl from my 14 girls gaming group is subscribed here at FFG. Thx again for sharing. Sonja
  10. sonja2014

    Red Sonja

    We made a house expansion and purchased her miniature and a second marker. Each turn Red Sonja is part of the player with the least number of units on the map.
  11. my pleasure, just let us know if there is specific card u r after Sonja
  12. msg to alexbobspoons: we have some extra cards (about 500) if you send me a list we can send them to you no charge. Just happy to see you complete your collection. msg to mallumo: Yes, ! thx so much ! those are the list. I like to put together some of these decks and try them in the upcoming girls get together for W.I friendly competition. if thats ok with u ? Sonja
  13. Sorry, Canada-more specifically, Niagara on the Lake.. I know this does not help you but if you write down a list, one of my girl friends will play that list and represent you and send you updates of each game.e.t.c... (I know its not the same but some people are doing this). Sonja
  14. Received a notification that a W.I event is coming up near by on the wknd Sept.4-6 with the following rules: Every participant must submit his list in advance. 50 cards deck. With each deck there must be: 2 identical Quest cards, 3 copies of one Legend. 9 Support cards (3 copies of each support card) 9 Tactic cards (3 copies of each Tactic card) 1 Neutral Support card (3 copies) 1 Neutral Tactic card (3 copies) 21 Unit cards ( 7 unit cards x 3 copies) Total: 50 cards. Player can bring in 2 extra units (3 cards for each unit for total 6 cards) and 2 extra Support and tactic cards (again 3 copies for each) as reserve and can substitute the reserve cards from the playing cards before start of each game, revised list must be submitted in advance for observation and control-approval. So basically 3 copies of each card (except Quests- 2 copies of same cards). This will allow every player to have same number of unit, support, tactic, legend and quest cards and everyone is on a equal level when it comes to the volume of cards. (So one deck is not filled with units and another have 1/3 support,etc...) forces every player to include 3 Neutral Tactic and 3 Neutral Support cards. I am excited, so I might bring in my Witch Elves deck in to this event. So far 78 people have agreed to send their list (including me) and participate but I am sure things will change and numbers will be different. I tried to check out deckbox.org but majority of the decks are way more than 50 cards. What is your thought of constructing a deck in compliance with the above ? Do you think a relatively good W.I player can easily modify his/her deck to comply with the above and come out victorious ? the next notification for participating players (July 20) is the list of restricted cards. Deadline for submitting the list is August.15. * There are 4 un official decks of cards (2 Bretonnians) and (1 Norse) and (1 Amazon) which will also be competing under the above format but their results will not impact the tournament. They are fan made decks and are being put to trial games to check their balance. Thx Sonja
  15. I think he is referring to the Warhammer 40k Conquest LCG has a different packaging as oppose to the W.I packaging. It seems its less expensive to package them the new style. I could be mistaken and the OP means something else. I also hope they continue re print either in the new style or the old way, whichever works better as long as FFG saves on their costs and fans of this great game able to buy copies. Hey Mallumo someone @ BGG was saying you have your own W.I constructed decks posted somewhere. Is it here or did u post it in deckbox.org (apologies OP for side tracking ur post). Did u post your constructed decks somewhere for public or this is not true ? Thx Sonja
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