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  1. Snakes...why did it have to be snakes! Super excited! ^(;,;)^
  2. It seems that the new Lovecraft get more attention for the fall (ie Halloween-Christmas) season, while the Star Wars hype starts int he winter until GenCon. There is no reason to abandon Mansions yet- and there are more great scenarios/campaigns that could be done yet. Still waiting to investigate the Black Pharaoh in Egypt or Yig in Mezoamerica.....
  3. The Lovecraft stuff usually comes around the fall/winter, except when it doesn't. 😁
  4. I already have the MoM main app on my Fire tablet. I was wondering how to get the DLCs from Amazon. Do they just install on my device automatically?
  5. How do you download it from Amazon? I can't find it in their app store
  6. I like the modularity of the upcoming game. As for Arkham's changeability, I would put it down to the dark magyks of haunted Arkham ("I swear the train station was over there the last time I visited!")! ?
  7. I AM IN- JUST PRE-ORDERED! The Stars Are Right!! ^(;,;)^
  8. That is the beauty of this game- you and your group can do whatever they like, I don't believe the FFG police will be knocking on your door- they are too busy with tournament games like X-Wing. Since there is not a single winner (most of the time), there is not much completion between players.
  9. From what people have said, DMD is more of a "shoot Cthulhu in the face" kind of game (close to it's Zombicide breatheren) than a mystery and clues kind like Mom.
  10. If anyone is interested in this. Some of the figures look really good and could be a stand-in for MoM. Right now I think MoM is a better game, but since DMD isn't even out, it is hard to judge. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/253344/cthulhu-death-may-die
  11. HJ is on presale at Miniatures Market.
  12. https://geekandsundry.com/the-order-of-the-silver-twilight-arrives-in-mansions-of-madness/
  13. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/4/17/mansions-of-madness-mothers-embrace/ Looks pretty interesting and could work,,,, ^(;,;)^
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