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  1. So "within the radius of 2 spaces from the monster". This makes it even scarier.
  2. Thanks, but this works if this is melee and adjacent. But it has Extend - so it can attack already within 3 spaces from itself. If it does - does it still push away?
  3. Hi, we are confused about the LASH of Bone Horror After this attack resolves, place the target in an empty space up 2 two spaces away from this monster. Does it pull or push the hero torwards the monster? Thank you,
  4. This. Now that you mention it, this does seem so. I was a bit dissapointed. The plot sounded "classic" or "by the book". For me the show had too much dice in. Seems like when the we saw them in the Episodes, it was "Oh, shiny dice", but here they were just everywhere. Qi'ra acting was really good (I did not even recongnise the Mother of Dragons - only once, when she was walking torwards the camera). Han reminded me of younger DiCaprio and I could not loose the thought during the whole movie. Lando was great - excactly how I thought he would be young. Chewbacca looked to thin for me - like he was artificially made higher. The only two moments I felt some emotions was when Han first took the steering wheel (?) of the Falcon and when he shot Beckett. First one "this is the moment!" second one was just brutal. And I was actually not sure who sold Solo out to the Dawn. As soon Qi'ra sent Han forward I knew what she was up to. Odd noone ever mentioned Jabba. When I saw Maul I understood that I don't remember the timeline well enough, apparently. Well, at least now we know why there is no escape pod on the falcon and where did the antenna get lost. Oh, and I don't think FFG will get many ship ideas from the movie.
  5. Wibs

    Dace Bonearm 2.0

    Torkil has no Range o_O
  6. How long did it take you to develop 2.0? Can we get a subforum for 2.0 so this forum does not flood with irrelevant topics? There is no chance the damage deck and templates will be availble not in the new Core set? How long can I officially participate/organise 1.0 tournaments? If 2.0 comes out in September, will it be immidialty? Why change names of cards that do the same thing in both editions? e.g. Recon specialist and advanced sensors. And all in all, the game seems way more punishing for errors now.
  7. And you loose you action after that if you do not fit.
  8. In the video it was said that "it was so overpowered for high skill aces". Now it is more predictable. For large base ships it was also "overpowered, because the distance you cover is huge". Don't know how large and medium ships barrel roll now.
  9. Lando The Gray and Lando the White?
  10. They look rather different from anything I had seen before. Probably some FFG-sleeve size Regardless, I really don't like the new size - it's too big hmmm - the page says the new core set needs Gray and Yellow sleeves, while the expansions need just Gray: FS01 Mini American 1 5/8 X 2 1/2 IN 41 X 63 MM Yellow FFS05 Standard Card Game 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 IN 63.5 X 88 MM Gray How do you know it is "re-balanced and streanlined"? I am quite sceptical that after a year there will be some broken NPE combinations. Good, that they can fix that in the builder quickly. I think you are mistaken about the "nothing new". For me the line "In addition, the T-65 X-Wing Expansion Pack contains a few entirely new cards that have never before appeared in the game's first edition" line indicates there will be new upgrades not present in the Conversion kit.
  11. Most likely out, since I doubt that the local (whole country) community (about 5-6 people) will be willing to pay for conversion kits. As it is really hard to find a game now, it will be impossible to get a game of 2.0, I think.
  12. Some part of me is happy about 2.0. But I do not like the idea of the force. This sounds like some extra conditions. Charges sound tricky - with the limited amount they should cost lest. Really don't like the new art - looks like they took the idea from Star trek attack wing. Nor do I like the new sized cards - they will not fit in the pockets. Also, since I have not yet got one of each from 1st ed, I am not sure what should I start buying.. Wonder if you can see the costs of the upgrade cards in the builder. Just ou of curiosity.
  13. I just say when I am about to check my other ship's dial. Especially if the ships are the same pilot skill.
  14. As much as I have watched streams , I would say that as the streams are not concidered to be "proof material", they should not interfere with the players. Yelling across the room to the table is a no-no - it distracts from the flow of the game. Would be great to have a judge next to the table or to the stream, but I am not sure it is possible. Stream is first of all a spectator, so informing a judge is a right, but optional decision. As for the first post - I had to read through all the replies to find out what was the reason for the first post... And I am still not sure what happened.
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