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  1. The hate is strong with this one ^
  2. There's nothing wrong with the good old Tie but the FO is sucking me in.
  3. I've never had one break but I have had problems with the pegs not fitting tightly enough into the model. This seems to be a very random problem that FFG needs to address with their QC. I can't say from personal experience but others have posted that FFG usually will send you parts to fix the problem. I hope all ends well for you.
  4. There are some pretty sad people on this forum. What is worse is that some of them even call themselves adults.
  5. Pretty much anyone who wants to play. I should count but I'm sure I have well over 100 ships at this point.
  6. Repairs wouldn't really make much sense in the scale of this game. These fights that we play out would only really last seconds.
  7. Thanks for the heads up! I finally splurged on the Tantive.
  8. Let me know when you have more for sale and I'll pick some up!
  9. I am now officially off the fence on picking this thing up.
  10. Exactly what the last two said. Just play the guys you like/have and go from there. The game itself is pretty simple but the learning curve on flying correctly can be pretty steep. Have fun with it foremost and the rest will come. But always remember, the Empire is the ultimate force in the galaxy no matter what rebel propagandist may say. Join us or die.
  11. I've watched that before but it's always good to see the terrorists get what they deserve.
  12. I love your timer. That is a very cool idea.
  13. This may sound a bit lame but if you're just playing for fun and not competitive get what you like. Make any list from what you have on hand and it will probably be a good time. To me making a list and watching it succeed or fail, sometimes in epic fashion, is a big part of the fun.
  14. I actually meant to post this in the X-Wing section (because that's what I play) but posted here by mistake. The answers I received were not as one sided as I expected. Thank you guys for your honest responses.
  15. Thanks for your input guys I really appreciate it. I'm thinking IA is probably the way I'm going to go.
  16. If you could pick only one which would it be and why? I'm looking to pick one of them up but can't decide which.
  17. Hey Allwings you don't pick up on sarcasm very quickly there do you.
  18. It would look like a bag of holding.... I've never seen one
  19. Ms H. With PTL then some Academy and Obsidians to your flavor. You may also want to look at adding Backstabber or Mauler.
  20. Trajan1

    Scum huge ship idea

    That Wild Karde is horrible ugly but it does have a nice carry handle.
  21. I'm a driller. I put holes in the ground for various reasons.
  22. Trajan1

    Should I Play?

    Well, if got bored before, ask yourself why wouldn't you get bored with it again? I love the game but it is what it is. Some new plastic probably won't change the game completely for you. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  23. It won't happen but it would be nice if FFG would release a pack of changed cards. It's kinda a pain to always have to check the FAQ.
  24. Ha, needs bullet holes for stars and light the corner afire Hobo.
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