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  1. Ladies & Gents, I am thinking of running the first league of Arkham Horror. I have downloaded the scenario cards available on this site but feel they don't explain all the mechanics and rules as defined back in 2008. On the BGG website I have found the following web link reference to the original set of rules for the scenarios... http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Arkham_Horror/Arkham_League_guidelines_1.pdf Unfortunately the link no longer exists. I think ffg changed their forums? Does anyone have these guidelines they could share? Thanks Bagpus
  2. Was thinking of starting a descent campaign in the Wizard of Oz setting..... Jain Fairwood as Dorothy... Elder Mok as Cowardly Lion... Hugo the Glorious as Tin Man.... It's gonna be Great!
  3. Hmmmmm bizarre.. But got my imagination going...
  4. I'm looking through stuff and thinking about it and I'm just not coming up with anything - What else has tokens that persist from quest to quest, Zaltyre?Typically anything that persists between quests states explicitly that it remains in play. As an example rumour quest cards and advanced quest cards. My guess would be that the Secret room card remains in play for the duration of a quest but gets shuffled back into the Secret room Deck for the start of a new quest. That's a guess in the absence of something telling me different.
  5. I think this is one of those occasions that needs an official clarification because it can be argued both ways. As an example Shop cards persist between quests..... Search cards don't. So a simple "whilst tokens remain; treat this card as a shop or search card " would help define it's persistence.
  6. It's really is about time we did away with the above as they are interfering with my enjoyment of Descent..... I can just imagine all you guys and girls in the US unwrapping your boxes of Oath of the Outcast today. Whilst I am left sitting in foggy, rain soaked London eating my fish & chips and wondering when it will be available in the UK. Grrrrrrrrr.. Cor blimey guv'nor get it over here fast!
  7. Bagpus stared ahead at the bulky iron door blocking his way. It was old and pitted with rust. A plaque, covered in thick dust, hanging at an angle by a single remaining rivet, being the only other feature on the door. Bagpus brushed away at the thick dust, revealing underlying lettering with the paint flaking and peeling with age. He read aloud "Runewars Forum". "This is it!" he thought, *I have finally arrived". With a growing sense of anticipation of the all the ongoing vibrant and lively conversations the community would be having inside, he pushes at the door. It slowly creaks open, the rusted hinges shrieking through decades of unuse. He peers around the door at the dark, silent gloom within. All is dark and quiet, like an old mausoleum. He steps in, his footsteps echoing around the dark inner chamber, only muffled by the cobwebs and general dungeon detritus on the floor. What was wrong? Where was the community he thought would be waiting for him in this place? Steading himself, his heart beating wildly in his chest, he lets out a shout "Hellloooooooo.... is anybody there?????".... His voice booms and echoes around the empty chamber, until the echoes die away and once again he is left in silence and blackness with just the sound of his own rasping breath for company.....
  8. Totally agree with your resolution to this. I just wish there was an official resolution.
  9. I agree with your comments on finding you can't play many cards for fear of generating too many fortune tokens. I have started to try out different house rules including: 1.)when heroes spend fortune tokens.. They turn them to threat tokens back in the overlords play area. I like this it works well. Makes the heroes think a bit before buying that extra shop card or re rolling dice. 2.) limiting fortune generation to one per plot card played by the overlord. Try it; especially point 1.
  10. I do this! I can't see the logic of removing the "do nothing" card.
  11. Love the pun! I think all it really needed is something to the effect of "replace standard shopping step with a special shopping step where heroes have a chance to view and buy all remaining act 1 shop cards. Cards that effect the standard shopping step do not effect this special shopping step." Because the transition from Interlude to Act 2 is a real "journey in the dark" without It! :-)
  12. Agreed. The whole process between end of Interlude quest and start of first act 2 quest is very poorly defined. I would like to see a definitive sequence of events detailing the order of things that happen including the 3 items defined in the rulebook as happening immediately post Interlude quest AND the contents of the associated campaign phase post Interlude quest. As an example what do you do in "the Real shopping step" in the campaign phase post Interlude quest.
  13. OK I have found an FFG response over on BGG. They admit that the transition step has been incorrectly written. Heroes do get a chance to cash in their search cards etc from the Interlude quest before doing the special shop step for Act 1 cards. Act 2 cards cannot be purchased. It still leaves that rumour card open to Interpretation as to whether this is a shop step that the card can be resolved in. I will post the thread with the FFG response shortly.
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