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  1. Manolito

    Average playing time?

    Solo, including the setup, about one hour...
  2. This cover art is awful, i hope it's only a prototype. FFG Can do so much better : look a these epic covers for Eldtrich Horror, Imperial Assault, Star Wars Armada ! I'm very interested in the changes, but will be heartbroken if such a great horror game is released with such a camp grinning Dracula. Pay some respect to sir Christopher Lee who has left us this year and offer us a beautiful Dracula box cover !
  3. Manolito

    Multiple Attachments?

    Thanks for the answer !
  4. Manolito

    Multiple Attachments?

    So may I put the same attachment twice on the same unit ? Fo rinstance, can i attach two "chopa" cards to one ork unit so that he has a total bonus of + 4 powers instead of +2 ? Thanks for the answer.
  5. Manolito

    Elder Sign Statistics Reports

    I think it's fine to write them as "defeat by final battle" as, anyway, I've never won a single final battle in "elder sign" ! Thanks for the fast correction !
  6. Manolito

    Elder Sign Statistics Reports

    I entered a few plays in the stats, and unefortunately I realised that I had a single very important rule wrong : once the doom track is full, you are not eliminated, but the ancient one awakes ! :wacko: So i've logged most of my defeats as defeat by elimination, when only one or two from them are real eliminations. Hopefully, it won't have too much effect on the total stats. I guess i've played the 1987 "Arkham horror" (no final battle after the doom track is filled) one time too many. Sorry for the little disturbance !