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  1. Yes, Brad you are correct by the rules as written you may have one time jury rigged. If you actually take the time to read the post you will find that I mentioned that I "worked it out with my GM". To those in Rio Linda this means we went outside the rules to something that made sense for our game.
  2. In a game I was playing in I worked it out with my GM that I could jury rig 4 grenades at a time. If I used them up I would have to take time to sit down and jury rig some more but at no time could I have more than 4. It worked well for us.
  3. My current vision is that the planet would be a light side planet that was trying to be corrupted and controlled by different dark side factions. The tech interference would be Planets attempt to stop the fight. I would also say Planet is lonely and scared, however this could easily change based on PC interpretation of what is happening.
  4. To start I want to use the word "entropy" slightly changed in some way as the name of the planet. The central idea of the planet is that it was the site the conclusive battle of some ancient conflict. The entire planet is covered in old decayed or decaying ships. The planet is actually semi sentient and is able to manipulate the force to affect tech in odd ways. The eventual outcome was both fleets crashed into the planets surface covering it several miles deep in debris. The semi sentient planet has adapted to the tech available to it through the droid brains within the vessels and has created a type of hive mind. I am thinking that the planet may have started forming insect like droids. These droids would be building something that would help the planet become more aware or maybe more in touch with the force (not certain if it would be light, dark, or grey). The PC's would likely need to stumble onto the planet through some type of hyperspace mishap. When they entered orbit their systems would begin acting wonky. Sensor range extended, turning left makes you go down, life support turns the air way down or the heat way up, and other things of this nature. I would need several ways for the PC's to figure out it is the planet. Several ways for them to begin communicating with the planet. Potentially ways to either destroy the hive mind or help it come to full self awareness.
  5. In response to another question the original poster asked. It is much more efficient to use hand gun with two hands. If you are firing a hand gun with only your right hand the recoil will pull the gun up and to the left. If firing left handed it will pull up and to the right (these are the open spots in your grip). When using a correct shooting grip your off hand will cover this gap. This will not only remove the non vertical recoil it will also reduce the vertical recoil. This will only effect subsequent shots as the round will leave the barrel before the recoil moves the firearm. As with all things be very cautious about trying to make your game to real. Introducing real world physics often makes things less fun, more cumbersome, and way to deadly.
  6. I use it for remembering something form the past or as a passive perception check.
  7. I believe there is a max difficulty of formidable (I think may be daunting I get those two confused) with 5 difficulty dice. These difficulty dice can be upgraded as needed but IIRC 5 is the max difficulty. May be off topic but thought it was worth mentioning.
  8. I agree that if all your players want the spec then it is good. The original poster expressed concern regarding it being over bearing.
  9. Nope, I did not miss your point even the slightest. All of your suggestions indicate there is only one way to accomplish a given mission, military prowess. Maybe my character wants to slice the security so we can enter what ever place we are entering with a certain degree of stealth. Or perhaps I want to be the scout and search a head without being seen. Both valid and neither covered by recruit. The only thing a player has any real control over is his character. Forcing him to take a spec is a bad idea and will likely create hard feelings. If it is a free option for everyone and it does not fit one of the characters then it is still a bad idea and will likely cause hard feelings as they are getting something for free and I am not. If you have a player that is going against the party or intentionally going against the story you are trying to tell that is one thing. A GM telling a player he has to do something a certain way, well you might as well play a video game.
  10. Maybe I am more of a newb than I thought but I have no idea what Toor is. Did a google search for star wars Toor and came up empty. Could you give more information please?
  11. So my response to statements about real world military's requiring training is this is not the real world and the game is not intended to be a simulation. My second response would be that PC's are HEROS. Did Luke, Han, Chewie, or Lando go through basic training? Nope not a one of them did. Lando was an administrator and would most closely be associated with the smuggler and likely have the gambler and charmer trees under his belt. Hero's don't have to follow the same rules because they are heroic.
  12. As aside note my GM had the beast intentions when he did this.
  13. I had a GM do this in a game we played. At the time it happened I was playing an engineer and wanted nothing to do with the spec. Recruit had nothing that fit in with the character concept or with the path the character was on. If everyone in your group is planning on taking recruit anyway then feel free to give it as a free spec. If they are not going to take it then just give them the XP and let them make their own choices. While it is your world and story it is their character and their choice.
  14. Not near my books at the moment. What is the max range on any of those?
  15. Prepare is not enough to offset the blast 6 and neither is a chance to activate the blast on a despair (If it has cumbersome 3 most people using it will have a soak of 5 or better and the blast will be pointless.). It needs to have a minimum of slow fire 2 to overcome the ability to throw a grenade to extreme range. As the weapon is written it would be subject to the powerful blast talent and a skilled user could do 12 or more blast damage without to much of a stretch. Also the E-11 is suppose to be the big bad sniper rifle for the games. Anything better is likely over powered. So if you insist on the blast quality my suggestion would be something like this: Damage: 0 the initial target receives no damage from being hit by this rifle Critical: this weapon is incapable of providing a critical injury Hard points: 0 Special: Accurate 2, Cumbersome 3, slow firing 1, limited ammo 4, blast 6-8? If I were to apply logic to this game (I know this should be avoided) then something this unstable would detonate on contact with about anything meaning the initial impact would be similar to being hit by a paintball.
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