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  1. Yeah,.. I came across those plot cards last night,.. made me chuckle,.. they answered the question,.. Thanks alot dirty mind dude,..
  2. E: Note that if the Ambush ends in stalemate and Eometh isn't defeated, his turn doesn't end (turn only ends if he is defeated or if he fails to defeat the monster/minion during his TRAVEL Step), he can take the rest of his turn normally. This means he can not only Explore Dol Guldur to complete his Advanced Quest (since he is already there, why not?) and continue moving, probably to Lothlorien. I need a bit of clarification, The rules say; each time the hero performs this step (travel step), he/she enacts all parts of the sequence below: A) move B) combat or peril C) explore How can Eomoth (in this example) complete his quest [C) explore], before moving [A) move]? I know you can skip (A) & (B) and to go straight to (C. Explore) but, can the same be said for the others (skip A going to B)? And where does it say that Peril only occurs on "New locations",..
  3. Cool,.. wasn't sure if you needed to defeat the enemy before hand,.. Thanks for the quick reply,.. I just got this game, so I might be buggin you guys soon with more questions? Again, thanks,... Oh,.. can 2 plots take up the same location?,..
  4. can you complete a quest while a monster and or/minion is on the same location? 1)Location is(was) perilous, with monster,.. 2)survived peril ,.. 3.0)wanted to complete quest, but 3.1)must the monster be defeated before the quest can be completed in the explore phase? and can you do anything from the explore step while it's occupied by monsters or minions?
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