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  1. Vader's TIE Advanced-Reaction: After this unit is focused to strike, reveal the top card of your deck. If it is a Black Squadron card, put it into play, if able. Otherwise, return it to the top of your deck. My question is 2 parts: 1. If you do reveal a Black Squadron card, does it come into play at the engagement or just into play? 2. If that card happens to be Pilot Vader, can he attached to the TIE Advanced or no since it is focused out? I apologize if these have been answered and I overlooked them Thank you
  2. Chain of command-Action: Target up to 2 [imperial Navy] Officer units, each controlled by a different friendly player. Remove 1 focus token from each targeted unit. My question is-Can this card's action even be used in a 1v1 game or will it basically be used for Edge icons?
  3. Cool, let us know when you want to get together and we'll see if we can make it happen.
  4. Shadows of the Empire- Action: Place a target enemy objective at the bottom of its owner’s objective deck. Prince Xizor- Reaction: After an objective leaves play, capture 1 card at random from each opponent’s hand My question is, and I apologize if this has been answered and I overlooked it, if I play Shadows of the Empire 2 times in one turn, does Xizor's affect trigger both times, or does his reaction just hit one time per turn?
  5. We usually meet at the Game Preserve on the square or a place called Common Room games on the other side of town. Meeting up at GP is hit or miss because people do not like to pay to park. Feel free to come on in and get in a game or 2.
  6. Right now we get together just when we can. Since it's just me and one other guy, we just get a hold of each other and try to get games in. 90% of the time it is usually after 1pm on Fridays or Saturdays.
  7. Even though the groups may not be able to get together weekly, getting together with them once a month would help our group by leaps and bounds. Thank you! I will look into it and see if I can contact them.
  8. Good day to you all. We have a small playgroup in Bloomington, Indiana. I was wondering if there were any other group in the surrounding areas(Indy, Lousiville, etc) with whom we can organize games with to not only expand the group, but who we can also game with to help get better with the game and build the community as a whole. Thank you for your time.
  9. I apologize in advance if this topic has already been covered. With the Action: During the conflict phase, play a enhancement from your hand, you still have to pay for the cost, correct? Or does this fall into put into play rule?
  10. It wasn't focused at anyone.....never meant for it to be. It was more of a vent that our local playgroup is pretty much non-issue anymore. It just seems that any casual or competitive play for people in Southern Indiana will probably be in Regional and GenCon.
  11. Well heck that was a bust........a win by default. Looks like time to focus on Regional and GenCon
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