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  1. It looks deadly Where can I check this weblog? Is there any link to it?
  2. I hope it's Eometh so then we will have all the heroes from " Middle-earth Quest " .
  3. Awesome article! I really like your blog, well done mate It reminds me the beauty of the "SIlmarillion" book as well as some other such as "Morgoth's Ring" . Years of playing Lotro on RP server where many stories were told, as well as playing The One Ring & MERP paper and pencil games
  4. I really like FFG created Heroes, however it's quiet a challenge to use only them as they are not that powerful as original characters from Middle-earth. I would love to see more FFG created characters in future, as we missing some for certain factions. As mentioned already above we have: Noldor: ---- Silvan: Mirlonde, Rossiel, Argalad Gondor: Eleanor, Caldara Rohan: ---- Hobbits: ---- Dunedain: Beravor, Idraen, Amarthiul Dwarves: Thalin Dale: Lanwyn Beornings: ---- So hopefully we will see a Hobbit, Beorning, Rohan and Noldor FFG created heroes in future expansions . Would be nice to see also Silvan Spirit hero as there are none so far.
  5. So "The Flame of the West" is currently in development but what next after that ? I really hope we can get "The Battle of Dale" as a part of the saga or standalone scenario because we could get some nice cards there : " During the War of the Ring, the Eastelings crossed the border and moved to attack the city. On 17 March 3019 the Battle of Dale began. Not able to hold back the Easterlings the Men of Dale and their allies, the Dwarves of Erebor, retreated into the the Lonely Mountain, but lost Kings Brand and Dáin Ironfoot who were both slain at the Gate of Erebor. For seven days the Men and Dwarves barricaded themselves in Erebor until news came from the south of the defeat of Sauron. The new kings of Dale and Erebor (Bard II and Thorin III Stonehelm), broke the siege and chased the Easterlings out of Dale. " So what you do you think ?
  6. In that case perhaps Gandalf could appear as an objective ally . I forgot to mention that I would love to see Halbarad as an ally
  7. What about Gandalf the White as the third hero ? Bergil and Ioreth as allies ?
  8. The Flame of the West introduces a new version of Aragorn (The Flame of the West, 1) to lead you, as well as two new heroes, two boons, and thirty player cards (three copies each of ten different cards) divided between the four spheres of influence. Agreed, new Tactics Eowyn looks very promising. So now I wonder, who is the last hero. We are getting Aragorn, Eowyn and ... ? What your guess ?
  9. So now I guess that it's going to be for one and half month with "shipping status" ( hopefully not )
  10. I only play FFG made up heroes, because it gives a lot of challenge and because there were probably many of other heroes who probably have done some things in Middle-earth. It's like if you played for example " The One Ring " RPG you would create your own hero and wouldn't play as Glorfindel, Elrond etc. Since we can't create in Lotr LCG own heroes I prefer to use those made by FFG. I use famous or known characters as allies. But that's me because I used to be a Game Master for 18 years in many paper & pencil RPG so I see Lotr LCG as another great adventure . The only drawback is that FFG made up Heroes aren't good enough to complete every quest from each cycle
  11. You are free not to like the theme of the new cycle, but please stop claiming it "reveals a complete lack of respect for the source material." It is firmly grounded in the source material, which has pirates, ocean-capable ships, sailing, and even legends of surviving bits of Numenor poking out of the water. Exploring the world of Middle Earth is supposed to be one of the reasons for the games existence, and I'm happy to see that the creators did not let some silly prejudice against pirates keep them from exploring an interesting part of Middle Earth. I think that everyone who has ever read "The Silmarillion", "Unfinished Tales" and "The Book of Lost Tales" will agree with you Dalestephenson I just want to add that there are also "The Western Isles" off the coast of Lindon. They are: - Tol Himling ( also known as Himring ) - which was the realm of Maedhros, the eldest son of Fëanor during the First Age in Beleriand. - Tol Fuin -( Isle of Night ) - It was originally the land of Taur-nu-Fuin ( lands full of dread, evil spirits and orcs who served Sauron during First Age ) but only it's highest parts survived destruction of Beleriand. It was mentioned that during the Second Age there used to be a small Numenorean colony but after the isle was abandoned. - Tol Morwen - One of the few locations in Beleriand which was not drowned, it was the site of the Stone of the Hapless and the grave of Morwen Eledhwen. Mariners of Númenor and later Arnor visited it on their voyages to pay respect to the hero Túrin Turambar buried there. My point is that we are still waiting for any news about two more adventure packs in the Dream-chaser cycle so I wouldn't be surprised if they used any of these Isles in their pack ^^
  12. I agree with you John. There's definitely an issue with one of these things you've mentioned above today. We are a bunch of lads who love this game not only for it's Tolkien's flavour but also because it's mechanically sound and we have a great fun during a play. Anyways unfortunately we have to devote a lot of money to this game which makes us not only players but also customers. Exactly - customers. That's why in my personal estimation FFG should let us know what is going on and why is there such a huge delay in delivery as well as in providing us any news on the forum. Each company knows that selling and providing something to the customers is one thing but having good customer care service is another and it can be sometimes more important than selling any product itself.
  13. It has been over 8 weeks at this point. It is meant to take 6 weeks tops on the boat and roughly 2 weeks "shipping now" so yeah we should legit already have this pack in our hands at this point.... it hasn't been updated since the 28th of Jan, well over 2 months now..... So they just threw four Nightmare Decks at once and have been silent with any other Lotr news for quiet a long time At least we know two upcoming heroes . Let's hope we will get a chance to see two other leadership heroes soon. Would be nice to see a leadership dwarf, or a leadership Rohirrim ^^
  14. I had a dream last night that we got an update about Lotr LCG *feels disappointed* . So, for how long has the " Flight of the Stormcaller " been on the boat so far ? It usually takes about 6 weeks " on the boat " status and about 2 weeks " shipping now " status, isn't it ?
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