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  1. Hey! I actually started running a Crimson Skies-based Genesys campaign on Roll20 and was thunderstruck to discover you had made this already. We're utilizing a lot of it, though we're being a bit cagey about some things until we're more comfortable with the system.
  2. The members of Alpha Squad are gifted with several promotions and honours for their actions on Solace. Most notable among these is the promotion of Imperatrice to the rank of Lady Commissar-Captain, but Adel is also commissioned as a Lieutenant and Arion becomes a 1st Sergeant. As a result of these promotions and reorginization on Lycurgos, Cedercreuz becomes commander of Company B of the 1st Aerial Assault, a veteran unit that has suffered many losses since the regiment entered the field. Alpha Squad is now the Company Command Squad. Meeting their new charges in a hangar bay, the squad prepares to get their first assignment for the upcoming assault on Warzone Epsilon, codenamed BULLSEYE. Arion goes to meet the Platoon Sergeants serving under him, gauging them for personalities and learning what is needed. Sergeant Bron of 1st Platoon is a former cook who is complaining about bad vehicles and his Lieutenant's (Lieutenant Bulert) death-wish. Sergeant Regiam of 2nd Platoon seems to be very orderly to the point of obsessiveness, but he confesses that Lieutenant Bulnes has become addicted to combat stimms. When he can't find Sergeant Samara of 3rd Platoon, Arion learns from Lieutenant Dorvillier that she is a practical joker, much to the annoyance of the Lieutenant. Arion locates Samara up in the rafters, seeing her just as she dumps some unknown substance onto a cluster of visiting Helldiver Elysian Drop Troop officers. He chews her out for her activities and warns her to go have a heart-to-heart with Dorvillier about her complaints. The new Commissar-Captain goes to check in with Lieutenants Bulert and Bulnes about their personal issues, as they both impact their performance in the field. She gives Bulert some things to think about regarding her reckless behvior and then convinces Bulnes to visit a medicae to try and get off of stimms. She does as Arion suggests and makes Lieutenant Adel the company Executive Officer, meaning that he spends most of his time before the briefing getting gear and items requested by the Platoon Sergeants. Commissar Niklet tracks down Adel and then Cedercreuz after she's stopped chatting (in private) with Bulnes. He informs them that Colonel Veerv is going to be giving the briefing on the new drop mission. Colonel Veerv details the basics of the mission; as part of a massive planetary invasion force, the 1st Aerial Assault has been attached to the Elysian Drop Troopers 13th Regiment for an airborne landing on the continent of Neta. While the Helldivers are to capture the cities of Strum, Chur and Rabat, the Chrysopeleans will be taking Hydera. Hydera is a town beneath the fortification of Castle Hydera where intel suggests a void shield generator is being built. While Company A takes the town's streets and guards against counter-attack in Hydera proper, Company's B, C, and D will be assaulting the castle. Company B is to rendezvous with some local resistance fighters friendly to the Imperium who will help guide them past a minefield to one of the castle walls. They will then breach the wall with demolitions charges and lead the other two Companies inside. They are then to locate the void shield generator, destroy it, capture the castle and hold it until relieved by other Imperial forces. The relieving forces are not anticipated to arrive for at least a day, perhaps even as long as several days. While the regiment will have some light vehicles such as Tauroses and Sentinel walkers, they will not have armor support. They are instead assigned anti-tank weapons and told to use captured enemy defenses to hold off Severan Dominate forces. With their mission briefing over, the squad sets about getting its company equipped and assigns basic roles for the operation. 1st Platoon is to focus on demolitions, 2nd Platoon is to handle heavy weapons, and 3rd Platoon will do recon for the company in advance of their approach. Less than a day remains until Zero Hour...
  3. Confessor Blochberger tours the refugee camp with the Chrysopeleans providing protection for him and his retinue. Alpha Squad meets Lieutenant Angilello, the despairing camp commander, a fallen nobleman named Senon Martin, and a somewhat strange priest named Father Aolicious. The troops get a platform built for the Confessor to speak upon as the crowds gather. Meanwhile, aboard the Thunderhead, Lady Commissar Cedercreuz talks with Lieutenant Kravos in the ship's dining area. Kravos asks her to see if she can get Major Jona of the Solace regiment on the side of the 1st Aerial Assault in the politicking against the Scintillans. She talks to Jona and learns that the numerous survivors of the crash and the few remnants of the Solace army are now in need of food. Jona offers to support the Chrysopelean regiment if Cedercreuz can get Lady Caligari to donate the food stores of the airship to those in the camp. Darrien Adel is assigned to getting the vox speakers at the speech platform fixed up, and he finds the needed parts from the faulty speakers posted elsewhere around the camp. With the dais complete, the Confessor takes the stage and begins his firey speech to the masses. Exhorting them to find and destroy the agents of Chaos in their midst, he riles them up in a bloodthirsty mob. The squad holds their ground and watches as the refugees turn on their own, seeking for any who they feel do not belong. An elderly woman rumored by some to be a witch is taken out of her tent and ripped to shreds. A group of mutants begin attacking the Cadians posted at a scrapyard, and Lieutenant Angilello is unable to convince Alpha to come with her to help them. Back at the airship, Cedercreuz is able to get the Scintillan noblewoman to agree to give away the extra food stores. She arranges for the food to be given out, but first has to scare off the obnoxious Senon Martin as he pesters the troops outside. The mob is very disorderly as they come to take the food, and the gangs in the camp beat down the miner's union members to get the lion's share of the food. Cultists of Nurgle appear within the scrapyard as the Cadian defenders are decimated, A fire is started and it quickly spreads, threatening to engulf the entire camp. Yekaterina, Isabella, Malachi, and Solon are sent out to try and deal with the problem as the rest of the squad continues keeping the Confessor safe from the mayhem he instigated. Yekaterina summons up a massive psychic lightstorm that seems to turn night into day, showering the agents of Chaos with firey wrath. The Nurgle cult is utterly destroyed and the fires are doused by the psychic power, and people for miles around can see the glow. The rampaging mob sees the bright light as a sign from the Emperor, and they begin to calm themselves from their earlier frenzy. As the cleansing of the camp subsides, the squad can see that Lieutenant Angilello and most of her troopers are among the numerous dead. Adel goes out to recover the bodies and gear of the Cadians in the aftermath. With the airship's repairs completed, the Chrysopeleans are called back to rejoin with the others aboard. As the Thunderhead lifts off from the recovering refugee camp, the noble guests gather on the deck to celebrate their survival and toast the Scintillans' plans to help rebuild Solace. In the middle of this gathering, however, the squad spots Dark Eldar Tureborn hidden nearby, their weapons trained on Lady Caligari. Lady Commissar Cedercreuz leaps to defend the noblewoman and the rest of Alpha quickly (and Scintillan Fusiliers) responds to the assassins' attack. Castellan Bibiloni is killed and Cedercreuz is wounded by a plasma grenade thrown by the xenos, but the quick response of the troopers saves the others and puts an end to the Cabal's strike. With the Trueborn slain, the squad receives the gratitude of the surviving VIPs. As thousands of Scintillans come from their cruiser transports to help guard Solace, the 1st Aerial Assault Chrysopeleans receive new orders; they are being sent back to the star fort Lycurgos. Their next mission will be part of a planet-wide assault to retake Warzone Epsilon from the Severan Dominate.
  4. Sergeant Adel is able to pilot the descending airship over the guard towers of the refugee camp, avoiding the risk of a crash. Staff Sergeant Arion tells Commissar Niklet to guard the bridge while he and several other troopers head back into the ship to try and assist Lady Commissar Cedercreuz as she fends off Eldar encroaching on the stateroom. The airship suddenly shudders as something causes it some damage below decks, but Adel is able to compensate for the decrease in control. He gets on the vox and calls up command HQ to report in about the situation ask for assistance. He is told that there has been an outbreak of Tyranids from the ruins of the Ardent Crown that requires the attention of the Guardsmen, meaning that it will take some time for any kind of help to arrive. The vox operator suggests that Adel try and land at the refugee camp he just passed, noting that it has a platoon of the 99th Cadian guarding it. Cedercreuz finds herself standing alone against a Kabalite warrior who breaks into the room where she has sheltered several important citizens of the Imperium. The two exchange fire with their ranged weapons in close quarters, then get locked in melee combat. Arion and his supporting troopers shoot it out with another Dark Eldar in the bowels of the airship, using a brace of cannons in the room as cover. Adel is able to turn the airship around and land it in the midst of the refugee camp, then grabs his weapon to join the battle to save the VIPs. The two Eldar fall to Alpha Squad, with Staff Sergeant Arion's chainsword slicing through the arm of the one who reached the stateroom. Colonel Giancaspro of the 17th Scintillan Fusiliers arrives in the stateroom with some of his troopers and attempts to claim the glory for saving the noble and important guests inside. He and Colonel Veerv of the Chrysopeleans almost get into a fight over this, nearly resulting in a formal duel, but Colonel Arkat of the Cadian regiment is able to break them up and angrily orders the two regiments to split up – the Scintillans will remain aboard the airship to protect Lady Caligari and her guests while the Schola Progenium drop troops will go outside and provide security for the exterior. Confessor Blochberger decides that he and his retinue of acolytes will tour the refugee camp and attempt to exhort the people there to help purge Solace of any heretics still within the ruined Hive or its vicinity. He will have Alpha as his personal escort during his visit, but Cedercreuz speaks to Lieutenant Kravos to request an assignment to Lady Caligari's retinue. The Lady Commissar and the Guard officer speak confidentially about Veerv's recommendation for Cedercreuz's promotion to the rare rank of Commissar-Captain. Kravos warns her that Niklet is not pleased with the suggestion and will likely do everything in his power to make the review process difficult. Kravos also says he'll speak to Veerv about getting her seconded to Lady Caligari, and she goes to speak with Alpha about their new assignment. While passing the orders to Arion, she and he discuss the apparent absence of Scintillan forces during the fight to save Lady Caligari and protect the bridge, pondering the cause for this. Cedercreuz gets word that her request has been approved and decides to go speak with Kravos about this matter. Darrien sneakily shows Arion some hats he took from dead Scintillans, joking about using them for target practice. As Alpha gets ready to escort the Confessor, Commissar Niklet appears and says that in the Lady Commissar's absence he has been assigned to go with them.
  5. Two months have passed since the catastrophic crash of the Ardent Crown into Hive Solace. Alpha Squad has received several honors for their heroic deeds on that day, and they have been folded into the Command Squad of 1st Platoon. Rumor has spread of their achievements throughout the Imperial Guard, and word has it that Lady Commissar Cedercreuz may be up for a rare promotion to the rank of Commissar-Captain. Alpha is awoken by Sergeant First Class Iltzch and told that they are to get their dress uniforms on for a special assignment. The squad scrambles to get dressed and Cedercreuz and Arion make sure that the troopers are up to inspection standards. They meet with Lieutenant Kravos and Commissar Niklet in the motor pool of the Guard camp, hopping on board their Tauros as it drives toward their destination. The squad learns that it has been requested to join Colonel Veerv, the Regiment's commanding officer, and attend a special meeting of command officers with a visiting contingent of nobles and priests who have come to view Solace. The meeting is take place on a luxury airship owned by the Contessa Jenette Caligari, the host of the convocation and a member of House Caligari from the world of Scintilla. There is bad blood between the Scintillan Fusiliers and the 1st Aerial Assault following the Fusiliers refusal to come to the airborne unit's aid during one of their first engagements. Despite this, Lady Commissar Cedercreuz and Commissar Niklet warn the officers and troopers of Chrysopelea to be on their best behavior and not get into any fights with the Scintillans. Boarding the airship, the Thunderhead, the squad sets up positions around the central ballroom and observation deck as the noble guests question the soldiers about the crash of the Ardent Cruiser. Lady Commissar Cedercreuz speaks at length with the Contessa as Alpha Squad has been assigned to protect her during the visit. Also attending are Cardinal Carinus, the governor and spiritual leader for Solace, and Confessor Blochberger, a religious official tasked with stirring up the populace to help root out any remnants of Chaos cultists in their midst. There is tension between the Chrysopeleans and the Scintillans, but Staff Sergeant Arion helps to prevent an incident from breaking out after one of the Fusiliers attempts to jostle a drink being held by the alcoholic Corporal Isabella. As the Confessor is railing against heretics, however, Alpha Squad spots signs of an approaching vessel skimming above the area around the ruined Hive city. It turns out to be a raiding party of Dark Eldar, which begin boarding the airship and attempting to capture some choice prisoners from among the noble guests. The Kabbalite warriors crash into the bridge and observation deck, engaging the Imperial Guard troopers in close combat with their deadly and toxic assortment of weapons. The Contessa and several other nobles are hurried away upstairs by the Lady Commissar while other members of the squad fight a hideous creature called a Wrack in the bridge. Cedercreuz and the cluster of terrified nobles hide in the master bedroom suite as more of the Eldar encroach on their position. Sergeant Adel goes to take the helm of the airship, seeing that it has drifted close to land is now in danger of crashing into a refugee camp!
  6. Alpha Squad disembarks from the safety of their Chimera APC and descends into the bowels of the shipwrecked cruiser that has slammed into Hive Solace. They begin their search for the engine room where the main reactors are located, moving into a large cargo hold closer to the aft section. They quickly realize that they are not alone in the ancient vessel, however, and a swarm of termagants floods through the spaces between the cargo containers toward the squad. The rushing xenos are led by a large Tyranid Warrior which cries a horrible screech that sends Sergeant Arion running for the exit. The termagants' fleshborer weapons wound several troopers, and Darrien's right arm is badly shredded. While Yekaterina is able to hit the Warrior with psychic fire, it doesn't stop the oncoming tide of enemies. The soldiers of the Imperium realize that they cannot hold their ground and flee back through the corridors of the Ardent Crown in an attempt to escape the Tyranids. Sergeant Arion recovers his senses in time to help lead Alpha away from the cargo hold and further aft through the darkened passageways. The squad is able to lose their pursuers and find a relatively safe room to hide in and bind their wounds. Corporals Adel and Casuat return to the Chimera parked outside, and Adel unmounts the storm bolter attached to the turret before heading back inside to aid his fellows. He also reports that he spoke to their commanders on vox and learned they can't expect any reinforcement - they are on their own. Sergeant Arion finds a heavy flamer in an old locker and the Lady Commissar is able to locate a sump which could lead to the engine room and possibly avoid the menacing xeno threat. Now bandaged and rearmed, the brave troopers enter the slimy tunnel and begin crawling through the ship with their Sergeant in the lead. As they crawl, they can hear and see hideous four armed Genestealers searching for them overhead, but luckily they are not noticed. They finally reach the reactor room and see the bright white light of the main engines glowing in the massive chamber. Corporal Adel goes to the main control console to try and stop the self-immolation sequence, counting on the others to protect him while he works. As the operator tries to puzzle out the ancient tech, the dials rise dangerously closer to the red end of the display. The others can hear sounds of Tyranids starting to draw nearer as well as the precious minutes slip by. Suddenly, a Tyranid Warrior comes clambering down from an opened air vent, heading right for the cluster of humans. Yekaterina, Lady Commissar Cedercreuz, Sergeant Arion and their comrades let the giant xeno have it with their psychic powers and weapons. The psyker's powers slow the wounded thing down long enough for Arion's heavy flamer to finish it off in a hail of prometheum. With the time the others have bought him, Adel finally figures out the shutdown procedure, turning off the reactors and saving not only the squad but untold thousands on Solace. Aware that the Tyranids are still chasing them, Alpha Squad heads for some thrust tubes leading out of the aft section of the ship where its massive (and now dormant) engines are located. They can see and hear the xenos rushing up after them as they get to the upturned engine vents overlooking the burning ruin of Hive Solace. Calling for aid over their vox, they are picked up and rescued by a patrolling Valkyrie. For their heroic deeds several of the soldiers receive promotions and special honours, including some rare heirloom weapons gifted to them by Colonel Arkat. Solace has been ravaged by the crash of the "falling star", but for the moment at least it has not fallen.
  7. The 1st Aerial Assault Chrysopelea spends some weeks helping with the destruction of the last resistance to the Imperium on the Star Fort Lycurgos. The remnants of the Chaos cultists and Severan Dominate forces quickly fall and leave the facility in the hands of the Imperial Army and Navy. After their valorous service in the assault and capture of this vital objective, the airborne regiment is sent to the hive world of Solace where they will help train the newly raised 19th Solace Castus Guard. Due to a bureaucratic mixup, the 19th Solace is being folded into the nearly decimated Cadian 99th Mechanised Infantry regiment, and while the recruits are eager to fight the threats to humanity they are inexperienced in the arts of war. The elite Schola Progenia airborne regiment from Chrysopelea aids the Cadian unit in shaping up the rookies. As part of this training regimen, they are engaged in a live-fire exercise in the Solave Hive where they are to hold a sandbag bunker against the Solace troopers' assault. There's a betting pool on the number of "kills" the soldiers can get on the recruits, and Alpha Squad quickly racks up a number of hits as the new troopers try to reach their position while fighting through mud and obstacles. Suddenly, a massive explosion rocks the Hive and causes destruction and power loss throughout the huge tiered city. Lady Commissar Cedercreuz, Sergeant Arion, Corporal Darrien Adel, and Sanction Psyker Yekaterina quickly move to help the wounded and imperiled Solace troopers. The Lady Commissar is compelled to give a mortally wounded young soldier the Emperor's Mercy with her bolter and a prayer. She provides first aid to others among the survivors of the Solace unit and Sergeant Arion coordinates the troopers to respond in an orderly fashion. Colonel Veerv, commander of the 1st Aerial Assault, contacts Alpha on vox, telling them to make a secure perimeter in their current location within the hive. He says that the cause of the hive-shattering explosion is at yet unknown, but there have been reports of locals engaged in rioting. Freeing the squad's Chimera APC from under some rubble, Alpha moves out and checks on the immediate vicinity around the level they are on. They help calm down some civilians and watch out for signs of trouble. A massive debris field and the wreckage of an Imperial cruiser stuck in part of the hive are visible from their position. This is evidently the cause of the explosion, and the soldiers can see that it has the words "Ardent Crown" emblazoned on its hull. The squad recalls some history related to this ancient vessel, noting that it was last known to have vanished into the Warp centuries ago. Sergeant Arion reports on this finding on vox to their company commander, Colonel Kravos. Yekaterina can sense some sort of shadow or void in the Warp nearby, but it is only a passing sensation as she regards the ruined cruiser. As they consider the cause of the crash, a group of corrupted and hideous mutants make their appearance from a back hallway. Twisted by Chaos and bearing a wide range of grotesque mutations, the mob assaults the squad and their escort of Solace recruits. Several large and bulbous mutants attempt to get onto the Chimera, but Darrien is able to run two of them over, causing a gory explosion of oversized intestines and splattering blood. Sergeant Arion bravely stays outside of the APC and shouts commands to the green recruits as they fight the mob in brutal close quarters combat. Many of the Solace soldiers are cut down by the mutants, but ultimately Alpha Squad prevails against the ugly madmen. Red pools of crimson and gobbets of gore litter the battlefield all around the Chimera. Before they can contemplate this fight's aftermath, Colonel Veerv's voice comes over the vox once more and tells Alpha that there is a critical situation developing; while the Ardent Crown is a wreck, its engines are believed to be in an unplanned rite of self-immolation. This meltdown would cause even more devastation to Solace, leveling the hive and likely killing every civilian and soldier in several hundred kilometers. Alpha is one of the squads closest to the shipwreck and Veerv commands them to enter the cruiser, find the engine room, and stop the vessel from self-destructing.
  8. The squad gets their briefing for their next mission; to locate a Chaos Space Marine who has escaped the custody of the traitorous rebels. The ancient and twisted Marine, Warpsmith Arkturian, has been responsible for the corrupting spread of Chaos through the star fort. He is currently working his evil technomancy on the heart of Lycurgos, attempting to convert the entire place into a massive daemon engine, a result which would be even more disastrous than allowing the facility to stay in the hands of the Severan Dominate. Due to their past experience fighting the rebels and the forces of Chaos, Alpha Squad is given a lead role in this critical mission and full access to the stores of the 1st Aerial Assault Regiment on the star fort to arm themselves. Acquiring a powerful Stormlord super-heavy tank, meltaguns, and some suits of carapace armor to help them confront their deadly foe, Alpha sets out at the head of A Company as it plunges into the depths of the imperiled fortress. They also come into accidental possession of a unmarked crate containing a jeweled box with the seal of the Inquisition. Sergeant Arion opens it and finds that it contains an ancient parchment map showing the layout of the fortress, overlaid with bloody scrawls indicating places of Chaotic power. The Squad uses this blasphemous map to help them avoid the likely spots of enemy ambushes, but it results in a longer trip through the fort corridors. The troopers encounter a labyrinthine series of new passages constructed by Chaos-tainted servitors on their way to the Enginarium. They battle against waves of cultists, enemy armor, and Daemon Engines, suffering only minor damage to their powerful Stormlord as they press forwards. Reaching their destination at the center of the star fort, most of Alpha dismounts from the tank and seeks out the Warpsmith among the catwalks and platforms of the massive Enginarium. They encounter an old Tech-Priest as they search, and he fills them in on Arkturian's plan to start his ritual soon. Sergeant Arion and Yekaterina are first to find the hulking armored Chaos Space Marine, and a vicious battle begins between the troopers and the mad superhuman. Many members of A Company are slain by Arkturian's assortment of weapons, and Yekaterina is nearly killed by his flamer. Sergeant Arion retreats from the Marine's assault and attempts to reform the scattering, terrified troopers once more. Realizing that their infantry weapons are insufficient to stop the Warpsmith, he retreats to a level where the Stormlord tank will be able to target the pursuing enemy. Darrien sights Arkturian as he chases the guardsmen and lays into him with the tank's cannons. Even these attacks are not enough to kill the Warpsmith, so Arion manages to get a heavy weapons squad together and the combined power of their meltaguns melts the raging Arkturian into a puddle of sickening goo. While the battle for Lycurgos is not over immediately, Alpha Squad has defeated the leader of the Chaos forces and captured the general of the rebels. Holding their ground at the Enginarium, they continue the fight of the Imperial Guard to wipe out the remaining enemies. The battle is hard and the sacrifices costly, but after several more engagements, the 1st Aerial Assault Chrysopelea and what's left of the Vostroyan Void Shrikes regiment win the day – Lycurgos is once more in the possession of the God-Emperor.
  9. Alpha Squad tries to convince Constantine to surrender himself, but he contends that his fellow soldiers should be allowed to leave. After a brief firefight, the Imperial troopers, APC, and reinforcements from 4th Platoon are eventually able to get the General and what remains of his rebel squad to give up. The squad begins to long trek back to the secured docking arm, expected to take several hours. They send runners out to alert command that they have the enemy commander in their custody. As they progress to friendly lines, the unit encounters a new change to the corridor - a large chasm in the middle of the passage. The squad begins to construct a bridge to enable the APC to cross, but as they are working on it a Heldrake suddenly rises up from the pit. The infantry weapons prove useless against the flying chaos behemoth, but the carrier's autocannon finally takes it down after a tense engagement. The troopers complete the bridge after an hour and half and then cross over. Alpha continues to be joined by elements of other friendly units who were scattered through the star fort in the search for Constantine. Unknown to the Imperial forces, however, some of these turn out to be Chaos militia dressed in uniforms stolen from dead comrades. A group of them inside of the APC turn on Constantine suddenly, attempting to kill the rebel General. Alerted to the surprise attack, Yekaterina uses her psychic powers to bodily flip the APC, causing injuries to Constantine and the friendly crew but killing the cultists. As they approach the last leg of their return trip, the unit is ambushed by Severan Dominate soldiers hidden amidst the upper catwalks overhead. The rebels attempt to reach the APC where Constantine is still being held, but their rescue fails and they are forced to retreat. Alpha brings their prize to the docking bay at the terminus of the captured docking arm, delivering the General to their own officers. Alpha gets only a brief reprieve before they are told by that there will be a new mission - perhaps the Empire's last desperate bid for control of Lycurgos.
  10. 1st Platoon proceeds from friendly lines and into enemy territory in search of General Constantine of the Severan Dominate. Signs of the rebels abandoning their posts and defensive positions point to a change in the situation on Lycurgos. Alpha Squad is working their way down a corridor as part of the search and comes across twenty servitors busy disassembling a room and all of its contents, sorting the trash into bins and taking machinery and other parts to another chamber some minutes away. Sergeant Arion confronts one of the servitors to speak to it and learns that it is serving a Tech-Priest named Vilius. Checking in with command on Vox, he confirms that Vilius is not part of the Imperial forces. Following the line of servitors moving the parts, Alpha discovers that they are using the machinery to construct a hideous abomination born of Chaos - a Defiler! The Defiler quickly spots the Imperial force and attacks with its flamer, the firey chemical projector injuring most of the squad. As Sergeant Arion calls for a retreat, Darrien Adel fires the APC's new autocannon at the daemon engine. Luckily for the squad, the Defiler cannot get past the doorway to pursue them, and while it tries to break past the wall the autocannon finally tears it into a million inanimate pieces. The squad calls command to inform them of the infernal enemy they have just destroyed and the servitors' involvement. They demolish two unfinished Defiler machines and Darrien begins purposefully running over any servitors they see after picking up the dismounts and driving on. Over the vox, the squad can hear that other platoons are also encountering heretical forces serving Chaos. The troopers next come across a storage facility and dismount from the Chimera to search it for signs of Constantine. Adel's sharp eyes notice the shadow of a hiding Chaos militiaman in the room's catwalks, and he alerts the others by firing his autocannon at the would-be ambush. The squad pulls back to the APC and the scarred and mad militia force pursues them. Yekaterina calls on her psychic power to wreck a ladder being used by the chasing soldiers, killing many of them. Unfortunately she also causes whispers from the Warp to descend upon the scene. While Alpha mostly resists the terror they feel, the psyker herself begins to flee in a panic. When a renegade Chaos psyker appears with reinforcements to support the decimated ambush squads, Sergeant Arion coordinates the squad to send volleys of lasgun fire into them. While the enemy force is slaughtered, the psyker uses its evil power to suck some life force from Arion. Once the battle is over, Isabella catches up to Yekaterina and the psyker calms down, giving herself some ritual scars to atone for her panic. Alpha presses on and soon sees a large group of seemingly mundane servitors ahead. They suddenly unleash a trap that drops an entire section of dismantled bulkhead toward the APC, forcing Adel to swerve out of the way avoid getting stuck. The servitors' deadly weapon attachments and berserk charge at the Chimera reveals that they are actually murder servitors, and while most of them are gunned down by the vehicle crew and Sergeant Arion manning a mounted storm bolter, one is able to clamber on top of the speeding transport. Arion blows it apart at nearly point blank range, then calls in to update command. Word soon comes down from above that all servitors are to be presumed to be hostile and should be destroyed if encountered. Alpha is told that they are at the advance of the move toward the central core, and reinforcements are directed to back them up. Arriving in the vicinity of the command deck at the heart of the star fort, the squad sees more signs of traitors forces abandoning their defenses. Moving up to a door, Sergeant Arion sees that the massive command chamber is the scene of a fierce engagement between a large force of Severan Dominate soldiers and Chaos cultists who are moving past a massive and deadly Maulerfiend. Among the Dominate units is an officer who Arion identifies as General Constantine, their primary objective. Constantine is commanding his troops to take down the Maulerfiend, but their weapons are having little impact on it. Arion and the dismounted infantry of Alpha get into position to target the cultists and the APC aims into the room from the rear to target the terrible fiend. As the Chaos cultists charge across the command deck to engage the Imperial Guard force, Arion coordinates fire on the them and the Chimera levels its heavy guns on the Maulerfiend. While the cultists are no match for the lasgun volleys, the Maulerfiend proves a hardier enemy for the APC's weapons, taking many hits from the autocannon before it finally collapses, having begun to rush the Severan Dominate force. Arion considers attacking the rebels to enable the squad to more easily capture the General, but he sees that there are two full squads of shock troops and five squads of standard infantry remaining; Alpha might still win the engagement through skill and valor, but it would be at a very high cost. As Arion confronts General Constantine and tries to intimidate him into giving himself up, the latter makes it clear that he has no intention of simply turning himself over to the Imperials.
  11. After successfully capturing a flight deck from Severan Dominate forces, Alpha Squad has once more suffered several casualties and is in need of new replacements. With Lieutenant Kravos' assistance, Lady Commissar Cedercreuz picks Sergeant Reave Arion and Private Caius Casuat, formerly with Lieutenant Gilbear from 6th Platoon. She also picks up Pvt Solar, a Vox-operator who Arion knows well. Casuat, a skilled vehicle operator, is seconded to Darrien. As the squad reforms, Darrien trips Isabella, but Yekaterina responds with a reckless use of one of her psychic powers, dazing herself and him. Commissar Cedercreuz slaps Yekaterina as she freaks out and tells her to shut up. She asks Sgt. Arion some questions to size him up, finding out he's professional and a capable NCO. He can tell she's no-nonsense, has fanatical faith, and is likewise competent. Kravos holds a briefing for his platoon in a converted mess-hall. The next mission is to do some stealth recon of the now collapsed docking arm which was the initial beachhead for the Regiment on Lycurgos. Command is curious to know what if any enemy presence is in the area and if it can be reclaimed for the Imperium. The squads involved are assigned void suits, multi-tools, and auspexes. Sergeant Ario talks to the Supply Officer and is successful in getting the gear, plus an extra auspex. Lady Commissar Cedercreuz takes an auspex and Darrien takes the other one for use aboard the squad APC. Alpha moves out with rest of 1st Platoon to the broken docking arm. As they near it they can see that the Rebels have set up their own airlocks and walls to replace those with breaches. Darrien leaves the APC at the rear of the column and comes up to try and open the rebel-crafted airlock, but he accidentally shuts another emergency door on top of it. Cedercreuz tries to open it next, has no luck, and even the platoon's Tech-Priest also fails. With no other choice and the chance for surprising the enemy fading quick, the squad begins looking for another means to enter the breached docking arm. As they search for some other portal in, Beta Squad watches through the broken airlock door and can see some movement. The Tech-Priest accompanying Alpha Squad opens the door and Cedercreuz sees that the corridor is littered with debris, signs that a rebel ambush is prepped. Sergeant Ario also smells promethum fuel, signs of enemy armor in the area. The Lady Commissar finds alternate entrance that lies above the ambush corridor, but Yekaterina gets stuck while clambering up to join the rest of the squad. Sergeant Arion helps Isabella figure out how to get the sanctioned psyker through, then follows them inside. Alpha Squad's perch offers them full view of an enemy ambush force awaiting the rest of the platoon, composed of four tanks and a platoon force of red-uniformed rebels lying in wait in void suits. As the Imperial force begins to move toward the ambush, Alpha strikes and gets to the flank of the enemy, taking them completely by surprise. Yekaterina tries to fling debris at one of the flame tanks, but unfortunately she is only able to cause bloody tears to start streaking from the eyes of any images or statues in the vicinity. Her next failed psychic attack wipes a trivial memory from the minds of those in the area. Darrien drives the squad APC around to flank one of the enemy Lehman Russ battle tanks, assailing it with lascannon bursts and then a heavy bolter. It responds with its heavier cannon, starting to do major damage to the lightly armored carrier. The rest of the squad trades fire with the enemy infantry, and Lady Commissar Cedercreuz targets an enemy NCO with her bolt pistol. Her careful shot blows the arm off of the Severan Sergeant, and the disordered rebel infantry loses its unit cohesion. She helps rouse the team to victory, and Sergeant Arion bravely crosses the corridor to toss a grenade into the hatch of the enemy tank. The explosion incapacitates the crew and Alpha Squad once more proves crucial in the victory of the Imperium over the traitorous forces. With the enemy trap sprung and the damaged docking arm recaptured, 1st Platoon prepares to return to the reinforced defenses with their allies. Shortly afterward, Lieutenant Kravos and other officers are called to emergency briefings which take several hours. When he returns to brief his platoon yet again, he tells them that the commander of enemy forces (General Frederique Constantine) is actually on the star fort with them. Their special mission is to venture across the fort into the command center for Lycurgos and capture Constantine at any cost. Once they have secured him alive, they are to return to friendly lines. For this mission, Alpha Squad requisitions an auspex, vox, multikey, and lascutter. Due to some fortunate logistics mix-up higher up the chain of command, they also get some extra grav chutes and several crates of High Provender.
  12. Alpha Squad races toward an entrance into the Ordnance Manufactorum in its Chimera APC as the enemy defenders open fire from behind their improvised bunkers. The APC is unharmed, but Yekaterina is hit more than once while she rides on the exterior of the vehicle. The Chimera's armor proves too much for the lasguns of the rebels and they attempt to call up a heavy weapons team to take out the vehicle. The gunnery of Darrien and the Lady Commissar cuts the anti-tank crew out before it can target them, however, and the Chimera breaks through the bunker defenses. As the unit gets dismounted, Yekaterina's overuse of her psyker powers causes a temporary rift in the Warp, resulting in the squad getting a glimpse of the horrors that lie beyond. Private Symonne claws out her own eyes, screaming insanely as a result of the corrupting influence of the beyond. Private Adel is forced to mercy-kill his lover and comrade as a result, and he and the other shaken members of Alpha must soon press on to assault the factory. The squad fights with the defenders inside of the Manufactorum, trying to be careful to not hit the piles of highly explosive ammunition everywhere around them. Beta Squad helps in the battle from a position high above the work floor, but three of its members are slain, including its Sergeant, who had once planned to file a report on Cedercreuz. The Lady Commissar is wounded, and Yekaterina is knocked out and nearly killed by a searing blast to her torso. Despite these casualties, the enemy forces ultimately retreat and leave the facility in the hands of the Imperial Guard. Alpha and Beta hold the Manufactorum and radio Company A to let Kravos know that their objective has been secured. They maintain security as reinforcements arrive and are granted several days of rest to heal up from their injuries.
  13. Alpha Squad is tasked with processing large groups of civilian laborers who have been liberated from assorted locales around Lycurgos. Lady Commissar Cedercreuz has to produce a great deal of paperwork as the individuals file past and give her their relevant personal details. The rest of the team helps to provide security in the captured storage facility which is currently being used to house the civilians and their families. Commissar Niklet appears with two other troopers and introduces them to Cedercreuz, explaining that they are new additions to the unit, Sanctioned Psyker Yekaterina and her overseer Private Isabella. Yekaterina is clearly unstable and prone to violent outbursts, causing some awkward moments in her introduction. Harmon welcomes her and her comrade to the squad, then is handed some of the Lady Commissar's paperwork to deliver it to the Regimental Supply Officer in another room. As he walks to hand over the documents, Harmon notices some suspicious troopers entering a room where food supplies are being kept. When he questions them about their actions, he suddenly realizes that they are traitors in Imperial uniform. Calling for the aid of Alpha, he engages the disguised rebels with his heavy flamer. The rest of the squad arrives to support him and they are able to stop the infiltrators from poisoning the drop troopers' food storage. Unfortunately, the paperwork he was transporting is destroyed in the fight, meaning Lady Commissar will have to redo a lot of her previous work. Later on, the squad is given a briefing by Lieutenant Kravos in which they are given the mission of capturing the Ordnance Manufactorum, a weapons and munitions construction facility located further within the star fort. He explains that the Imperium needs the factory captured relatively unharmed, noting that there are workers and servitors inside who are not to be killed in addition to Severan Dominate defenders. The squad acquires a Chimera APC and is to be supported by Beta Squad. Travelling to the vicinity of the Manufactorum, the squads scout out their target and see that its entrances are protected by enemy soldiers behind makeshift bunkers. Cedercreuz sends Beta to enter via a maintenance corridor approach and ambush the defenders inside the facility while Alpha will charge one of the entrances in the Chimera.
  14. I've been very impressed reading Jewel of Yavin. It provides a Star Wars adventure full of derring-do, but places the emphasis on character interaction and creative problem solving. I like a blaster shootout and explosions as much as the next Star Wars dork, don't get me wrong, but this is such a nice change of pace. I hope it runs as nicely as it reads!
  15. Lady Commissar Cedercreuz is awakened by a Private belonging to the command squad of Company A. She is asked to come speak to Sergeant Kravos, who has garnered a field promotion to Lieutenant and commander of the company. She finds Kravos busy with reorganizing the Company and coordinating the securing of the docking arm. She tells him about her understrength squad, which is currently only composed of herself, Harmon, Malakai, and Solon. Father Angelos has unfortunately succumbed to his wounds, and Warrick has gone missing. Kravos tells Imperatrice that her three surviving troopers have earned promotions to the rank of Corporal and the entire squad has gotten the Ribbon Intrinsic for their deeds during the landing assault. He pins the medal on her uniform and gives her the others for the rest of the squad. Kravos offers to help the Lady Commissar find replacements from some of the other platoons of Company A. She asks for a Medicae and Kravos suggests they also find a vehicle operator to help in anti-armor engagements. Kravos and Cedercreuz recruit Privates Adel and Brinker from 2nd Platoon, Beta Squad, then find Privates Marcellus and Sol from the command squad of 6th Platoon (aka "21st Jackrabbits"). With her squad back to full strength, Cedercreuz leads the new additions to Sector 132, where Alpha is currently on work detail cleaning out a storage room. She awards the medals to the soldiers there and tells the newly minted Corporals about their promotions. The nasal-voiced Commissar Niklet from Regiment Command appears somewhat suddenly to tell Cedercreuz about a dozen infiltrations attempted by rebel forces in Guard uniforms. He insinuates that she hasn't performed her duty in questioning her troopers about their allegiances, waving a pamphlet in her face in front of the soldiers. He departs after this needling, and the Lady Commissar decides to speak to each of her replacements one-on-one. During the interrogations of the additions to Alpha squad, the Lady Commissar discovers some interesting facts about the new troopers. The two vehicle operators (Adel and Brinker) are apparently involved in a covert affair, and she lets them know that they can't let it get in the way of their duties. She also finds out about the dark history of the new Medicae, Marcellus, who has seen action before. In one traumatic mission, he was forced to euthanize a wounded civilian while his wife observed. After these somewhat tense questioning sessions, Cedercreuz turns her attention to trying to find a working vehicle for Alpha. As she does so, the squad is alerted to an armor assault advancing on the Regiment's defensive wall near the terminus of the docking arm. The troopers regroup and head to the wall to try and assist, commanded by Kravos to take over control of a captured super-heavy Stormlord tank and aid in the defense. A Major from Company B directs Alpha squad to the tank in question, and they quickly convince the soldiers currently trying to man it to leave and let them take over. Lady Commissar Cedercreuz acts as tank commander, spotting targets and weak spots in enemy armor for Private Adel, who takes over manning the turret. Private Brinker sits at the driving controls, shifting the tank's position behind the wall when so commanded. The powerful Vulcan mega-bolter shreds the armor of the enemy tanks, destroying a Devil Dog and disabling the turret of an attacking Stormlord. Privates Marcellus and Sol exit the tank to get some heavy weapons firing again. They briefly try using a heavy bolter, but it is insufficient when targeting the rebel armor. Marcellus spots a melta gun left behind by a dead heavy weapons squad, picking it up as the Devil Dogs and the last enemy Stormlord closes in on the heavily damaged defenses. He microwaves the crew of a flame tank, which then explodes. As the Severan Dominate Stormlord crashes through a large hole in the defensive wall, Alpha turns their weapons on it, combining the mega-bolter, laser cannons, and Marcellus' melta to good effect, disabling the super-heavy tank. Their attack broken by the battered defenses, the enemy turns tail and runs, some crews abandoning two flame tanks as they retreat. Alpha moves forward to cut down many of the Severan Dominate troopers mid-flight. Cedercreuz calls Lieutenant Kravos on a vox borrowed from Company B's commander, reporting on their successful defense and capture of several enemy vehicles. While the defensive wall has many large holes in it and Company B has suffered around 50% losses, the counter-attack was stopped at their position. What could have been another disaster for 1st Aerial Assault has been turned into a telling victory by the intervention of Alpha Squad.
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