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  1. Notice that it is Huge Ship Only AND Rebel Only. Plot thickens
  2. Yey! An answer to Ion Tokens! "Huge ships do not suffer the standard effects of ion tokens. Instead, when a huge ship gains energy during its “Gain Energy” step, reduce the amount of energy it gains by one for each ion token assigned to it. Then remove all ion tokens from the ship at the end of the Activation phase." EDIT: to be fair, most people guessed this already
  3. I've actually forgotten why I went to the main news page. Seriously, I went there for something other than X-Wing. But have fun guys and gals.
  4. Just saw it: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4775 That was just the news, here are the rules for using the big ships: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/x-wing/support/X-Wing-Huge-Ship-Rules.pdf And Epic tournament rules: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/x-wing/support/X-Wing-Epic-Tournament-Rules.pdf
  5. Dash Rendar was the pilot of the Outrider. In that case, bring on Dash too. Every new ship needs at least one character pilot card
  6. Yeah, a simple "?" at the end would have stopped ranting. But on the positive side, now you know you haven't missed any announced locations. People here aren't bad, they are just eager to hear about what you posted. Seeing that you didn't know the locations caused much weeping and feet stamping, not because they're bad people but because the disappointment was too much for them to bear. Or I'm wrong and about to take the verbal onslaught away from you and onto me
  7. Outrider: would love it! Star Destroyer: my head says "wishful thinking" but my heart says "I hope so" Dash: don't know much EU so he's "meh" right now. Zuckuss: can't read that name with a straight face. First Captain Harsol now Suckass. What next, Jedi Master Bates?
  8. MajorTomK

    This is a thing.

    Did that droid say what I think it it said? EDIT: That droid definitely swore.
  9. Seconded.... Inspired by the avatar of ThenDoctor I will guess the ETA by saying: "it will arrive precisely when it means to."
  10. Simple answer to your question: That dude is crazy!
  11. I've not even read or been part of the beta but that is what I was thinking of doing.
  12. I wasn't involved in the Beta. What I do is I wait until a book is released and then search the web for reviews of the book. When a book becomes available to download, I take a look at the download preview to get an idea of what is in the book. If a combination of reviews and a look at the download preview spark my interest I then go to Amazon and buy, since Amazon tends to cost less. What have I bought? Deathwatch, Rites of Battle, Ark of Lost Souls, Rogue Trader, Battlefleet Koronus, Dark Heresy, Dark Heresy Ascension and Black Crusade. Some or all of these I'm thinking of trading back to Amazon, which will get me a discount on purchasing something new. Will I buy Dark Heresy 2nd Edition? Games Workshop has done a good job of losing my interest. Mostly due to the high cost of models and partly due to there obsession with limited releases that I always seem to miss out on. But that doesn't mean I can't get stuck into the RPG side of things. There's loads of alternatives to high priced GW minis out there. Even some reasonable "count as Space Marines" that I spotted recently. I had a strong story idea which spanned Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and Black Crusade. It seems a shame to throw that all away, but then I could always rewrite some of the ideas into something new, fresh and exciting. So while I sit on the fence as to whether or not I say yes or no to buying this, the question remains: Is DH 2nd Edition better or worse than the Star Wars RPG's? I might have to get both books and then compare.
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