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  1. Actually, they may have an option to design the look of a ship mentioned only by name. No picture. No facts. Just it is an Imperial Navy Patrol Ship measuring 150 meters: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lianna-class_corvette
  2. This is what Avenger Ties look like...
  3. These are my own hopes: REBELS K-Wing YT-2400 EMPIRE Skipray Blastboat ? something big ? EMPIRE HUGE SHIPS Imperial Customs Corvette Action IV Freighter
  4. Agree wholeheartedly! "It's a boring conversation anyway" before shooting the control panel. Cool
  5. MajorTomK

    This is a thing.

    No... ...I'm an idiot But If I were JJ Abrams I would (a) make the most awesome sequel trilogy ever and (b) come here to recruit actors/actresses and seek script advice.
  6. Young boy sitting by the TV as his dad put a video into the player. Nearly jumps out of his skin as the music hits him with the STAR WARS logo and the exciting music plays. As the music comes to an end, two space ships shoot at each other as they roar across the screen. Best introduction ever to any sci-fi I have ever seen. Han shooting first was topped for me by Han calmly getting up, flicking a coin to the barman and saying "sorry about the mess". You just don't get that kind of cool in movies now.
  7. Yet another example of why I love Star Wars so much.
  8. I think I saw one of those squashed on the road once
  9. MajorTomK

    This is a thing.

    Loving Star Wars is hating these thing. You are a paradox. I am an ironic paradox wrapped in an enigma of contradictory ironies and paradoxes constantly contradicting the various anomalies in their paradoxical contradictory ironies.
  10. MajorTomK

    This is a thing.

    I liked the Ewok movies when a child. Now I hate them so much I'm embarrassed to admit it. But like you rightly said, we all love or hate different things. By the way, I now consider the YouTube video "TROOPS" to be canon.
  11. Newcastle UK... ...close enough for me.
  12. I'm 50/50 with this. 50% Reasonable and saying Nematode is right on this point. 50% Unreasonable and resorting to juvenile name-calling: "party pooper" I suppose he's right. I'm now going to sit in a corner with my arms folded and sulk
  13. MajorTomK

    This is a thing.

    I love the original trilogy. I love the original trilogy with added CGI. I love the prequel trilogy. I loved playing Battlefront I and II. I can't wait to get my talons on The Clone Wars and later The Rebels. Though I am not expecting much from them, they are what I love most in the global entertainment business... STAR WARS
  14. I'll have to wait. I'm in the UK but so far they're just showing Belgium, Canada and United States.
  15. Why would I use a huge ship as an obstacle? hmmmmm "A Rebel Transport loaded with useful supplies, or Rebel plans/espionage, suffered a sudden loss of power/life support and is now drifting through space. It is the mission of both the Rebels and Empire to capture the vessel and retrieve the supplies/plans/espionage before their opponent can get their hands on them." I can see a few good homemade scenarios using the rules.
  16. Nah, he's Clone Wars Era. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Soon_Bayts in case you thought he was just being clever. SERIOUSLY!? I was in fact making a joke with that "What next...." comment. Now I've seen it all. EDIT: I also thought that Dagonet was being cheeky.
  17. MajorTomK

    This is a thing.

    Please put me down for one of those.
  18. Between me and you, once Empire get huge ships I'd be happy to have 300 points of ships + 5 epic points worth of huge ships in addition to that. Just for fun.
  19. I think That it is you have 300 points of SHIPS, be they small, large or huge. The 5 Epic points is to stop you going OTT on huge ships. EDIT: smacks forehead! Ninja'd
  20. That is brilliant! Appeals to the evil villain in me.
  21. Soon. Very soon. If not I will start singing and posting it here to demoralize them into bowing to our demands. My singing is really that bad. You've been warned FFG! So let it be written; so let it be done.
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