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  1. I believe I've seen that model, from a different angle, but the cost was......out of my budget and the resin kit far beyond my skills ah well, some day it will be mine.
  2. 100% agree. Star Wars without a Star Destroyer is like Star Trek without the USS Enterprise. FFG have done a great job so far. In fact, X-Wing and it's miniatures are the best. They wouldn't mess up what could be their biggest money maker.
  3. Ironically the OP is from a country where freedom of speech is part of the constitution.
  4. What is in a name? A rose by any other name would still smell as sweat...
  5. I don't think any of us hate the ISD, in fact half or more of the reason I don't want to see it in the game is because I think it's "disrespectful" to the ship to nerf and shrink it like that. A Vigil or something like that I'd buy without thinking twice. A ISD, the only way I'd buy one is if it were $125 or less and had some truly amazing stuff for other ships, because the only thing it would do is sit on my shelf. Exactly! No hate, just two different reactions motivated by the same love of the Star Destroyer. Neither side right or wrong. My two "game" ships of choice are the Vigil and Customs Corvette. Gozanti coming a close, and more likely, third. But I didn't know what these ships were until I came here, hence the reasoning that the Star Destroyer "should" be part of the game because it IS the Empire huge ship. Everyone recognizes it. That's why this keeps going round and round but nobody is convincing anybody. Because both points of view are valid.
  6. That is how I feel. Do I want it in a game, either in mine or an opponents list? No way! Do I want it to buy a model to take pride of place on a desk or shelf? Yes, now! Gimme, gimme, gimme! -----rest not aimed at you but to everyone in general----- I object to a model "in the game" for the same reason Aminar and others are so determined to have it in the game, WE LOVE THE STAR DESTROYER. My love for it moves me to say I wouldn't like it because it would be too small and not as powerful as I feel it should be. Aminar is willing to sacrifice "appearance" and "power" just to include it in the games. Two people. Two different points of view. One motive...the fact that the Star Destroyer is awesome.
  7. Thanks Rhinoviru3, nice repaint but its the brown I want to change on the HWK-290. Yeah, I was thinking white. Like the X-Wings, Z-95's and Tantive IV. EDIT: I meant to replace the brown. Rest of the colours would stay the same.
  8. We WANT to fight Imperial Ships. I want them to be divided in port and starboard, and unleash devastating volleys of fire. I want to tear a Gallifrey tranport apart with my turbolasers! But I want to do it on a ship that makes sense, not with a ship that couldn't even turn around on an epic play map. The ImpStar isn't the only Imperial ship out there - the CR90 is a mere corvette, so it makes sense to choose another corvette, a destroyer, or frigate. Not a great big Capital Ship. He gets it
  9. I did indeed, due to the topic being 300 meters or less, but I like that and several other ships larger, but not by much, than the 300 meters. If FFG made a Carrack-Class Cruiser, I would probably buy at least one.
  10. To say I stink at painting would be an understatement of such monumental proportions that anyone who speaks what I've just typed will create a black hole that will destroy the galaxy. Part of the appeal of this game is that I don't have to paint. However, I know many in the community like to personalize their models so I think FFG should do both. Painted for those of us who either don't have the time or the skill, and unpainted for those who like to do their own thing.
  11. Actually, if I remove the seismic charges from my list (thus changing the ion, drop and run plan) I'd be able to change two Scimitar Squadron for two Gamma Squadron. For a little variety. Keep the ion-heavy Defenders as they are.
  12. I knew that (yeah right) was just pretending not to know (are you really buying this) but draining a huge ship energy would still be an advantage.
  13. Tie Bombers Scimitar Squadron Pilot Proton Torpedoes, Proton Torpedoes 3 Scimitar Squadron Pilots Proton Torpedoes, Proton Torpedoes, Seismic Charges Tie Defenders 6 Delta Squadron Pilots Ion Cannon The idea behind this set up is to simply pile on the Ion counters onto Transport/Tantive IV in the hopes it will plow through their own ships. If not, the bombers should place Seismic Charges in front of the huge ships. Tie Defenders should be able to deal with any enemy ships, while the bombers try to focus on destroying the huge ships. Just an idea. Probably won't work.
  14. How iconic is a Star Destroyer? Opening Scene in Return of the Jedi Star Destroyer moves down the screen, moving towards the Death Star. From it, a shuttle and two Ties and fly off towards the Death Star, cutting to a scene where the shuttle and Ties are moving "towards camera" with the Star Destroyer looking as impressive as always behind. Opening scene in Empire Strikes Back Camera view descends to the sight of a Star Destroyer moving "towards camera". View turns to underneath the Star Destroyer where a trio of droids fall down and one goes to the surface of Hoth. Opening scene in New Hope Why explain it when I can just show it... By now you should know that I agree with how iconic the Star Destroyer is. You should also know how much I love the ship and would very much like to buy a model of one. However, I feel the video also shows how terrible it would be to scale down the Star Destroyer... ...that thing is MASSIVE!
  15. Wait... How big?! Oops, typing error 282.24 meters. Will correct that. Thank you for pointing it out.
  16. That would make a great start! Thank you.
  17. ...is there any rules where I can create my own race? I am waiting to receive my copy of Edge of the Empire but just couldn't wait to start working on ideas. I've more questions to ask, and this is where I'll post them, but I want to take it one question at a time. This is the most important: I really like my avatar, even if it isn't "Star Wars", and would like to make my character based on it. From a design point of view, he'd probably be human but with a fly head and an insect-like exoskeleton. Possibly segmented hands and feet. If I made a miniature, it would probably be a human model with skeleton hands and feet and a fly head. How easy will it be for me to create such a humanoid insectoid character?
  18. New guy here, and I've not got Edge of the Empire yet but it is on my "to buy" list. For me writing stories about both characters and NPC is the best part of the hobby for me. Not only that, I like to create planets and their backgrounds too.
  19. Piece of my soul just died Watch and learn
  20. Don't worry you're safe here. If FFG can make a Star Destroyer that is the most imposing sight on the board, and maintains it's awesomeness, while being small enough to fit on a board and not indestructible, then you can count on me buying one.
  21. According to Epic rules touching the base of a huge ship means one thing BOOM. If the smaller ships could fly over the base there might be less complaining about a Star Destroyer crushing everything when it moves or turns. I'm not against having a model of the most magnificent ship in all sci-fi, I just can't see any way FFG can release one without a huge outcry from players, Rebels and Imperials alike, to the effect that whatever size it is and whatever rules it has will be wrong, unbalanced...boohoo wah wah wah. If FFG manage to represent the sheer awesomeness of a Star Destroyer with a 2 feet model, I guess I'll be happy with that. So long as other ships on the board, other than huge ships, can fly under and over it without auto-crashing.
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