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  1. Fortress I got was the correct play in this particular match up. If the Scum player broke the fortress, his list would've been taken apart by Sable's bombs. Just like in actual warfare, you want to control the time of engagement to best favor your odds of winning.
  2. We used 26 points for a draft last weekend. We wanted to reduce the available points for characters in case a player didn't draw any characters in the draft, but I also wanted to allow the possibility to play three characters is able. edit: I ran a draft tournament today with modified rules. This is what we ran with: 2 pods of 6 for drafting 6 packs for drafting Players choose a starter deck after drafting After drafting combine pods into a single Swiss tournament 20 card decks. 26 points for characters 45 minute rounds, best of 1 Tie breaker was points destroyed After running this, I found that a deck size of 20 cards is too small and will increase deck size to 25 cards for draft and sealed for the next tournament. I'm also considering reducing the pod size, but I'm unsure of what I want to reduce the pod size too.
  3. The Austin, TX Regional at Dragon's Lair didn't finish until 5:00 am. This should've been a two day tournament.
  4. You're new to the game, buy what you think will be fun to play. Have you always wanted to be Han Solo in the Millenium Falcon? Then buy Han Solo. At this stage, you're not flying to have some fun. So, have fun, buy what think looks cool, and don't worry about the competitive scene.
  5. Maybe Swiss doesn't account for drops? Was it the drops that ultimately caused this problem?
  6. The shaming of the people that took the ID is what gets me. You guys need to calm down. The decision was theirs to make. Name calling and character bashing is beyond the pale, and makes all of us in the X-wing Community look bad.
  7. People used IDs to secure a spot in the top cut of the Hoth Open, when a loss might have eliminated them. FFG was present and at least participating in, if not outright running, the event. So people say FFG has set the precedent that IDs used in this manner are legal. The marshall was an FFG employee. The TO was a different FFG employee. The score keeper was a third FFG employee. The judges were not employees of FFG, but for any big rulings referred back to the marshall.
  8. Since it like to turn in one direction better, how about some NASCAR livery?
  9. You're probably correct, but this is the first i've seen this happen over the course of 7 waves. Does this mean that QC isn't as important as before. and if so, what does this mean for the future of the game?
  10. You're moving further, are also a bigger target, and may not quite realize the problem. Exactly, this is not good. Hopefully it's an isolated issue.
  11. The large base size should be uniform across all waves. edit: Now you may be wondering why this is a big deal. If the base is 1 mm larger, over the course of ten moves, it will be 1 cm farther across the table than a smaller large size base. This is huge in a game where positioning is important.
  12. Hey everybody, while I was judging for the last Store Championship in my area, I noticed that the large base of one of my player's Ghost is larger than the other large bases. It was about a millimeter larger on all sides. I checked other Wave 8 bases at the tournament, and other players using Wave 8 bases had the same problem. Can you guys check your Wave 8 bases to see if you're seeing an issue in manufacturing as well? I compared his Wave 8 base with one of his older bases to see the discrepancy. edit: I should posit that this was a small sample size of bases that I checked. I did not check all Wave 8 bases at the tournament.
  13. Casual games, feel free to proxy. Tournament settings, you are not free to proxy.
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