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  1. Hi! I'm currently playing a similar list. Dutch and Garven with Jake Farell and Ten Numb: all of them have a pilot skill of 4. Never used Esege: I prefer to fly in formation and I cannot use correctly the slam action. Here the list... New Squadron (48) Ten Numb [A/SF-01 B-wing] (0) Jamming Beam (2) Tractor Beam (1) Crack Shot Points: 51 (40) "Dutch" Vander [BTL-A4 Y-wing] (1) Crack Shot (9) Plasma Torpedoes (5) Ion Cannon Turret Points: 55 (47) Garven Dreis [T-65 X-wing] (0) Servomotor S-foils (1) Crack Shot Points: 48 (36) Jake Farrell [RZ-1 A-wing] (7) Proton Rockets (1) Crack Shot (1) Marksmanship Points: 45 Total points: 199
  2. Can someone confirm Palpatine is also part of the sith infiltrator pack, or do we have to buy the new arc of the republic in order to have this upgrade card??
  3. Hello! Rule doubt! Ship A moves and overlaps Ship B. So ship A moves back on the template until it touches ship B. Then ship B moves, revealing a zero maneuver. They are still touching... But overlapping? Are they at range 0 during the attack phase (so are they able to shoot each other)? Thanks a lot.
  4. Shinren

    Clone Wars!

    With these stats, the pilot ability and the force, and compared to corran horn, I have the same feeling: 85-90 points!!!
  5. Thanks a lot emeraldbeacon and thebitterfig! ?
  6. Ok thanks! Is it explained in the rules references or the rules book? I've checked them but I wasn't able to find the explanation.
  7. Hello folks! What happens if a tie-defender moves through a debris cloud while executing a 4 straight maneuver? Does the full throttle ability activates (so the player can execute a free evade action) before receiving a stress token from the debris cloud? The timing window of both effects activates at the same time or does one of them activates before? Thanks a lot!
  8. Is it possible to modify the green dice or the check of the results happens before the modify step using c-3po? Thanks a lot!
  9. The new x-wing model sucks. Like the app...
  10. This is the most important issue actually. I hope they will let us list offline as soon as possible and then download the updates when they need to...
  11. It could be useful to check the ship dial... Maybe I would like to use a different language... Is it possible to change it? If you are checking a list, you cannot see the upgrade unless you modify the list Variable points upgrade (like shield upgrade), cost zero... Upgrades like the viper title, do not add slot even if they are supposed to add them Maybe some way to save the list as pdf file Rule book and rules reference as pdf file to be checked in the app? Variant format not properly working
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