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  1. Zen bins are great for decks. Also the card board boxes are great for destiny from tourneys as they hold cards + dice .
  2. Ffg doesn't update it that often. It's also not true many times they'll list products they already have as at the printer.(read up on lcg cycles) It's just a PR piece to keep the the natives happy.
  3. Ffg doesn't play test well, back to back packs in the star wars lcg broke the game for months. Not a single op game doesn't have errata. I'm fine with errata and changing the wording it only effects op, play how ever you want in your own leagues and stores. I just want the 90% of characters to be useful, that is good for every one.
  4. I guessing knowing how adventurous ffg op is they will just turn the old standard holocron I to the I finite where it will stay unchanged for ever. Be nice if they rebalanced things. If they didn't when it was the main format why would they then?
  5. Correct. Honestly unless it's a national championship or world's no one is going to check or care. People at world's had incorrect deck lists and they did nothing but correct the lists.
  6. I'd buy used many people are selling off collections if you want to play competitively and save big $ or want a full collection. If you just want to play casually go for the starter decks , ffg only includes one die for one character but just use a D6 instead of buying 2nd box for casual. I'd stay away from boosters and just buy singles so you don't end up with tons you never use.
  7. 0Two games of 2.0 note I have played xwing 1.0 for 3 years so my opinions are from long gone metas. Flying feels good ships are way more squishy. Love there are no 360 arcs. Need to be way more cautious with all ships . Bombers are very strong with weapons and jonus. Vader feels squishy with no evade or boost built in must fflt him safe but he hits harder.
  8. Before happens before. Even if they are simultaneous (both before) you get to choose the order they fire off in. Either way you are fine if i'm the TO.
  9. Triple 0 can't be added if you have Darth Vader as a crew member on empire. Might be working as intended, if so the tool tip needs changed. (web site builder)
  10. Except if everyone is selling who will buy. I expect a huge price crash. Unless infinite format is more popular than standard. Sell now unless you plan on winning a major tourney before next April. It'll be interesting to see what happens.
  11. Have 3 cores, first two cycles, Stark and Lanister boxes. 75$ + shipping US only.
  12. Change the rules. Let a shield lost prevent one card milling or discarding. Boom mill is fixed again
  13. Curious how replayable the scenarios will be. If only once and they are spoiled I will stick to EH
  14. There is no villain version yet. The whole point of the thread is too many cards got created for hero that allow you to draw. With all your cards in hand so far people have used this to aoe for 12-22 damage (launch bay x = cards in hand + salvo to resolve it as AOE), Qui-gon for 20 some damage using Rebel HQ if the opponent spends all their money. They all have foils, but you may not draw the foil or roll it on the first turn. These decks win turn one so a discard step won't stop them. I don't know how consistent they are, but if you suspect your opponent is playing one don't claim. Mitigate the launch bay die two or three times and you win.
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