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  1. Unfortunately some of my armies, given the new force org changes, have become Unbound armies. The removal of "take X and make Y troops" is mystifying to me. I can't understand how that somehow reduces their profit and needed to be removed from codices. I've spent many, many, many hours converting models that are now illegal, neutered, or useless.
  2. I've boxed up my Fantasy stuff until the dust settles and the new Kings of War 2nd edition rulebook is released so I can try that system instead. I haven't been to my local GW since they replaced the good manager there and if I find local people playing the old Fantasy rulebook or a newer ruleset I'll happily switch. I love my Night Gobbo/Black Orc army and my big Lizardmen army - I am in absolute shock at what GW has done to Fantasy. I've defended that company far too many times through far too many kneejerk decisions and I've frankly gotten tired of it. 40K went off the deep end by shoehorning fliers and ridiculously huge models on to 4x6 tables, now Fantasy has been neutered so it'll appeal to 12 year olds. I wish I could sit down in a meeting and just listen to their management lay out Age of Sigmar's strategy. The rules about "dancing while rolling dice" and "bribing opponents" makes me think they seriously considered a rule like, "The first player to place a web order on our $4mil webstore wins the game automatically. If both players place web orders, the player with the larger order wins."
  3. I bought a bunch of Hot Wheels to kitbash for this exact purpose in case I find a good ruleset.
  4. I'm just going to leave this here: http://www.amazon.com/Wilton-710-5521-Silver-Color-Mist/dp/B005KTVG86/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1435984014&sr=8-1&keywords=wiltons+silver+mist
  5. Fury Road was so good I saw it twice in theaters. I'm also finding car combat miniature game rules while converting some Hot Wheels into post-apocalyptic battle machines.
  6. So a couple of months ago I bought Destiny for $30 on XB1. I had originally just meant to play through the story missions because I liked the demo but if we're honest I had originally only meant to buy "just a few" X-wing miniatures. My collection now fills a Battlefoam 720 case not including my 'Vette and Transport. Fast forward a couple of months and I've barely touched my X-Wing minis. Destiny has pretty much filled my play time and I love the RPG-lite shooter gameplay to it. After leveling a Hunter to 32 I've rolled a Warlock and I'm almost to the same point but I keep thinking this engine would be a fantastic system for playing as Jedi. Destiny characters sling magic, jump or teleport, use guns, and have melee attacks. I could see the game engine switching to 3rd person when you use lightsabers for some pretty amazing duels. When I use Arc Blade I kinda mentally hear the vroomwoosh of a lightsaber as I chop enemies to bits. Yes, I'm weird.
  7. I think I've played a Defender but I've also never played a Decimator.
  8. Never flown a Phantom and I've had once since release.
  9. Sanchez

    The scum

    Just buy everything, you're going to anyway.
  10. Been doing this for a year, it works great.
  11. I want to trust Dice because I loved Bad Company 2 but I'm not hearing a lot of great things about this game. That said a Battlefield-esque game would be bloodly PERFECT for the Warhammer 40k universe.
  12. Because they shade many of these models in a wash (thinner paint that spreads out and seeks low areas) you might have trouble accurately color matching the base grays and whites. Games Workshop makes several grays sold in a lot of game stores.
  13. IIRC the magic distance was .40km for a missile where you just pull up and go into loops to avoid it. It might be .35km, it was almost 20 years ago when I played it (!!!! Wow I'm old!!!!) and adv missiles might maneuver tighter.
  14. They released a five pack of Knight Titans with a special rule sheet to give them buffs. If you drop hundreds of bucks at once you get special rules!
  15. I jam a kabob skewer in there, secure it to the peg with blue masking tape, and then use it was a holder.
  16. My newer one has no issue at all, my older one required extra force till I just pushed them down one day. There's paint in the groove of the wings so scraping with a razor blade should help them fold smoothly if yours has an issue.
  17. Me: I need to try this Star Wars game, lots of neat stuff available. Inner me: You have how much Warhammer crap? And that Robotech Kickstarter coming? What the hell do you need more minis for? Me: But it's Star Wars! And it's prepainted! And look at the points! It says 100 points is the standard so that's like 3-4 ships per side TOPS. Inner me: *sigh* Okay. Get the starter set. Me: WOW, there's a shuttle too! I love that ship! And the Falcon too! I'll get those too. Inner me: Jesus, you're terrible. Fine. Get a starter set and a couple of those things. That's plenty. Me: To get my friends into this I'll get two starter sets so we have double the templates. Inner me: You're a moron. Your friends have jobs, they can buy their own cardboard pieces. Me: Alright, order placed, this is gonna be great. Inner me: Fine. I hope you like eating ramen. Me: So R2s are great, I also need more Swarm Tactics so I'm ordering more Ywings and TIEs. Inner me: Then pretend you have them. Me: I need them for tournament play. Inner me: You don't play tournaments. Me: I work Saturdays so it's hard to make. Inner me: Then what the hell do you need more cards for? Me: I might get to play in a tournament someday. Inner me: No you won't, you're gonna need another job to buy all this with all that free time you fantasize about having. Me: Look, I'm getting these to complete the collection. Now I can fly a TIE swarm. Inner me: You hate swarm armies. How's that 40k Ork army going? How about that Fantasy Orc army? Or that LotR goblin army? You never finish them. Me: They're prepainted! There's nothing to finish. Inner me: Fine, order them. Then you can think about where you'll store all this. Your case is full. Me: Already ahead of you, I ordered another case. Inner me: Aren't you clever? Me: And since I'll have more space I ordered another Slave 1. And another few Rebel ships. Inner me: That's an intelligent decision. Me: Wow, new painted Interceptors! I need those! Inner me: You have red paint, just paint the Interceptors you have. Me: Target Lock cards! I need those! Inner me: I need to lock your wallet away, that's what I need. Me: Gotta get this Corvette too. Inner me: No you don't. Me: Have you seen this 3P0 card? Inner me: Have you seen your credit card statement? Me: Stop judging me. Inner me: I wish that were possible... Me: Sweet! Scum and Villainy! Inner me: And you need this why? How many games do you get in per month? Me: Autothrusters? Mangler cannons? I need these. Inner me: You need a lobotomy. Me: And I need another Sensor Jammer for this second Aggressor I bought. Inner me: Then why don't you order that shuttle online and save $10. Me: Because it's right here now. Inner me: And you're gonna play a dual Aggressor build again when? Me: Someday. Inner me: You're a moron.
  18. Barrel roll has the connotation of a complete 360 roll, not commonly used in space but the shuttles did it. For space walking I believe they went belly towards the sun to shield the astronauts before turning back over for reentry. Plus it looks cool during sci-fi dogfights. For the purposes of our game I always chalked up the barrel roll mechanic to some ship's extra maneuvering ability and want to call it a "strafe" myself. Come to think of it, I think I might start calling stafe from now on. Cool story bro: Listening Mike Massimino describe space walking was pretty cool. He said he had to train himself to focus on his task because there were times he'd rather just turn and gawk at the Earth.
  19. Real spacecraft roll for docking, space walking, and payload delivery.
  20. May 4th birthday checking in, I got the day off and I'm going to try getting in an epic Corvette game. MAYBE I'LL USE XWINGS SINCE I THINK THEY'RE OKAY!
  21. I'm not a physics major but I don't think the Death Star would have as much gravity as you think, even though the station is made of metal it's not necessarily dense like solid metal would be. Think of it as a honeycomb, it's not that dense.
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