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  1. The errata made it so that you can only use a single power per round (meaning you cant use something like catch projectile if you already cast a power) and powers count as attacks. While in this case, it is somewhat odd, it is to prevent you getting a second attack per turn, as a fair number of offensive powers are only half actions, meaning you could hurl fire balls at someone, and then shoot them as well. IMO its an awkward attempt to prevent psykers from overloading on damage. it works fine to stop them from using 2 attacks, but it does hurt things such as catch projectile, Unnatural aim, and other non damage combat skills, as the use of them prevents the psyker from actually attacking (for example if you use catch projectile before on the turn, but before you actually go, you cannot attack that turn, or if you attack you cannot use catch projectile. Its a very awkward way of dealing with powers, and does hurt some powers. As for if psykers are op. Unerrataed, Yes. very much so. The errata does a lot to bring them back down. They are still arguably the best class in dark heresy 1, but not broken like they were before the errata. There are 3 reasons, IMO, that make them very strong. First off, even if you remove the psychic part of them, their advances are really darn good, with very few weaknesses, and access to a huge variety of options. (I once had a group, where two players both played guardsmen, but one chose advances from the psyker scheme, excluding psyker abilities of course, and needless to say made a way stronger guardsman then the actual guard did). They have an insane number of advances they can take, as mentioned before, and most of them are very reasonably priced (although they are limited on SC). Second, is that the investment into powers is very cheep for what you get. You honestly do not need to spend that much xp to have a psyker be half decent at using powers, which leaves you with a heck of a lot of extra xp, to spend on your already very full advance tree. Psy ratings, are in my opinion, the single strongest advance in dark heresy one. Not only do they increase the amount of dice you get to use, always a nice thing, but they add a lot powers as well. for only 200 xp, you can get psy rating 4, which gives you +1 dice, and (at 40 WP) 400 points worth of powers, were you to buy them individually (even more if you have higher WP). Finally, the whole perils of the warp thing. I have a lot of issues with these charts, and have often resorted to using my own. IMO, these charts simply do not affect the game enough. Results that are actually bad, are pretty few and far between, and the rest are really meh, unless the GM finds a way of using them, which usually ends up feeling pretty sh*tty. Most of the time they do very little, or totally F everything up, which just frustrates the players. Also the fact that you have fate points means that you really are not going to be rolling that many 9's, unless you are spamming powers. Also force weapons. Those put all other melee weapons to shame. As for good minor powers, lucky, healer, flash bang and chameleon are all very good abilities. As for SH. No, you could not. Its less of an actual "hand" and more of a focused push or pull.
  2. I would assume that is why you receive the additional -10 to BS, also while you can attempt to make an attack when blind in melee, it is on a (-30). Honestly Its hard to say which way is the right way. the rules IMO do not accuratly describe what would happen under ether interpretation, as it would affect a large amount of situations, but not by the same amount. Personally if I ever felt inclined to house rule them (its not happened a whole lot, so its never been an issue) I would probably make it something like a -10 to BS, then -10 to all tests that involve sight(melee, shooting, dodging, some acrobatics, flying a plane etc) and another -10 (-20) to perception tests that DIRECTLY use sight (A visual search tests, awareness to see something).
  3. As said above you do not need to be a psycher to be astra telepa, but you would need to be somehow tied (Witch hunter maybe, a handler, someone who works with them, maybe even an adept who studies them)
  4. I respectfully disagree with the above. Losing an eye will make it hard to be effective in combat. Unless you are attempting to hit a target you are not looking at you are using sight to attack them. The -20 is also in line with other sight blocking affects, such as darkness (-20 for melee and -30 for ballistic) and fog/mist/shadow which put all ballistic tests as (-20). Yes it is a little bit on the harsh side, but on the other hand, having only a -10 to shooting and no penalty what so every to melee makes little to no sense IMO. Now you could make an argument that "well, as long as you are looking at it it would count as using sight" meaning things such as tech use, medicae, gamble, so on would take the -20, but those things are not really affected by lack of some sight. Losing an eye will mess up your depth perception, and make it a lot harder to notice things. Close one eye and see how much of your vision you lose, its about a third, and now imagine you have to try and parry an attack that someone is making with only 2/3rds sight and little depth perception. Another example would be flying a plane. The pilot is not a perception base test, but im pretty sure you would be at a disadvantage trying to fly with only one eye. The most common place for sight based things would be perception (obviously), BS and WS, and agility based things (although a fair number of agility based things would count or be case by case. For example trying to use acrobatics to jump and land on a tiny ledge would probably be affected, but just simply doing a back flip onto solid ground would not). Of course all of the above is just my opinion.
  5. -When black holes are not a threat, but a good way of disposing of things you dont want.
  6. Its totally doable, but not for every single situation. You will be going to different worlds, different buildings, different cities, so on so on, and so you will find it very hard to make a battlefield for each. I would aim to try it out in some climactic battle, and see how that works out. as for the scale, it depends on what wargear is used. Long range weapons will require a smaller scale to make it so that you are not shooting at targets off the field.
  7. Reactions first IMO. You shields are not going to do anything if you dont get hit.
  8. There are a few in here which are not terrible. Thrown weapons dont usually get much love though. Many people would make a good argument that most melee weapons would simply not be useful in a galaxy of guns, and thrown weapons are below even those.
  9. Orks are not inherently very good ANYWHERE. Individual ork stats suck in just about every game they appear in. But they are such a threat because there are so **** many of them! Whenever I use orks, they almost always have a massive numbers advantage.
  10. Stick with the basics. Try to avoid complicated lore points. They are not going to understand all the many details of the warp and the different gods in it and how they all interact with each other. Keep it simple at first. Xenos are bad, we kill them because they will kill us if we dont. If they become interested in the lore more, then you can feel free to add more.
  11. You may only make swift attack/lightning attack with one hand, (so 2/3 attacks) and then 1 attack with your other arm, so 3/4 attacks total.
  12. JeRiko2


    Very nice, keep it up!
  13. Oh, so a relatively slow start then!
  14. Now It would be pretty rare for an acolyte to actually get one of these, iv personally never seen it, but in the rare case of it happening, I have a few questions regarding it. 1.Could you attach pistols to it. Marneus calgar has bolt guns on his, and im not talking that powerful. I was thinking more along the lines of using forearm weapon wounding to attach las pistols to one. Would this be achievable? 2. Other then bonus S in combat, what other tests would be modified by the bonus S? 3. How long would it take to put one on/ take on off.
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