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  1. You'll notice in my op I said that I'm aware most of the house rules will develop organically and naturally as we play the game. I was just curious as to what everyone sees as being a necessary fix.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, just got the 2.0 PDF then
  3. Hi guys, Looks like after a few years I may finally be getting a DH1 group together. The amount of house rules out there for this game is staggering haha. While I'm sure a lot of it will be organic and develop naturally, like all house rules, I was just wondering what house rules are out there that are pretty much used by everybody and are what you would class as essential house rules. Thanks all, much appreciated. Cheers Cal
  4. Thanks again guys. Alex - would you recommend starting with those adventures? I hadn't really thought that far yet, I was going to do the one from the corebook and then maybe the one from the GMs screen, but if Final Sanction/Oblivion's Edge is a good place to start happy to do that. Cheers again everyone, Cal
  5. Thanks guys for the responses, much appreciated. Very logical when you put it like that. Just out of curiosity, do you guys do much when the characters are out of their armour? Alex, that's a very good idea. I may just do that for a few sessions. I have the errata too - is it all worth adhering to? Thanks again Cal
  6. Hi guys, yet another "newbie" GM thread. I haven't run any 40K games yet, DW will be my first, but I've been GMing and playing for over 25 years. I've read the corebook, and one thing that I've noticed about DW: the mechanics themselves are really simple and straightforward, there's just a lot of "extras" for players and GMs to remember: skills, traits, demenours, bonuses, types of attack, modes etc. This is a little daunting at first, but I think we will get used to it. I told my group our first session would probably involve a lot of book flipping, which is to be expected. I also told them to be across their characters - they need to be telling me what they can do, not vice-versa. All my players are experienced RPers too, so I don't envisage any issues there. My first question is fairly straightforward: do you guys alter characteristics based on all the bonuses that come in at character creation, or is it best to note that these are bonuses to a base score? Something like altering, say WS because the player has chosen an assault marine is fairly straightforward, but what about anything that comes in because of armour or other? SM armour gives a character +20 to Str yes? Is this something you'd write on the characteristic as a +20, or would you alter the characteristic by 20 and have the player at -20 when they are out of their armour? I know this might not seem like a big deal, but when I was making some characters for practice, I kept asking myslef this question Thanks guys, I'm sure I'll have more questions once we get underway. Cal
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