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  1. Thanks for the kind words. As far as the Inquisitor goes, it's a decent point. One of the challenges with statting out the characters was deciding what were the kinds of things they were regularly able to do and what things seemed a bit out of the ordinary or uncommon. Let's be honest for a moment - the characters on the show are big time heroes and villains and often do some pretty heroic and dramatic things. Does that mean for every action they perform they should have the equivalent skill and stats to allow it? Maybe. But we didn't quite go that far. So in an attempt to explain away the Inquisitor throwing Kanan without the Force Move upgrade, I'm going to say maybe he rolled a Triumph in that situation. Of course, you can certainly give your own version of the Inquisitor the upgrade. We can debate the character skills and stats for weeks, and it's certainly interesting. But what I'd love to hear now is what people think of the modular encounters? Anybody have a favorite yet? Sounds good to me. Once again, thank you for all the hard work.
  2. Not sure how much you can get back in a round with combined talents or mods to the ship, but with the Fine Tuning talent a mechanic can get back two system strain per round instead of just one. Maybe the idea was to make the mechanic shine as a specialization choice.
  3. My EotE core book is starting to come apart to. So is my AoR core book. Mostly at center of the spine. Part of the problem is that there is no pdf available, so i reference the books often when at the computer. That, and only one other player in our 5 player game has a book, so I imagine all that opening and closing is what caused the book to fall apart so quickly.
  4. This is an awesome resource, thank you to the entire team for all the hard work. I've already started using it to model my own inquisitor. I noticed that the inquisitor has force power move basic and can move silhouette 0. IMO, I think he should have one force power move strength upgrade, because he can move Kanan which would require silhouette 1. Thoughts?
  5. Good advice. I have done this during past sessions asking players to give narrative reasons to using boost dice. Part of it is my failure for not asking regularly. I do need to set expectations with this. Generally outside of combat the players are really good about using advantage and triumph to make the encounter more interesting. The trouble comes mainly during combat encounters when the players just start using advantage and criticals for standard by the book stuff rather than coloring the encounter. This is really surprising since we have played games like Fate and Icons which adds aspects. They are used to adding aspects to the environment, but with EotE it seems to them that triumphs and advantages are better used for criticals and adding boost to other players, or just regaining strain at least to them. The players tend to min max the rolls to give them an advantage mechanically when they could just as easily use the dice rolls to achieve the same effect by coloring the encounter. This leads to me, the GM trying to keep it as interesting as possible. Again i cannot make them change how they are doing this, but based on yours and other suggestions i should start requiring player narration as to the result of their actions and dice rolls. I don't want to be a judge of myself of how good i narrate. I try to be exciting and descriptive by describing what the opposition or NPC's are doing with maneuvers and actions. Then i include the dice as best as i can. I've been trying to lead by example as GM and as a player when i get to play.
  6. The question in the topic title is pretty much it. And pertains mostly to combat encounters. My players tend to use the book suggestions as written. I would like them to be a bit more creative. I've encouraged them with little success. When every triumph is used to kill an extra stormtrooper minion and every advantage is used to trigger an effect or recover strain, it gets pretty old. As a GM i've stopped using triumphs to do criticals to PCs, and if i generate enough advantage i'll use it to do something interesting to change the scope of the encounter. I did this in hopes of encouraging the players to do the same, but have had little success. I can't really make them change the way they do this, but if someone has any ideas i can use to encourage them to mix things up a bit i'm all ears.
  7. If you want to mix it up with something a little different than the movie soundtracks, get the STAR WARS The Old Republic Soundtrack and the STAR WARS Knights of the Old Republic soundtracks. http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20111201 I know you can listen to the KotR soundtracks on youtube, not sure where you could buy them though. You can also listen to some of the other game soundtracks on Youtube. I know there is a way to copy these using audacity so you can have them as mp3's, but not sure of the legality on that.
  8. Having run Edge of the Empire and played in Age of Rebellion, I would stick to just one per character in any campaign at the start. But if playing an AoR campaign i would allow any EotE career characters to take Obligation while allowing any AoR career characters to take duty and so on. I'd do the same with an EotE campaign. Then as the characters progress i would allow obligation and duty to be applied as required by play to any character. I don't know much about motivation, so i can't really comment on that aspect. This adds more overhead for the GM to keep track of, but I think it presents more options for the players to have fun with and gives the GM the opportunity to mix things up for everyone.
  9. It doesn't defeat the purpose. The ensnared character has to burn his action making a hard athletics check to escape. And at hard it's likely he may not escape, He'll probably burn a destiny point as well, but if he does escape, he can only maneuver.
  10. Good to know 2P51. So i'm thinking that if a despair or enough threats were rolled someone might actually loose their footing and start floating upward? Perhaps their magnetized boots malfunction. I'm assuming standard star wars vehicles would still be used in this environment? I agree, but i don't want to make a potential battle a huge pain in the arse for the players. Of course opponents are going to be subject to the same rules, Could get interesting. Thanks for the insight guys. Naleax
  11. All i was reading Suns of Fortune, gearing up to set a portion of an adventure on Centerpoint Station, specifically Null Town. I read this and was looking for some input. "The gravity between buildings is only about five percent standard, making it difficult to get around without a Jetpack or Magnetized boots." Would this qualifiy as difficult terrain? If there was a battle in the streets outside of Null Town, would you also include some coordination checks if threat or despair is rolled. Does anyone know what five percent of standard gravity is like? Naleax
  12. Agree with this one hundred percent. Great advice MuttonchopMac!
  13. aaronscho, a good rule of thumb, if you do get the beginner box and decide to later get the core rule book, be sure to give the core rule book a good read through before you start using it and note the core rule additions to what is in the beginner box. Many of the rules in the beginner box are expanded to include minor additions in the core rules. If you don't read the core rulebook carefully you might not catch some of the rules and continue to use the simplified rules you learned in the beginner box. Speaking from experience here. Naleax
  14. Hello everyone, I'm playing a droid character that has a general purpose scanner built in. My GM is giving me 1 boost die to my perception checks because of that. In the description of the General purpose scanner it gives several uses for the scanner. I'm curious though, how do some of you use the scanner in your own games. If someone is using it do you allow them to detect whatever they happen to be looking for i.e. lifeforms, power sources etc? Naleax
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