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  1. Hello there, I got the GoT Core Set as a gift. While I have opened the box to look inside, I have not broken the seal on the cards. I'm already heavily invested in Call of Cthulhu and frankly, I don't play enough nor can I afford to get invested in another LCG. So, please PM me if you are interested. Best offer, and I will split the shipping and handling with you.
  2. I just posted something similar to this over at cardgamedb. Basically I was wondering if the new deluxe set could be Hastur and if maybe there would be a reference to True Detective in them.
  3. I have 4 of the Dreamlands Asylum Packs for sale. They are the original 20 per pack style(1x each card). Factory sealed. They are: In The Dread of Night Search for the Silver Key Journey to Unknown Kadath Sleep of the Dead Best offer; PM me if interested.
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