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  1. To the OT: Isn't the very definition of a Scum ship "deviates from the factory specs"? - So take the "Weapons: None" as the Subpro off-the-line specs and the 2 attack dice primary as "it propabliy doesn't have waranty anymore" It's the chair
  2. This kinda reminds me of the cunfusion I caused at Tournament once, when I refered to some of my generic TIE pilots as "she" ... priceless moment of opponent confusion (I am kinda equal-opportunity when it comes to the pronouns of my generic pilots; meaning at whim I decide at whim which half my generics get which of two genered pronouns - and sometimes if a percentage gets a non-gendered it) As for card art, take it as is - and the english language makes it pretty easy, having no genered terms for professions. Whoever is featured on the card is "a pilot". If you want to avoid pronoun confusion at all cost remember you can always refer to ship instead, which is neutral and therefor get "it" as its pronoun: "This X-Wing with a Red Ace-pilot"
  3. Around Wave V the lead game designers changed and the new duo found that they could fix ships using the Title-cards (probably because it doesn't require you to add slots to existing ships, hence making it ideal to fix ships, and the category Title would have remained with a pretty low number of entires otherwise) ... which is known since an interview that occurred at GenCon around 2 years ago (or was it 3 years ago? too lazy to look it up)
  4. 1. Rexler Brath (TIE Defender) If there were more way to make his ability work (e.g. focus donations), he would be more widely seen. But when he does his thing it's a beauty to behold. 2. Juno Eclipse (TIE Advanced) Awesome ability and flexible to plan with, good fit for a PTL+ATC build which can support a squadron with TL for my no. 3 3. Vessery (TIE Defender) Used to be hobbled by the lack TLs in shipa the Empire brings to the game but that's okay now 4. Countess Ryad (TIE Defender) Defender with 5 green k-Turns, that is all 5. Mareek Stele (TIE Adv. > TIE Defender) Ability is good, great in Adv. If you can support him in a focus fire combintions with say Vessery+VI and Juno+ATC it get downright wicked.
  5. I like him more in the Adv with ATC than in the Defender, as such he is a staple of the list I have been running successfully for *whatever-timeframe-has-passed-since-the-Raider-released*.... It is much simpler to get use of his ability with ATC and Predator there than with the Defender
  6. None of the astromechs, including R2-D2 and BB-8 are indicated as Rebel only. Interesting. Which is why Scum got their Salvaged Astromech-slot. Astromechs were intended to be restricted to Rebel ships by no imperial ship having a astromech slot; however when S&V was introduced* the original design would have been overturned and to prevent that no Scum-ship got the vanilla Astromech-slot. *Remember please that the leader designers changed between Waves IV and V (or was it V and VI? I forgot)
  7. Zaarin works on the original thread of the Empire being a dehumanizing, technology-obsessed faction that was established briefly in A New Hope. So I'd like him back. Plus: This kind of ideological backing could help to strenghten the case for why the First Order exists and no one there appears to be 30+ (aside for the Supreme Leader-whose-name-is-so-forgettable), namely having a generation raised in a time when force-wielders were gone and technology the main focus of their society. Then after the death of the Emperor and the reemergence of force-wielder cultural hegemony that generation might -unrightfully- well disinfrachiced culturally. That in turn spawns people who think building Death Star knock-off is a good idea...
  8. I'd be suprised too that Dash suddenly gained an illicit-slot
  9. IG-88D crew sounds interesting.... And Scums get a cool, novel ability to create obstacles... hmmmm....
  10. *ahem* IMO beats all of the above for the added green maneuvers, which open up the Defenders options quite a bit, both when in comes to maneuvers (doing one of the reds no longer forces you to got straight or be stressed) and builds (still not a good good ship for stress-cost EPTs but at least it's not the worst option anymore)
  11. The easiest way would be to measure it density (ρ) under lab conditions (so you don't have eliminate variations in temperature, pressure etc), to narrow down the possible combinations of compositions ρ = m / V - m can be measured - V is known, since the dimensions of the coin are known This of course only yields and approximation, as it may be composed on an alloy or have a core of different material and an outer coating. For accurate results you would have to destroy the coin though. Pewter is a Tin-alloy with about no more than 15-16 percent of another metal, Lead isn't really used to make Pewter anymore (instead they use mixes Copper, Antimon and Bismut) but the Lead-Pewter can have up to 15% Lead-content (however high lead-content tends to be visible as the alloy would no longer be white/grey as Tin is). The harder to alloy the higher the secondary metal content, as a rule of thumb for Tin. To test the lead content accurately you would have to break the coin appart chemically, but as a cruch testing the electric conductivity of the alloy may yield an approximation, however I don't know if that will more for Pewter.
  12. Not sure on the Legends timeline but wasn't it part of the character way-back-when that Wedge Antillies went to the Imperial Academy? So this would not be a spoiler per se, as it is just more "bits that were in Ledgends are in the new canon too, so get a warm fuzzy feeling about the new canon instead on lamenting it"?
  13. Trouble with wired is that it only allows you to reroll Focus results while you are stressed. If you are Raging, you have 3 rerolls and a Focus token. I would prefer the following list. Wired works both when attacking and defending, that's why I prefer it to Crack Shot
  14. Youngster is OUTRAGED Youngster (15) Rage (1) Epsilon Leader (19) Comm Relay (3) Black Squadron Pilot (14) Wired (1) Black Squadron Pilot (14) Wired (1) Black Squadron Pilot (14) Wired (1) Black Squadron Pilot (14) Wired (1) Total: 98 Not a super competetive list, but it's fun to drop that many tokens
  15. Depends on what the new system upgrade does... TIE Census: - 7 TIE Fighters (but I bought a total 15 - 8 went to my brother when he started) - 4 TIE/fos ... needs more shields and hyperdrives
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