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  1. What am I looking at?
  2. That's one of the best things about AHLCG - there is deckbuilding of course, but once you've started a campaign it's really only 'deck-tweaking' between scenarios - of 5 or less card changes.
  3. Haven't played the game in a year - can someone help me out? I own at least one of every product. I'm thinking a list with Jedi Luke, a list with new Vader and a list with Jabba any thoughts?
  4. just saw this on a U.K. Facebook group
  5. Latest reprints of core sets include updated rulebooks and new printings of errata'd cards - including signature cards without the pips 'slot'
  6. They update the Upcoming page on Wednesdays.
  7. Basically I think when the Latari box was previewed most people thought the Uthuk would be announced soon after. Then FFG began running more previews of Latari expansions - leading us to believe that maybe they were just giving the Latari time to shine and breathe - the Uthuk will come soon... Then they began doing more in depth articles on previously announced stuff - which makes it less and less likely that Uthuk are also Q3 release. So that's the shame really. I think everyone assumed that Latari/Uthuk would be releasing at the same time. Now that looks to not be the case. Hope to be wrong though
  8. Hopefully in anticipation of Uthuk
  9. Sorry - I typo'd - I meant "the range bands are NOT clearly demarcated enough"
  10. Yeah I thought that too - the range bands are [edit] not [edit] clearly demarcated enough.
  11. These guys are excellent acrylic token and templates makers - they get a lot of business in the UK for X-wing etc. Well here's their Runewars stuff:
  12. Doesn't this thread just need to be locked? It's completely misleading and is just devolving into pointless circular arguments? In summary: "Hey guys, the game is ruined by X distribution model!" "Er, no it isn't, here's all the proof and evidence..." "Er, yes it is" "Er, no it isn't" And on and on we go...
  13. Or they can announce the Uthuk?
  14. No need to lighten the mood - sorry if I've come across as adversarial - we're all Runewarers (?) here!
  15. Yeah, but that's clearly not the same kind of product. It won't happen the way you're describing.