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  1. jonboyjon1990

    What's the deal with archiving

    One subtlety of the game that is not immediately apparent, is that a big element is the ‘hand crafting’ aspect. Throughout the game you are managing your cards and trying to craft a hand for different situations. Archiving cards is useful because you can set aside cards you want for later,and draw more cards in the meantime because you hand is now smaller. And you can play stuff that generates amber, then archive it and play it again for more
  2. jonboyjon1990

    33 Card Format?

    I’ve been playing card games for 15~ years. I’ve never once lost a card.
  3. jonboyjon1990

    FFG has learned (app)

    Imagine if they had handed out tons of decks a few months ago, say early August. They could have had them doing beta testing for the app since then. Ah well...
  4. jonboyjon1990

    Storage and Organization

    You must be new here :) FFG very rarely do any sort of accessories or storage products. Me personally - I'm going to put a Folded Space LCG insert into the starter set box - should be room for around 40+ decks unsleeved.
  5. jonboyjon1990

    What Were the Words!?

    They probably won’t have them on the database?
  6. jonboyjon1990

    Release date?

    They publish a list each Friday, for the coming week’s releases. It’s not on the sheet for this week, so it won’t be released in the UK this week. Based on the Upcoming page on the FFG site, I imagine it’ll be on the Esdevium sheet this Friday.
  7. jonboyjon1990

    Release date?

    Check Esdevium/Asmodee UK new releases on a Friday morning. If it's due for release it'll be on there. https://www.asmodee.co.uk/new-releases/
  8. jonboyjon1990

    Gaining Clues?

    How does the chance go up?
  9. jonboyjon1990

    Gaining Clues?

    OK thanks - ugh, I generally found that part of the game really frustrating. It seems like gaining and then researching clues is what you need to do to drive the game forward, and yet you've got very little agency in doing that...
  10. jonboyjon1990

    Just got a "shipping soon" email!

    I mean, we know the release date is Nov 15th so...?
  11. jonboyjon1990

    Gaining Clues?

    Played first game last night. 3 player. Not my copy - so I had nothing to do with set up or learning/teaching the game. All 3 of us did not have a handle on the rules and we were in and out of the rulebooks constantly. Is it correct that there is no way to gain clues? In the sense that there is no investigate action or equivalent that says 'Test X: gain a clue'? It seems the only way to gain a clue is to be in a neighbourhood with clues and then hope that you hit an encounter card that gives a clue and that you can actually gain one from it. Is that right? We only gained 4 clues between us the whole game. Something feels off...
  12. jonboyjon1990

    Forum name changed

    If you look through the other sections, they seem to have 'rationalised' all the forum names - removing sub titles like '2nd edition' etc. So this looks like it's simply part of that
  13. jonboyjon1990

    No rulebook in the starter set.

    It doesn't. That was a pre-order promotion.
  14. jonboyjon1990

    Release date?

    Also one house preview per Wednesday, starting on 26th Sept, takes us to Nov 7th, so release a week later makes sense.
  15. jonboyjon1990

    Rate FFG Marketing for Keyforge from 1 (Worst) to 5 (Best)

    Well that's what I'm saying - we've had no indication, announcement, information or confirmation that the app will be released with the game. We've had no indication, announcement, information or confirmation that the app will enable online play (free or not). I really hope that the app will release on day one and will enable free online play of your physical decks - that'd be great - but the thing is that's such an awesome deal that you'd think it would have been a big part of the marketing so far - so the lack of information is indicative of it either not being part of the plans or being a while off being ready.