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  1. Disney+ is a shoe in surely? All of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel? There’s tons of that stuff I haven’t seen yet - why pay £5-15 per movie to purchase them on Amazon/stream them, when I can get it all for £6~ a month?
  2. No worries then - always difficult to infer tone on the internet so I always try to give benefit of the doubt. Yeah as @CitizenKeen says I’m not really talking about preference or comics vs movies or what’s better for the game/FFG. Just that it’s easy to be in a gaming/nerd/geek bubble and think that a thing is popular or mainstream, which it sometimes is far from it.
  3. Maybe I’m misinterpreting you - but you’re coming across as hostile for some reason...? Yes, Marvel is a huge IP, and yes superheroes have been around for decades and decades, but they always been part of a nerdy niche, culturally speaking. It’s only really in the last 10-15 years that they’ve gone mainstream. Obviously there’s a huge crossover between tabletop gamers and nerdy IPs like Star Wars, LOTR and Marvel (hence FFG’s success). So I’ve no doubt that Marvel Champions LCG will be a big success. I think it being based on the comics is the right move - there’s way more content, a much bigger fan base and more scope to do different things/flavours. All I’m saying is that FFG could have also made a case for it being based on MCU since that’s what is part of the public zeitgeist right now.
  4. No it wasn’t sarcastic. All I’m saying is when people see ‘new Marvel LCG from FFG’ they’d be forgiven for thinking it was based on the MCU rather than the comics. Because it’s only really the MCU that has taken superheroes into the public consciousness in a big way.
  5. I think all @Vlad3theImpaler was saying was that you said [paraphrasing] "the Marvel and Arkham mulligans are the same" And he was simply correcting you because they're different. Marvel = discard the cards you don't want, then draw back up. Arkham = set aside the cards you don't want, then draw back up, then shuffle set aside cards in.
  6. The Wrecking Crew May have also been chosen because they’re a team of 4 minor villains, rather than 1 major one. So maybe they went looking for a mechanical challenge or way to showcase different villains.
  7. Yeah it almost feels like a deliberate attempt for FFG to say: “this game is based on the comics, not the MCU, and we’re more than happy to delve into the obscure depths of this IP” also they seem like generic bad guys/villains/criminals so it may also be a way of adding staple/generic stuff to the villain card pool.
  8. I know people have been wondering whether or not the campaign boxes would contain new heroes or not. Well I just noticed on the product page this:
  9. There's all sorts of design space they could explore to do whatever they want in this regard. Likewise for different versions of Heroes. However, I'd think they be wise to explore the breadth of the Hero and Villain options out there, given the sheer volume of content at their disposal and that most players would rather see, for example, the first version of Hulk as a playable Hero, ahead of the 2nd iteration of Captain America. Likewise for Villains - seems like the 2nd tier guys are reserved for Nemesis and the big bads for the packs themselves. They also have a similar conundrum with Allies and Heroes. We've already seen Hulk, Daredevil and Hawkeye as allies, but that doesn't prevent them from being full heros in future packs - groups will just have to think about their deckbuilding and consider not including those allies if someone else is playing as the hero.
  10. Yeah I much prefer the move towards 30ish card decks with Star Wars Destiny , Arkham, and Warhammer Underworlds - enforces you to make tough choices when deckbuilding, and you see your best cards more often. I imagine hero (15) + aspect (25) makes for a much better experience. With a larger deck, players/the community could settle on the best Aggression, Protection, Justice, Leadership decks and then add whatever hero. I much prefer having to make tough and specific choices based on the hero I'm playing.
  11. This is an interesting take. What makes the deckbuilding lackluster? Sure, it's more streamlined than Arkham for instance (with each Investigator having their own, potentially very bespoke, deckbuilding rules). But it's still not dumbed down or simplistic in any way. In fact, you could argue that the 'pair any aspect with any hero' element to be innovative and exciting. It creates tons of combos, flexibility and cool party building opportunities. The gameplay is certainly streamlined compared to Arkham, mainly due to the loss of a spatial/board element. But that's not a bad thing per se.
  12. Maybe - but they have to put the product page somewhere right? So it makes sense to be in the Marvel section. KeyForge is the only game in the KeyForge section too. Of course we don’t know the nature of the licence either. Maybe they only have it for this specific product? Since that other company is doing the minis and does Upper deck (or whoever they are) still do VS and Legendary?
  13. I don't know why people keep claiming IA is dead or that Legion kills it. IA still hasn't explored the PT, the ST or Rogue One. There's plenty more for it to do. It's the campaign based dungeon crawler. Legion is the minis wargame. They don't compete.
  14. The components list, says "10 AI cards" which are probably for solo play, which does sound more like an Automa. https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/2148846/components-list
  15. @OldAmber Thanks for the response Jeff! So is there any sort of action myself or the retailer need to take in order to retrospectively sort it out? Or will it be automatically done eventually? Or is the chance now missed? Thanks again
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