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  1. I don't think they will ever do a Waiqar or Daqan army box. The Latari and Uthuk ones are $60 RRP. And the core is $100 RRP. So the core is a great deal anyway. And will give you a secondary army if you want the ability to do demo games at home. Alternatively you should be able to eBay the other half of the core and get some money back.
  2. Just echoing everyone else - go for it! Decent paint jobs are easier than you'd think. If you really want to go incredibly simple then you can do: 1) colour primer + dry brush of a lighter shade or 2) for the undead (if they're who you're getting) white primer, Nihilakh Oxide wash over entire mini, white dry brush.
  3. The hero is pretty **** strong. Great at lots of things - just mitigated by the fact that she's dependent on the runes - but even then she can be affected by any of them!
  4. Looks sooooo awesome!
  5. How experienced are you? There's no reason why you can't get these sorts of results. Its just block colours and washes really. And yeah I got two core sets and I'm keeping both factions so I've got 100~ minis to paint!
  6. Thanks. I keep thinking I'm being a bit boring, but I like the 'standard FFG Waiqar look'. And yes now I can get started properly! "Whoa, we're halfway there, whoa-o...oh actually there's still 47 skellies to do"
  7. Test run before I start up the production line! For those interested - all paints GW: Leadbelcher primer Nuln Oil Gloss (black wash) over all metallics Drybrush entire mini with Ironbreaker Light dry brush of small areas with Stormhost Silver XV-88 (Brown) on leather strap and wood on shield Warpstone Green on 'secondary' fabrics Xereus Purple on main fabrics Screaming Skull on bone Agrax Earthshade (brown wash) on all non-metallics Screaming Skull highlights on head Genestealer purple highlights on purple fabric White dots in eyes Nihilakh Oxide wash on eye sockets (Not pictured here) Retributor Gold on small dots/details of armour and shield
  8. Amazing stuff @bumyongWatched your video yesterday morning in amazement! Ive not made any terrain in over 10 years but you've inspired me to improve on Runewar's punch outs. Got to paint the minis first though...
  9. Yep that's the one. It looks great for how simple and quick it is.
  10. Nice work. Especially for someone with little experience. If someone wants a really quick and easy Ghost scheme, I would prime with GW Corax White, wash with Nihilahk Oxide and then dry brush with White. I prefer the 'full ghost' look
  11. The speculated honoured/dishonoured mini cards might be cards rather than tokens because they have reminder text? Or just because mechanically being dishonoured/honoured is very different from having a token on a card?
  12. I sense you're just being facetious - but when did I say no one could get paid?
  13. Ultimately I think the game will be a success - the system is too good for it not to be - and it gives WHFB to those that actually want a good game behind the minis. But would it be bigger already (and in the long run) if the release itself was bigger? Absolutely. But the thing is with, design, playtesting, sculpting and production lead times when this game released they probably had all of the currently announced products (+ all the unannounced Uthuk) 'in the can'. The associated costs of that (except for production) is already locked in or spent. So why not wait 6 months and just release all 4 simultaneously? FFG probably looked to use sales data from the core set and first expansions to decide on print run sizes for the upcoming factions. But obviously that itself is a bit of a paradoxical position to be in to start with.
  14. Ok thanks. How deep is the hole? I.e how thick/tall does the magnet need to be?
  15. @Tvayumat and anyone else - what size magnets fit in the peg hole on the underside of infantry bases? And can you give measurements in mm - European here!