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  1. Runewars rumours

    Ahhh misread that! I think it’s maybe more just FFG pushing their own IP - they’ve been doing that with all their own IPs for the last 18+ months, but it didn’t make much sense for the Runebound product section to be called that when the actual world is Terrinoth.
  2. Runewars rumours

    Doesn't make sense for what? For Runebound? As in Runebound 3rd edition? Also interestingly, Runeage was removed from that page, and yet games like Battelore and Runewars remain - may be a suggestion that they still want to support them?
  3. Thoughts and Questions from an Inexperienced Player

    No worries - no offence taken - although I did state in my post several disclaimers that: 1) I haven't played it much 2) I want the game to have a learning curve 3) I'm just starting on that curve and wonder what people's experiences of it are And while I do own and play board games more than I play minis games - I've played several hundred games of X-Wing and quite a few of Imperial Assault too. Not to mention loads of other stuff like MtG, 40K etc over the years. Thanks - good advice! Much of my gaming has been dominated by board games over the summer, because my brother in law was around and so our group was always 3+. But he's going back to University, so I'll be getting more games of Runewars in going forward
  4. Thoughts and Questions from an Inexperienced Player

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah since I've only got the 2nd heroes and command packs from the available expansions, I haven't really looked at the other upgrade cards available. I'm in no hurry to get them, but may proxy, since I'm only ever playing at home. And I'll definitely keep playing! I'm too invested not to haha!
  5. Hey all, I've been onboard with this game since day one - I was psyched by the idea of 'FFG does WHFB' - And I really love the system itself. I've been slowly been making my way through painting (you may have seen some of my posts around), but the reality is that I've been really busy (doing a PhD, two kids aged 6 and 3). So I've only played 6 games - 4 'starter' games (i.e the single core set, learning scenario thing) and 2 full games, with full listbuilding, objectives, deployments, terrain etc. For reference, I have access to x2 Cores, x1 Lord Hawthorne, x1 Daqan Command, x1 Ankaur Maro, x1 Waiqar Command. I totally, totally get that this is a deep nuanced system and it (as it should!) has a steep learning curve, and I've only played 2 proper games (2!) - so I know most of this post can simply be answered by saying "just play more games", but interested in a discussion on some thoughts I've had. So far, I'm finding the game actually comes with a lot of Negative Play Experience (or NPE). I find that movement and positioning is incredibly difficult, attacks often whiff or are underwhelming and generally it's just quite difficult to simply 'get things done'. In that regard, the game just sort of comes across as...unsatisfying? It's like the game creates very little positive feedback. Granted, I've exclusively played as Waiqar, and I think most people would agree that they're a bit more reliant on harnessing synergy - making their learning curve even steeper. I really can't make any real use out of the Archers for instance. They always get charged down by cavalry, or can't arc on stuff as they're stuck behind other units. Or I place them in front and then they block the movement of my infantry. Me and my opponent are just having this sort of deflated feeling a lot of the time when playing: "Oh that charge just missed then I suppose" "OK, I'll attack with my Carrion Lancer and I'm flanking you, so here's 4 dice...oh pretty much a whiff" "We both revealed attacks, rather than one of us charging in..." It just seems that not a lot actually happens during a game? We're also finding that movement in general is really difficult - it's barely possible to move through you're own troops, so you can't really do anything other than just set up abreast from each unit. And therefore it feels like it's really easy to get boxed in or trapped behind your own units. Terrain similarly is very brutal to get stuck around or behind. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Again, I'm not saying any of this is a problem per se. I'm not saying "OMG this game is broken! - I've only played twice and I'm not amazing at it" - I don't want a game or a system that I can master after a few plays - that process of learning a new system and how to do well with it is one of my favourite things in gaming. And I've only played 2 full games - I'm more than happy for the answer to this to simply be "play more games", but I'm just interested to hear your thoughts on the above discussion and to hear about how long it felt for you until things started clicking into place a bit more?
  6. Just got a core set...

    I've done x2 cores, command pack and 2nd hero for Daqan and Waiqar. And will be doing x2 army box, command pack and 2nd hero for Latari and Uthuk. This gives me just over 200 points for each faction, and I can go from there and expand them as I want.
  7. Dauntless Pathfinders

    Crazy - FFG just keep pumping this stuff out! This is now, by far, the most they've ever pushed a single product line. That's without a 'big IP' behind it. Makes me shudder at what Legion is going to be like...
  8. Cover is not meaningful enough

    Isn't there an entire section of rules about suppression fire and morale, that wasn't included in the TC demo vid? Surely that interacts with the cover system and makes it more valuable?
  9. For Daqan, I did blue primer, blue wash on the armour, and two blue drybrush highlights. Grey primer only for the Golems. For Waiqar, I did silver primer, black gloss wash, and a couple of silver drybrush highlights. Black primer only for the worms So my stuff was unfinished, but has some paint on, which is better than unpainted. Doing the whole lot like that is also more time efficient. Also based all of my trays too Slowly making my way through it all.
  10. Word on the Street

    Could be a new x-wing core or product. Or 2 player Destiny starter or a Star Wars version of Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game or...
  11. Lets talk turkey...

    Alex Davy said in the team Covenant vid that it'd be $25 for 7 Stormtroopers.
  12. First box content picture

    With regard to the Stormtroopers, in the Team Covenant video Alex Davy said something like the Stormtroopers pack being 7 figures for $25 - with tallies with the contents of the core set (4 for the unit card, 1 extra for each upgrade - extra guy, rocket launcher, heavy rifle) and with the pricing structure of Runewars expansions (8 figures for $25)
  13. Possible heavy unit discussion

    I'll be amazed if the AT-AT isn't in this game eventually. It could easily be around the size of the X-Wing epic ships, if they take a few liberties with the scale
  14. Don't fear the Legion?

    So in a way it's almost like Focus in X-Wing, except you don't need an action to have access to it, and some units have/don't have offensive/defensive surges.
  15. Star Wars: Legion announced (by distributor)

    Totally agree. I'm really excited for Legion from a gameplay, rules and mechanics point of view, but as someone who owns and has painted literally everything for Imperial Assault and only plays skirmish mode Legion just doesn't present very much value to me at all. Literally everything that's been released for IA could conceivably (and in many cases is a sure bet) be released for Legion too. My main problem is that for the last few years I've always been frustrated by IA as a competitive tournament game, because of the tiles and it's non-optimisation for that mode of play and I've been saying that if they ever do 'FFG does 40K' then I'd have to buy it... now I could (but not really considering it) sell all my IA and get into Legion, but once the app is out, campaign play becomes available to me and all of a sudden my collection has loads more to it