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  1. Could be a new x-wing core or product. Or 2 player Destiny starter or a Star Wars version of Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game or...
  2. Alex Davy said in the team Covenant vid that it'd be $25 for 7 Stormtroopers.
  3. With regard to the Stormtroopers, in the Team Covenant video Alex Davy said something like the Stormtroopers pack being 7 figures for $25 - with tallies with the contents of the core set (4 for the unit card, 1 extra for each upgrade - extra guy, rocket launcher, heavy rifle) and with the pricing structure of Runewars expansions (8 figures for $25)
  4. I'll be amazed if the AT-AT isn't in this game eventually. It could easily be around the size of the X-Wing epic ships, if they take a few liberties with the scale
  5. So in a way it's almost like Focus in X-Wing, except you don't need an action to have access to it, and some units have/don't have offensive/defensive surges.
  6. Totally agree. I'm really excited for Legion from a gameplay, rules and mechanics point of view, but as someone who owns and has painted literally everything for Imperial Assault and only plays skirmish mode Legion just doesn't present very much value to me at all. Literally everything that's been released for IA could conceivably (and in many cases is a sure bet) be released for Legion too. My main problem is that for the last few years I've always been frustrated by IA as a competitive tournament game, because of the tiles and it's non-optimisation for that mode of play and I've been saying that if they ever do 'FFG does 40K' then I'd have to buy it... now I could (but not really considering it) sell all my IA and get into Legion, but once the app is out, campaign play becomes available to me and all of a sudden my collection has loads more to it
  7. Legion doesn't kill IA. But it does pretty much kill IA skirmish. Of course it'll still have its followers and players and even organised play. But I don't think FFG are going out of their way to kill IA skirmish. I just think they realised that they didn't have a ground/infantry SW game after all, because IA has always been an awkward halfway house not optimised for organised play because of the campaign/skirmish split. I've known countless people interested in playing competitively and then being put off by the massive cost to enter. And it's all down to the tiles really. So I think Legion isn't to Imperial Assault as Armada is to X-Wing. It's not 'epic' Imperial Assault - it's FFG having another crack at IA skirmish. And with the larger scale and 40k style rules they're deliberately going toe-to-toe with Games Workshop too. They couldn't have done that with 15mm, sure it would've been more distinct from IA, but that scale appeals to more of a niche market and the fact that this is FFG releasing a Star Wars mini game that doesn't try to differentiate itself from its predecessors shows that they see it as IA Skirmish 2.0.
  8. So I wonder about the activation system in Legion. Is it just a gimmick? Why not just have alternating activations like in Armada/Imperial Assault? Is it just to be different for the sake of it? Or is the 'fog of war' really that much of a mini wargame staple? Is imperfect information strictly necessary? Also what's the point of 'defensive surges' and 'offensive surges'? Can't they just be surges like in Imperial Assault/Descent? Surely the fact that they appear on attack dice or defense dice and that each surge ability would be contextual (you wouldn't, for example, add a block when attacking) is enough? Seems needlessly inelegant - which is very unlike FFG.
  9. It has objectives. They say as much...
  10. I think player base wise this hurts RW. But in terms of games competing with one another I think this hurts Imperial Assault - skirmish mode specifically. i think that will largely cease being a tournament game, it never truly got off the ground anyhow. Campaign mode is safe because it appeals to different players and provides a completely different play experience. And once the app is out, going full co-op and not requiring a GM will make it huge.
  11. Having just read through FFGs 3 webpages on it (announcement, product page and showcase - why do FFG do that!?) here's some thoughts: - in an odd way (despite not being rank and file) this is quite similar to the Song of Ice and Fire game. Attack rolls for each figure. Defense rolls for each hit, GW style. And a deck of cards bespoke to your chosen commander - that is cool; I like the idea of this core command deck, but it being tweaked depending on commander choice. - really does look more and like 'FFG do 40K'. And that's a game I've wanted for years. - it's just the scale that a real shame to me. 'Epic battles' is plastered all over the marketing and yet it's going to be a few troopers vs a few troopers isn't it?
  12. Runewars will be a year old by the time this comes out and all 4 factions will be released. will have just got going by that point. Seems odd timing. Compeltely different games mechanically speaking, sure, but there will definitely be a squeeze on player bases. Youre telling me there aren't thousands of people right now that have been waiting for the Elves or Uthuk and are now jumping ship to Legion? On Legion itself... I own X-Wing. A lot of it. Then I got Imperial Assault, because it's two excellent games in one and basically 'Star Wars action figures: the game'. Then I got Armada, because awesome system + Star destroyers and swarms of fighters. I'm sure Legion will have an awesome ruleset, but it doesn't differentiate itself to me enough, compared to the others. At its current scale it'd just feel like I'm buying all the Imperial Assault figures all over again. Had it been 15mm, with big blobs of troopers, airspeeders, TIEs and X-Wings in orbit, AT-STs and AT-ATs then it'd feel like a getting a new game and experience.
  13. Yes, if Legion is a thing - it's probably not out until late Q1 or early Q2 - by which time RW will be a year old and have all 4 factions out
  14. L5R is a 20 year old game that has had a massive and passionate following at different times in its life. FFG can't just release it like any of their other games. There's no time to 'let it grow' - it has to start with a bang. Imagine if a different publisher was releasing MtG - they couldn't just go "here's your core set, see you in a few months with some little packs and a tournament kit". Also L5R is a game that has always had the lore and gameplay closely intertwined, so they have to have it well fleshed out from the get go
  15. There's a bit more info on the product page