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  1. Many of the game's side schemes are simply a combination of a threat amount and a crisis, hazard or acceleration symbol. For example: Taskmaster's side scheme isn't functionally different to Whiplash's. As the game progresses do you intend to have side schemes with more flavour or additional rules text?
  2. With all the heroes, aspects, villains and modular sets the game has great variety and replayability. But I often find most games follow a similar arc: players trying to get out of the early game as quick as possible, whilst not losing, heroes build up their supports and upgrades and the final act is about dealing a ton of damage to win. Much of the encounter deck design space so far is tempo hits - minions, side schemes, additional attacks and schemes from the villain - which is what creates this gameplay arc. Do you have plans for more varied encounter cards and effects, that disrupts the current gameplay arc of heroes building up and then smashing down the villain?
  3. I'm not sure Groot magically ageing and de-ageing from round to round makes much sense. I think for characters without an obvious alter-ego, the two sides of the card can simply represent them in different 'modes' - like they did with Thor
  4. FFG stopped all releases in US. But left it up to regional distributors as to what to release or not. Some European retailers have it because their distributors are still moving product. UK retailers do not, because the UK distributor (Asmodee UK) isn’t releasing any new releases at the moment
  5. If they send them out, that screws over all over retailers
  6. I think anyone who is part of playtesting is not allowed to reveal that. Regardless, I get the sense that the product line is very pressurised (as are all FFG line's). They have a massive IP, with tons of potential content, products and characters and...they have like 2 guys working on it. Yes, they'll have some support from wider parts of the business, but it's a pretty tall order, and I imagine they actually have a pretty small window for development and testing for any given hero/pack before it gets locked in. This has also been shown by the higher than usual number of typos and the RRG changes.
  7. Sorry to be a pedant, but let's not exaggerate - you mean fourteen 15ths access right, not half?
  8. I don't really 'get' what your -1 and +40 ranks mean. It sounds like you're saying that two players can't play as Captain Marvel and Spiderwoman?
  9. They don't have to do anything, and those cards aren't dead - they're still a wild resource, which is fine. And they will only ever be dead in X + Y match ups, which will be a very small percentage of the potential hero combos available to players. They could include a replacement card in those hero decks/packs that overlap (like the Spider-Woman example), but it's not strictly necessary and I don't think it's worth taking up a card slot for it, or the added deck building complexity. And it certainly wouldn't ever happen as an extra product. I'd much rather them feel they had the flexibility to include any character they like, in whatever form (hero, hero ally, aspect ally) and not have to worry about it, than feel restricted and fewer characters in the game. Also allies are very powerful, so one way of controlling the card pool is too have lots of overlap, which will prevent players from playing all the allies at once.
  10. That's true - but I've played all heroes solo, through all aspects - and whilst some heroes do better in solo overall, and certainly better with certain aspects, Thor was particularly jarring in how bad he was solo.
  11. You're not reading too much into it. Cards like Cosmic Flight, Wiggle Room, Shield Block cannot prevent damage from a non-attack source, and can only prevent damage from an attack, if you are the target of the attack - because they have the (defense) label.
  12. That's kind of true. The only time you can play a (defense) card without exhausting your hero or an ally, is if you were the original target of the attack.
  13. The RRG has the full definition. Reminder text is reminder text, it is not full rules text.
  14. Yep this - you can engage one during the player phase, with Defender of the Nine Realms, or Get Over Here (or any other similar effect) and then draw one during the villain phase,
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