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    tng88 reacted to danman71 in Your Desired Future Expansions (Lets be positive on the future of Descent)   
    More Hero and Monster packs (or just a hero pack) to get the missing 12 Heroes from the conversion kit.   
    A Familiar and Summon pack so we get actual plastic minis instead of tokens.
    Another small box expansion (arctic theme maybe) with more hybrid classes. 
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    tng88 got a reaction from KBlumhardt in Anyone think we'll ever get a new expansion?   
    I own both AH and EH, plus expansions, and played both games.
    EH is a simpler game. It feels like FFG took AH, read forum comments and reviews, and trimmed it down to a more manageable size and complexity. Just about everyone would agree that AH has to many cards and rules to make it a fun game to play on a Saturday evening. I believe this where EH excels, the are rules and setup limit what's in play. Sure, the small cards decks get bigger with each new expansion but the number of decks has pretty much remained the same.
    I tried to play with my fiance one evening and we maybe got 4 complete rounds in before she asked if we could stop. I would be willing setup a game of EH and try to play a game with my fiance before ever trying AH again.
    That being said, AH is in drastic need of a revision. Something similar to what FFG did to Mansions or a small box expansion with (complete/revised) Rules Reference/Learn to Play books and new investigators from AHCG and MoM2e.
     I'm happy with continued support of EH until FFG can't create new material. 
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    tng88 got a reaction from Swissman in The Future of 2nd Edition   
    When I read the article about mixing XW, IA, and EtoE/AoR/FaD/FA I had hope FFG would do the same for D2e.
    But, here we are waiting for news since January 2017 for an announcement of a new expansion or what's to happen to Descent.
    I still have hopes for an RPG but at this point FFG would have to do something amazing.
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    tng88 got a reaction from alexbobspoons in Solo seems hard   
    No matter how you play, this game is HARD.
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    tng88 got a reaction from Tom1132 in Long-Term Storage Solution   
    Yeah, over at Go 7 Gaming they have two big box basic LCG inserts for the two different sizes.
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    tng88 got a reaction from Leavon in 3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain   
    I suggested to someone to use the expansion as away of playing Talisman in a campaign mode.
    Also, the temple looks fantastic.
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    tng88 reacted to Quartzquiz333 in 3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain   
    1) Your name-calling could be considered "The age of kindergarten."
    2) Leavon has stated in one of his earlier post on the first page of this thread that he was working on miniatures as well. 
    3) Unless Leavon is on your payroll he has the right to create anything that he'd like. 
    4) You should appreciate what Leavon created already instead of blasting people that dare have a different opinion than you. 
    It just seems like we can't have anything nice because there's always someone around to spoil it unnecessarily.
    Leavon and everyone else: Sorry for the rant, it's just that I was taken aback by the sheer audacity of magicrealms's post. 
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    tng88 got a reaction from Leavon in 3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain   
    Looking forward to seeing more of your designs.
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    tng88 reacted to Atom4geVampire in Storage and organization of tiles   
    Here is my work in progress 'Ultimate Descent Box'
    It probably won't be that for very long though. When I started it, I had left 2 spaces extra reserverd for heroes, one for the upcoming Visions of Dawn, and one if they would ever release another H&M pack.
    Of course, not a day after I started working on the box, they announced Bonds of the Wild. So If they announce another one, I won't have space reserved for that (or those) heroes.
    Level 1: Gameplay
    This level has all conditions, the shop decks, relics, search cards, tokens and all the dice. It also stores the Travel, Secret passage and rumor cards. It will also store the City event cards (where the small booklet is now) but I don't have SoN yet.
    The bottom right of the level has little ziplock bags which contain each heroes current items and stuff

    A few elements can be taken out, for easy access during gaming:

    Level 2: Heroes
    This stores all the hero figures (per expansion), as well as all class decks, hero cards, tokens,..
    The white layer under the heroes actually has circular holes in it to fit the base of each hero into, and in the end will be painted in the same style as the hero bases will be painted

    The little boxes with tokens are also removable, so each hero can put the tokens he needs in his play area.

    Level 3 to level X: Overlord and Monsters
    All the overlord cards, plot cards, and monster cards, and overlord tokens.
    The empty part (and levels below) will be in the same style as the heroes level but for the monsters)

    The right part with the card part is also seperate from the left part that houses the monsters, so it can easily be placed next to the overlord if needed
    The infection tokens are also removable

    Bottom level: map tiles
    They are grouped by size, and each group is ordered by number.


    If you are wondering about the little wooden pins you see on the left, I use those for the 'setup' you can see here:

    This way, I can set up both encounters (the day) before we play Descent, and when we are done with encounter 1, I can just remove the top board and we can almost instantly continue with encounter 2 that is underneath.
    And in case you were wondering, I spent a lot of time designing this in 3DS Max (3d modeling software) before I started actually building it.
    Sorry for the long (image heavy) post, and the low quality of the images.
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    tng88 got a reaction from Uvatha in FFG and Gamesworkshop   
    This doesn't surprise me really. My gameshop at one point had a good portion of the back wall dedicated to Warhammer miniatures but it's now mostly X-Wing.
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    tng88 reacted to talismanisland in FFG and Gamesworkshop   
    This was posted by Nomad Games over on the Steam forums -
    To all fans of Talisman Digital Edition. The license for the physical Talisman board game has expired with Fantasy Flight Games. While we are not in a position to comment on this or the future of the physical game, Nomad Games can assure you that the license for the Digital Edition remains with Nomad Games exclusively and will continue as planned. We look forward to what the future might bring and encourage everyone to stick with the adventure that is Talisman.
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    tng88 reacted to JTSleep in Descent second edition + expansions storage solution   
    Hi guys,
    I just wanted to share my storage box solution for second edition of Descent.
    It can hold:
    Core game
    Labyrinth of Ruin
    Shadows of Nerekhall
    Lair of the wyrm
    Mists of Bilehall
    Manor of Ravens
    Cooperative expansions
    + some space for 1. edition heroes
    I used TJENA box sold by Ikea for box itself and since Kappa (edit: foamcore) is quite expensive in Czech Republic I´m doing all my game inserts from 2mm cardboard that is used for hard cover books.



    Bottom layers: Map pieces


    Third layer: Monster and hero miniatures


    Fourth and fifth layers: Hero (and coop expansions) insert, game preparation plus OL insert, in-game stuff insert and mini dice tower bonus


    Bonus: FIMO search token replacement

    Edit: Send me PM with your e-mail for rar file with 1:1 scale of almost all parts (only last minute modification done to condition and objective token trays. Simply make double bottom to make it shallower.). To let you see whole bucket I added 3D dwg model of whole thing, so you can measure all dimensions.
    Final edit:
    Thanks to user @peca files are once again avaliable:
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    tng88 got a reaction from Zaltyre in Hero Token?!   
    Everyone picks the color they want. They should make the player reference card the hero is given.
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    tng88 got a reaction from Indalecio in Hero Token?!   
    Everyone picks the color they want. They should make the player reference card the hero is given.
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    tng88 got a reaction from ramblur in Miniature Gallery   
    You should be able to find pictures of the figures on BoardGameGeek.
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    tng88 got a reaction from sgtkneecaps in First Expansion and Extra Dice   
    Only 50 dice? I recently bought 9 sets of Chessex dice, each containing 12 die. I had the same thought as you, everyone should have enough dicenter.
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    tng88 reacted to Maikacir in Descent storage solutions   
    So, here is my custom build storage solution, made from foamcore:

    Fits everything from the core box, including doors on stands and sleeved cards.
    Probably not so great for painted minis, especially the large ones.
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