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    I thought the same. I looked through the entire rulebook and every inch of the box, GW is not mentioned nor is the logo anywhere. Further research on bgg and Wikipedia reveals Brio AB owns this. GW published an English edition at some point.
  2. The H&M packs each come with 1-off quests. I'm sure you can find standalone quests in the Quest Vault.
  3. tng88

    Extra box?

    How did you get everything in one box?
  4. Do you plan to include everything on your wiki?
  5. tng88

    3D printed Talisman miniatures/Terrain

    Are you referring to this?
  6. Yes. Been waiting for some kind of RPG set within the Runebound universe
  7. tng88

    What about this card?

    Nothing happens
  8. tng88

    New guy here with something to share

    Talisbro, everything looks great. Do you have plans to make token boxes similar to the character sheet/dice tray?
  9. tng88

    The Future of 2nd Edition

    When I read the article about mixing XW, IA, and EtoE/AoR/FaD/FA I had hope FFG would do the same for D2e. But, here we are waiting for news since January 2017 for an announcement of a new expansion or what's to happen to Descent. I still have hopes for an RPG but at this point FFG would have to do something amazing.
  10. I own both AH and EH, plus expansions, and played both games. EH is a simpler game. It feels like FFG took AH, read forum comments and reviews, and trimmed it down to a more manageable size and complexity. Just about everyone would agree that AH has to many cards and rules to make it a fun game to play on a Saturday evening. I believe this where EH excels, the are rules and setup limit what's in play. Sure, the small cards decks get bigger with each new expansion but the number of decks has pretty much remained the same. I tried to play with my fiance one evening and we maybe got 4 complete rounds in before she asked if we could stop. I would be willing setup a game of EH and try to play a game with my fiance before ever trying AH again. That being said, AH is in drastic need of a revision. Something similar to what FFG did to Mansions or a small box expansion with (complete/revised) Rules Reference/Learn to Play books and new investigators from AHCG and MoM2e. I'm happy with continued support of EH until FFG can't create new material.
  11. tng88

    The Future of 2nd Edition

    I hope it's not dead/dying. With that, I wouldn't mind a revised or 3e of Descent. Maybe something along the lines of what they did with Mansions; re-packages the everything into monster and tile set and include new hero and monster cards in the new base game.
  12. tng88

    Solo seems hard

    No matter how you play, this game is HARD.
  13. tng88

    The Future of 2nd Edition

    Been waiting for an Descent\Runewars\Terrinoth RPG. Just look at IA, XW, and 4 SW RPG FFG has going.
  14. Yeah, over at Go 7 Gaming they have two big box basic LCG inserts for the two different sizes.