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  1. I'll start: Slipknot "Psychosocial" "PsychoCelchu" I made my move and I want shots So slippery - roll - it doesn't hit The dice are not so vibrant The positioning, the sickening A-wing test pilot rocks Pseudo Soontir Fel perversion Go screw your arcs, go fly away Then call your actions with all the evades you'll need Closing in, getting stuck again I'm done! It has begun! I am the only one! [Chorus:] And my mods will kill you all... Throw yourselves against the 'roid But no one else can see The preservation of the A-wing in me PsychoCelchu! [6x] There are cracks in the move you made But where the ion missed The decisions have gone bad This is nothing new, but when I've killed it all The dice was all I had Who needs another roll? We could start over Just target lock me and hope for the best Now there's only me to kill Hard to hit, F.M.L. I think you're done. Now I'm the only one! [Chorus] PyschoCelchul! [6x] The limits of the IMPS! Fake anti-Falcon lie - (PyschoCelchul!) I tried Outmaneuver but - (PyschoCelchul!) Your Hull Upgrades are giving out - (PyschoCelchul!) Can't stop a killing idea - (PyschoCelchul!) If it's hunting season - (PyschoCelchul!) Is this what you want? - (PyschoCelchul!) I am your killing blow!
  2. I'm curious for any other tablet user out there if you use your tablet during match play for...well...pretty much everything? I've found having one alongside me during a game I can quickly access rule books and reference guides and visuals while playing tabletop. There are now several X-wing builder apps (as well as the dice app). Does anyone utilize a tablet to enhance their experience of X-wing?
  3. First game with the Decimator. OMG! This thing is sick!!! My list was: Kenkirk+Predator+Isard+Jerjerrod+Counter-Measures Academy Pilot Academy Pilot Howlrunner+Det 99pts Went up against: Delta Squadron Delta Squadron Whisper+VI+FCS+ACD 99pts Basic strategy was to flank with Kenkirk and block and deny actions with Academy pilots. Ended up forcing Whisper onto a rock and one-shotted Whisper with my Academy pilot....NO MODIFIERS! Screenshot: Must say, the Decimator is a FANTASTIC addition to the game. Well done, FFG!
  4. A-wing Test Pilot+Chardaan Refit You're welcome. Cheers!
  5. It's hard to imagine Thrawn as a crew on anything other than the Chimera, but there are a lot of characters we could still see from at least the Thrawn Triology as crew such as Ghent, Karrde, Thrawn, Paelleon, or Rukh.
  6. I can't take it anymore. People are replying to threads and news is being announced in such a short amount if time I literally cannot keep up with it all. Sub forums would have been nice about now.
  7. Currious if/when we'll see Xizor or IG-88 or Karrde as pilots and what their abilities would be?
  8. Ribann

    Bomber Fishermen

    Jonus+Determination+Ion Pulse Missiles+Hull Upgrade+Seismic Charge Scimitar+Ion Torpedos+Seismic Charge Scimitar+Ion Torpedos+Seismic Charge Scimitar+Ion Torpedos+Seismic Charge Basically line up your target and ion them to "reel them in". Drop bombs and K-turn. Let your opponent coast into your charges. Game over. Grab yourself a beer.
  9. Ribann

    Dice Matter

    Had 3 games tonight where dice absolute changed the state of a game. Had Tycho shoot at Etahn from Range 3 through a rock. 2v5 dice. Rolled 2 hits unmodified. Guy rolled 5 blanks. The game was pretty much downhill after that roll. Dice matter. Skill matters. Dice tend to matter more, though.
  10. Just finished playing several games with Nera Dantels on Vassal and I must say she is probably the best pilot I've ever flown. Torpedos were all but dead before her arrival. Now torpedos will live because of her. Can't wait for Rebel Aces!
  11. Ribann

    Settle Down

    Why is it whenever a change happens everyone on these forums completely loses it? Threads start up making fun of other threads. Let's face it: we're going to have the option of two great games in the near future. The future is bright. It's a good time to be a Star Wars fan and gamer.
  12. Never lost a game with this particular build with Han. Any way to develop it? Several Z-95s? Wedge? Ibitsam w/ PTL? This build is the new game-changer. So easy to win a game with just Han.
  13. Here is my prediction: People keep talking about the ramming ability to cause damage. I think FFG is going to make it come at a cost. On the flip side, you can be rewarded for staying put. No K-turn ability. No turn ability. Just banks and straights. But that 0 white is where it is at. Lumber to the center of the map and just chill. However, if you get stressed, it will come at a cost. You'll have to move your butt.
  14. Looking at the results of the recent tournaments going on around the world, would you say that Interceptors are a dying breed apart from Fel? Before Wave 4, Interceptors were king and we saw a lot of high PS interceptors winning tournaments. Now that has largely faded. Curious if you think it's because people are just caught up in trying out the new ships? Why aren't pure high PS interceptor lists taking top 8-16?
  15. The dice gods are at it again. This game is a complete outlier. I was flying: Soontir+PTL+TC Onyx+Ion Cannon Onyx+Ion Cannon Opponent was flying: Echo+Mini Swarm (w/ Howl) He set up his Academies in the middle. I set one Defender to the left and right of the map to flank. He set Echo up to the left of the map to take on a Defender. I set Soontir up beside the Defender on the left side of the map. First round went amazing. 5 forwards and a boost with Soontir. Got a TL with focus for stress on Echo. Knocked 2 shields of Echo and he had no shots on me. This game couldn't have opened better. Then the next round ended it all. Echo decloaked and go as far away from me as possible. The defender 1 banked and Soontir 2 banked. I BR'd back to get out of arcs. I turtled with Soontir. His swarm 1 turned on me. Soontir got a shot on Echo. 1 focus, the rest blanks; no big deal. Don't spend focus for 1 hit. Echo to shoot. Hit, Focus, Hit, Blank. And here is what followed.... 9 blanks in a row from Soontir. Nine. Blanks. In. A. Row. Sometimes, it doesn't matter how good your list is, how well your fly, how you have your opponent pinned down. Dice matter. That is all.
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