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  1. A few questions that cover multiple things: 1. Are there any plans for new content for Descent 2.0? A part of me feels Lost Legends was a way to round things out and will be the final expansion, and I really hope that’s not true (Still have my fingers cross for an expansion based on the Ru Darklands). 2. Was there any particular reason for not including any new Republic or Separatist ships for X-Wing Wave VI? I get the Resistance and First Order needed new content as well, but I’m interested in any other reasoning behind the decision. 3. Is there any chance an AT-AP Walker and/or Hailfire Droid will ever be made for Legion? 4. What happened with Runewars? It seemed like it was rolling steady after the last 3 Uthuk expansions were released, and then the news dropped the game was done. 5. We’ve known that Clone Wars are coming to Armada for a while now, but have there been any inherit design challenges with creating the new factions?
  2. I was reading some previews for mages, and one said the mages have access to rune magic. Does that mean only mages can equip runes or can any archtype equip runes?
  3. I've been re-reading the core rulebook, and when I read the droid special abilities, it says "Droids have a cybernetic implant cap of 6 instead of their brawn rating". Does anyone understand what that means?
  4. I don't know what is going on if it's just a bug or something, but I can't open the ship bar for whatever reason. I have added my collection in, but it's won't let me place ships or even open the ship bar.
  5. For those of you that don't know about Kyle Katarn's ability, it allow his to give one of his focus tokens to a friendly ship at range 1-3. Some people will not give him upgrades, which I have found horrible if you're fighting an imperial TIE interceptor swarm (or any imperial swarm ). I've experimented with different upgrades for him (and some of you probably know this trick already. ) but I've found that giving him a blaster turrent, push the limit, recon specialist, and a stealth device or hull upgrade allows him to stay alive longer and could possibly gain 4 focus tokens a round. Plus he could gain 2 extra attack dice on range 1-2 attack for only 1 focus token.
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