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  1. You can definitely save/load squads. The bugs are being worked out. I actually think it's pretty impressive for basically only one guy working on it. Thanks again Sandrem.
  2. Wow, I came to this page to see if 0.6.1 was released 1 minute after you post it
  3. Yes, I am encountering the same problem.
  4. Thanks very much Sandrem!
  5. Hi Sandrem, Search didn't come up with anything in the thread already mentioning Stealth Device. Apologies if it's already been brought up already. Anyway, I'm using Fenn Rau with Stealth Device and every time he gets hit after losing the card his agility continues to drop. Thanks for your efforts on this.
  6. I'm on a Mac as well. I just unzip it and copy it to the Applications folder and select 'overwrite'. I did it this morning and it kept all my lists.
  7. Sounds good. I have a 10 month old baby, so gaming time is limited. I'll definitely ping you if I get some time to play in the evening. Thanks-
  8. Agreed. I haven't made it to a table in well over a year. I've got a pile of ships in unopened boxes. The AI isn't very challenging right now, but it's still fun to try out different lists.
  9. I tried to join a game tonight for the first time. It just sat with a blank background for about 5 minutes, so I quit. Sorry, I'm not sure how to bring the log on the screen and can't find a log file anywhere.
  10. If anyone in NYC is on the fence about attending this, you should go. Nu Brand Gaming is a great place to game.
  11. Hi Mike, Twenty Sided Store in Williamsburg has two tournaments each month on the second and fourth Sundays. Last week there were 12 players. It's pretty casual and easy going. There is a Facebook page for the NYC X-Wing group as well https://www.facebook.com/groups/639922299410839/ Sometimes The Compleat Strategist in Manhattan has tournaments, but I think they are relying on players to schedule or organize them. I don't think they've hosted anything since Imdaar Alpha. The Uncommons in Manhattan posted in here asking what the interest level was, but then I think they disappeared. Brooklyn Game Lab has had one tournament that I know of. Hope that helps get you started.
  12. This even was fun and well run. I'm looking forward to more events at Brooklyn Game Lab.
  13. Hi JackofHearts, A store in Brooklyn holds tournaments regularly on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. If you avoid those days, you'll probably get a better turnout. I've only been playing for a few months, but I've already seen the NYC community grow. 100 point tournaments are the standard, so you may also consider an escalation tournament or something a little different. I know a few guys would be interested in a league as well.
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