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    You you can move the condition if you defent and spend the force. The critical card stays on the condition card. You are dealt the card in stead of suffering damage. And suffering damage removes shields. So I would say yes it bypasses shields like in 1.0
  2. StephenEsven

    Engaging while in Reserve

    It still engages. The rules simply state that you can't do actions and attack while in Reserve. If you didn't engage, there would be no reason to state that you couldn't attack.
  3. StephenEsven

    Yushyn and Proach

    It says Choose a ship ... and gain a Disarm token. I choose a ship, then triggers a replacement effect, for which I pay a cost, and I gain a stress. And since I chose to do do the fist part, I now do the latter part of the ability. The problem is that you are treating the latter part as being dependent on gaining a Disarm token, when in fact it is only depentent on you choosing to initiate the ability. Nowhere does the text say 'If you gain a disarm token...' I fully agree that the effect 'Gain a Disarm token' did not happen as per the Replacement Effect rule. Where we disagree is wether the second part is dependent on you gaining said token.
  4. StephenEsven

    Yushyn and Proach

    After reading the rules for replacement effects, I still don't agree. 'If you do so' is not referring to gaining a disarm token. It is referring to you choosing the do the first part of the ability. The replacement effect makes you gain a different token, but you still chose a ship and gained said token. So the condition is met. If on the other hand the second sentence had said 'When you gain a disarm token' then it would not have worked.
  5. StephenEsven

    Yushyn and Proach

    I am not sure I agree that the article is wrong. I have not seen this discussed in another thread, so a link would be appreciated. Also can someone link the relevant rules/ruleings that would lead to this conclusion, because I can't find anywhere that would lead to the conclusion it would not work.
  6. StephenEsven

    R3 Astromech

    When you perform the target lock action against a ship, you then get to also get a lock on another ship or object. So for one action you get and maintain a lock on 2 different enemy ships for just one action.
  7. Garven Dreis (51) Expert Handling (4) Proton Torpedoes (9) Magva Yarro (7) Veteran Tail Gunner (4) R5 Astromech (5) Hull Upgrade (3) Warden Squadron Pilot (40) Ion Torpedoes (6) Skilled Bombardier (2) Jyn Erso (2) Seismic Charges (3) Proton Bombs (5) Warden Squadron Pilot (40) Ion Torpedoes (6) Skilled Bombardier (2) Sabine Wren (3) Seismic Charges (3) Proton Bombs (5) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 I flew this squad last night against 4 TIE Fighters and a VT-49 and won. The Seismic Charges and Proton bombs did rhe majority of the work on the TIEs. Some good Range 1 shots and Proton Torpedoes finished the VT-49. Never needed to reload or rotate turrets which poited left and right. Would you fly this list? Would you change anything?
  8. StephenEsven

    2.0 Is a Ship in its Own Firing Arc?

    The 2.0 rules are probably a better reference until we get the actual rules reference. In 2.0 all ships have 7 defined arcs, all of which have a symbol. There is the bullseye arc, the 4 standard arcs defined by the diagonal lines printed on the cardboard, and the full forward and backward arcs defined by the horizontal hashmarks. Nowhere in the rules does it state that you extend those lines to determine the arc, but it is implied, as you would not be able to measure attack range inside the arc unless it extended beyond the cardboard. These areas are specifically refered to as arcs, so it would not make sense that the printed arcs were not part of the arcs. If you would not want the arc to affect the ship itself, the text would refer to sonething beyond range 0 or to another ship, not just a ship.
  9. StephenEsven

    2.0 Is a Ship in its Own Firing Arc?

    The rules book is now available but not the reference. Arc however is not range restricted. They extend from the center of the base to the wdge of the playing area. So even if it souds counter intuitive a ship is in its own arcs. After all thwy are pri ted on the base so rhe base is always in them. And since Kanan does bot state the ship to be beyond range 0, you as well as any ship at range 0 in the arx should be elligeble.
  10. StephenEsven

    Omega Leader vs Huge ships

    You quoted the huge ship rules that change how acquiring a target lock works. That plus the text on page 2 is what changes how attacking a huge ship works. No other effects are changed. Even though you assign the target locj to a section and can only spend it for rerolls if you attack that section, youbstill have a target lock on the ship with regards to any ability that is not a secondary weapon.
  11. StephenEsven

    Omega Leader vs Huge ships

    OL does not have any exxeptions in the huge ship rules so no matter what section he target locks he is still target locking the huge ship and this affects the whole ship. So the answer is yes to all 4 situations above.
  12. StephenEsven

    Tie Silencer issue

    Makes sense. I didn't check that before posting.
  13. StephenEsven

    Tie Silencer issue

    Your friend was only right, if he also had Primed Thrusters. You did not mention that he did.
  14. StephenEsven

    The Last Jedi - General Discussion [LOTS OF SPOILERS]

    I just saw it. I liked it. Some very interesting things happen. But still so many unanswered questions.
  15. The ability strips a ship of tokens ir deals them a damage if they want to hang onto them. If you have no tokens you do not care and just accept that you get stripped. The end state is the same wether you had tokens or not to begin with. The damage only ever vomes into play if you want to keep the tokens you already have.
  16. StephenEsven

    Vaksai and Saturation Salvo?

    Since Vaksai reduces the squad point cost of the upgrades you use the modified cost.
  17. StephenEsven

    Omega leader and no modify rule

    Cancelling dice is not a dice modification, and can oxcur whenever the card specifies. Omega Leader does not prevent cancelling sice.
  18. StephenEsven

    General Hux in Epic

    You assign the stress to the huge ship which then immediately discards it. So yes.
  19. StephenEsven

    Sabine+ bomblet generator

    If you mean does she trigger off the bomblet token then yes.
  20. StephenEsven

    Dutch Vander M9-G8

    Dutch has a Range of 1-2 so it works if the friendly ship is not at Range 3 of Dutch
  21. StephenEsven

    Harpooned! and kill shots

    Yes, I believe this is the correct order to resolve things in.
  22. StephenEsven

    bomb loadout and bomblet generator

    no. Bomb Loadout is Limited. So only once copy per y-wing
  23. StephenEsven

    Double Edge and "another weapon"

    I don't see a need for an faq. Two copies of the same weapon is still only one weapon. So you can not fire it a second time with Double Edge. This is no different from multiples of the same crit or multiple copies of a modification being denied on royal TIE or elites in an A-wing Test Pilot
  24. StephenEsven

    Epics shooting at small/large ships

    Still nearest point to nearest point
  25. StephenEsven

    Timing on palp's die change

    No Palp only allows you to modify the result of the roll made after calling him. Just because that result is added to the result rolled before using LF, does not mean he can affect any die on the table.