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  1. First of Lucky strike states it applies to one hit. But more importantly Brun states you suffer the weapons base damage. Lucky strike does not alter the base damage. So it is not 9 or 12 damage but the base damage of the flamerhrower. This assumes the 9 damage is modified for number of uncancelled successes.
  2. Does anybody have an idea of how long we must wait for this book to be available in digital form on drivethrurpg? It strikes me as odd that a product is not made available in both fornats at the same time. But I have no idea as both the rules and Terrinoth were both available when I first startwd out in Genesys. I so want to be able to add the new magic types to my character.
  3. I play a Highborn elf Mage in our Terrinoth campaign. We also have an Ork primalist in the party. Most often it comes down to me to even the odds as the fighters engage the minions and the casters engage ranged targets or supports the fighters with Augments, Barriers and Curses on the enemies But I have never felt my magic was a sure thing. I often only barely succeed or fail unless I use my Paragon Heroic ability or talents to add a bit of success or advantage. Adversary and counterspelling often make me roll red dice which quickly lowers the odds. I only got above YYGG last session, now rolling 4Y
  4. I dont know why you think discussing how the rules are or are not written is a stink, as you call it. It is clear that we are not of the same opinion. The OP was a technical question and I am simpmy expressing how I read the rules. You on the other hand think tjis is covered by the rules for o erlapping, and all I am asking it to point out where in the rules this is stated.
  5. @Lyianx I did read what you wrote. But plrase back it up with references to the rules. Even though the rules state you meadure range between two objects it must also be how you measure range to the board edge. Otherwise you can't play a game of x-wing because you would not be able to place obstacles or set up ships. Because technically the rules do not cover measuring range to anything not classed as an object
  6. How is this overlapping and not measuring range? How do you determune if something is within Range 1 if you do not measure? You are neasuring distance between the ship and the board edge. Ang Guides do not count when measuring range So ut is very clear cut. The guides are ignored when setting up ships within range 1 of the board edge.
  7. The rules do not say that a ship overlaps an object when it is placed underneath it. And the rules for devices explicitly states that it must be placed underneath more than one ship to detonate immediately.
  8. @meffo you are right. It is my personal oppinion. I statet eralier that we can't know for sure because we have co tradicting rules in the RRG now. If you read the first post of the actual FAQ thread they state that you should only ask a question if it is not answered by the rules. So rewind to when yhis question was asked. Does a Proximity mjne detonate when placed under a ship. It is not covered by the Overlapping section. But in the Device section it clearly states that when a device is placed overlapping a ship it is placed under it. Period. This is a clear answer to what happens when a device opverlaps a ship when placed. But it does not address mines specifically. But the next point does. If a devce that detonates is placed under more that one ship it detonates immediately. So the rules actually did answer the question, and it should never have been sent. But it was, and someone answered it with an answer that contradicts the rules. For what it is worth I actually think that placing any object uder a ship should count as the ship overlapping it. This would be the most consistent way to handle all objects that are dropped or launched. I would just like the RRG to be updated to reflect this.
  9. Soit is. But why did they put it in an FAQ section if they could have changes the rules rederence to reflect this? Personally I believe whoever answered that question is not aware that the rules actually don't specify what happens when an obstacle overlaps a ship. If the rule indeed is that a ship counts as overlapping when an obstacle is placed underneath it, then the rule about a device detonating if it is placed underneath more than one ship is superfluous. The FAQ part is just that. Answers to questions. Not the actual rules. And it is not unheard of that answers in FAQs have contradictes rules before. So until FFG adresses this again we simply don't know if placing a device underneath a ship means that the ship overlapped it.
  10. That post in the official rules thread is actually not substantiated by the RRG. The rules for devices is that if a device that detonates when overlapped or moved through is placed under more than one ship it detonates immediately. So now we have an updated RRG that is published after a ruling on the forum and the post is not consistent with the rules. So every Judge will now have to decide which is correct in their tournament. And every casual gamer will have to debate this if it comes up.
  11. Actually tge rules for devices already reflect what the drk probe says. If a device is placed overlappi g a ship,m place the device under the ship.
  12. No. A ship can only overlap anything when it moves. There is a big difference between a ship overlapping a buzz droid and a buzz droid overlapping a ship
  13. When you launch the buzz droids so they o erlap one or more ships you simply place the token under the ship(s) You only relocate rhe buzz droids if the ship overlaps or moves through them. So if it is u derneath more than one ship, it relocates with the first ship to overlap or move throug it
  14. That doesn't say you cannot attack at Range 0. It says you cannot normally attack at Range 0. That is because you do not normally have a weapon with a minimum range of 0.
  15. Muribundi is absolutely right. There is no rule in the RRG that says you can't attack at Range 0. Every weapon can attack at the Attack Range indicated on the card. Primary Weapons have a Attack Range og 1-3. Any card that makes the minimum Attack Range 0, can attack a ship at Range 0. Arvel Crynyd, Major Rhymer and Zeb Orrelios, are both examples of such cards. The rules for Range Bonuses even states that you get the bonus die at Range 0-1, and only states that you can not normally attack at Ragnge 0 (since primary weapons have range 1-3) The only place that says anything about not being able to attack something at Range 0 is the new line added in the RRG. So it looks like someone at FFG figured out that you could attack someone at Range 0 in very special circumstances without having a card effect that overrode the rules, and decided to change that. Personally I think FFG should hurry up and remove it again, because it will only cause more confusion. The rules were fine before, and handle very well how attacks work at range 0. The only Range that should matter is the Attack Range
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