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  1. Yes, by the very nature of choosing up to 3, each ship can only be chosen once.
  2. There is no contradiction. Autothrusters clearly state that it is the Range of the attack that must be beyond Range 2. And the Inquisitor treats that Range as 1.
  3. I am not sure how casual or formal the tournament you went to was. But normally in tournament play, anything you do is final if it is possible. If you were not aware of how Ten Numb worked, you should have asked your opponent to explain before you started the game. After all his squad is public knowledge. He can't guess that you don't know the pilot ability. Personally I have never been in a tournament, but when I play casually with my friends and family, we still play by tournament rules, because it helps you learn that your choices are final if they are possible. No matter the consequence.
  4. This was my take on the situation. There is no explicit wording to either allow or disallow this. Hence the OP. In general in x-wing when you roll a number of dice they produce a result. Palplatine is now worded so that you declare his use before rolling those dice and then modify the result after. Lightweight frame introduced a situation where you roll dice producing a result, then roll 1 more die producing a second result, and then implicitly these results are added together. Because it is not explicitly stated this is what happend, we can't say for sure what dice result Palpatine is allowed to modify. Thus I fall back to the spirit of the Errata, and say I would rule it as Palpatine being able to modify the dice result that came up after declaring his use.
  5. Since you revealed a white or green maneuver you execute that maneuver. Once you suffer the Damaged Engine crit you now treat the maneuver as red. The check pilot step will see a red maneuver and deal you another stress. Check pilot stress does not state that you check the difficulty of the maneuver when it was revealed. By the time you cent the critical is in effect.
  6. Palpable can only modify the dice rolled after he declares his use. That is the whole idea behind the errata. So in your example a critical would still go through. Light weight frame is actually not a good design. It should probably have added the extra die if the number of green dice to be rolled was less that the number of red dice rolled. The number of dice can't change between calculating the number of green dice and rolling them. Rolling the extra die after the roll leads to situations like this. The card doesn't even explicitly state to add the result of the extra roll to the original result. That is an implicit assumption and leads to ambiguity when dice results are referenced.
  7. Yes on both accounts.
  8. First rule of x-wing. Do what the card tells you to do. Don't do what the card doesn't tell you to do. You did that and if some one tells you it doesn't work, have them explain step by step why. Have the RRG and FAQ at hand if you have cards that have clear descriptions in the FAQ. You can always ask here before you fly your list. But you clearly have fully grasped the cards and rules in this instance. I might actually try this combo muself in my next casual game. Because it seems very effective.
  9. Your build looks good to me. The whole point of Pattern Analyser is to check after the action. Whoever told you it was wrong probably didn't understand that it works like this. They probably thought PA just let's you get an action before the stress if you de a red maneuver. But getting stress an action or PtL and then checking on a green maneuver works just as fine. Did they explain why they thought it didn't work? It doesn't sound line they did.
  10. I have to disagree. You can spend a target lock and choose not to reroll any dice. That does not satisfy the requirement of rerolling dice
  11. This is not correct. Tail gunner requires an auxiliary firing arc. The VCX-100 has a Special Fire Arc. These are not the same.
  12. RAW Countdown might not work, because' during' is the part where you actually suffer damage. Traditionally cancellation effects happened at the start of the Compare results check. Start of phase always come before during a phase. So RAW Wampa happens before Countdown.
  13. I was wrong on one account. What I was referring to is Card Abilities, which is clearly defined in the RRG. Missions can also produce game effects. Obstacle rules tells you what effect they have when you overlap the, but are not refered to as game effects. As I started out saying it is not clearly defined, hence this discussion thread. I fully get what you are saying. But I also agree with @InquisitorM that the tern 'instructs you to', can not be applied to spending a target lock to reroll dice. The rules allow you to choose to do so, and grants you a reroll if you choose to do so. They don't instruct you to do so as part of some game effect. Regarding the Free actions example, if you follow the RRG page 3, only cards and missions can grant free actions, so coordinate would be broken, but on page 12 of the RRG this is countered saying card abilities and other effects. Sometomes you just see the term effect, some times game effect and some times card ablility. When reading the rules, if often seems lige game effect is used as meaning card ability, but again it is not clear if that is the intent. Using my own example of generics and specifics, Card Abilities are game effects, but game effects are not necessarily Card Ablilities. Missions can also produce game effects. What we are disagreeing on is wether the rules also counts as game effects. I have my oppinion, but hopefully now we will get an answer from FFG.
  14. Your logic is flawed. Game effects can grant free actions. But that does not mean that anything that grants a free action is a game effect. The coordinate action is a very good example of a Rule that grants a free action.
  15. It is true that Game Effect is not clearly defined en the RRG. But Game effect have always meant Pilot Abilities and card effects. Try searching the RRG for the term and you will gat a good picture of when FFG refers to sonethING as a game effect.