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  1. Cancelling dice is not a dice modification, and can oxcur whenever the card specifies. Omega Leader does not prevent cancelling sice.
  2. You assign the stress to the huge ship which then immediately discards it. So yes.
  3. If you mean does she trigger off the bomblet token then yes.
  4. Dutch has a Range of 1-2 so it works if the friendly ship is not at Range 3 of Dutch
  5. Yes, I believe this is the correct order to resolve things in.
  6. no. Bomb Loadout is Limited. So only once copy per y-wing
  7. I don't see a need for an faq. Two copies of the same weapon is still only one weapon. So you can not fire it a second time with Double Edge. This is no different from multiples of the same crit or multiple copies of a modification being denied on royal TIE or elites in an A-wing Test Pilot
  8. Still nearest point to nearest point
  9. No Palp only allows you to modify the result of the roll made after calling him. Just because that result is added to the result rolled before using LF, does not mean he can affect any die on the table.
  10. The whole point is to use your nice model as the obstacle. And please note that you do not overlap like you do obstacles. There are special overlap rules when using epic ships as obstacles
  11. Sorry I misunderstood the OP.
  12. RRG page 14. • If a ship moves through or overlaps an obstacle while executing a Koiogran turn, Segnors Loop left, or Segnors Loop right maneuver, it still rotates 180º when placed. • If a ship moves through or overlaps an obstacle while executing a Talon Roll left or Talon Roll right maneuver, it still rotates 90º when placed. So it sounds like they had this one right, and you didn't.
  13. X-Wing uses a permissive rule set. That means that you can not do anything unless the rules tell you that you can. So ask them to show you where it says that they can use the maneuver templates during the Plannin phase. The Learn to Play guide page 5 and the RRG, both state that you plan your maneuver in secret using the maneuver dial. It also states that you use the corresponding maneuver template in the Activation Phase, when you execute the planned maneuver. That seems quite clear cut.
  14. Evade tokens do add a result, which is exactly what OL prohibits. Per the rules when you add a reult you place a die showing that result to the rolled dice. That is different from adding a die to the pool before you roll. If they don't understand this concept they should read the RRG again.
  15. Yes. If you have multiples of upgrades or damage cards, that trigger off of an event, both will trigger.