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  1. You are right I confused it with R4-E1 (the bomb while stressed droid)
  2. Soontir with PTL and Outmaneuver or Cool Hand would be nasty (either take the stress and get a focus or if you need to K-turn or do a white maneuver next round cool hand, still get the focus but not be stressed) Wired would be probably very intriguing but possibly broken Predator+Expertise as mentioned especially on stuff like Corran, Dengar, TLTs and TIE/D defenders (rexlar especially) or even Marksmanship with Maarek
  3. However Ion does NOT prevent Genius bombs which is one of the biggest complaints about Nym I definitely would be in favor of giving Genius the X7 treatment and may not be used when overlapping a ship/obstacle (hardly an unreasonable nerf for a 0pt upgrade)
  4. I wouldn't say it's unreliable, its a 75% chance of at least 1 damage that you get no defense dice against and Cad Bane only increases that to I believe 93% chance of at least 1 damage with cad bane and a 56% chance of 2 damage with Cad Bane I would be fine with allowing unmodified green dice against bombs (more maneuverable ships would have an easier chance to avoid mines than something like a Lambda) or 1 die to represent a pilot reaction to the bomb
  5. I couldn't find anything in the FAQ about Vader or OE, can anyone explain why this instance is allowed to break the "a die may only be rerolled once" rule that it seems every minis game has?
  6. I still maintain that companies "leak" rumors on Buffs or Nerfs and Judge the reaction of the communities as a measure of "is this too far or not far enough?" or at least its what I would do with the anonymity of the internet and everyone's impulsive need to debate everything
  7. Target Lock would be the most likely scenario I think if you dial in a TL but nothing is in range because of the maneuvers
  8. Perhaps a small change that "After executing a manueuver" freebies get the X7 treatment? No overlapping ships/obstacles if you want your free target lock/regen/ability to drop a bomb with genius Scum takes a hit with Nym and Jumpmasters (most in my experience seem to use K4) Rebels get a small hit in R2D2 (not the current scary list but it is a favorite and might make other astromechs more attractive) Cad Bane and Sabine probably could use minor tweaks so they only affect bombs dropped by the ships they are on (this probably affect Scum more)
  9. Bes'uliik TIE Defender TIE Interceptor E-Wing K-Wing The honorable Mention goes to the Y-Wing
  10. So we sort of have our T-65 fix with IA (okay not perfect since it applies to T-70s too which makes them even better) but has anyone playtested any potential titles to make regular TIE/Ln fighters a little more fun to use now? I was thinking something like "Weight of Numbers" (or something like that) and trying to make it like if a ship with this title is within range one of another ship with this title it gets X bonus (probably something attack related I was thinking a double tap or uncancelled Crits ignore shields, or the Defender must reroll evades and/or focus results) Any ideas/thoughts are welcome
  11. A reprint of every Imperial card that has later been eclipsed by something Scum has perhaps? (Mauler Mithel-Fenn, Royal Guard title-Vaksai title, Every Tie Interceptor by the Protectorate..., TIE/X7 by K4 just off the top of my head) That probably could fill the extra space nicely Note: this was meant as a joke not an attempt to derail the thread with either Scum is OP or Imperials need fixing. Its sad I need to clarify that part but it is the internet after all
  12. Because I know we need more Conspiracy Theories on these forums, has anyone considered FFG intentionally "leaks" this stuff and starts rumors to gage reactions of the community as a whole to potential changes?
  13. This is how I see it, while I wouldn't use it to try to determine my moves it seems like a nice option to use if you don't have a laser for measuring firing arcs and a lot more of us have phones than people do lasers
  14. Also PTL only lets you perform actions on your bar something a lot of people forget
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