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  1. Yes, movement points from Order and Executive Order, Command, Tactical Movement, and other such sources can be used to retrieve barrels out of your own activation. Using the Interact action is the most usual way to retrieve things, but it doesn't preclude using other ways to retrieve things without spending actions. The restriction is that Nexu cannot spend movement points to retrieve barrels because Non-Sentient says it cannot interact, and thus not retrieve. Note that the Interact action is not used to retrieve during your own activation either. You are spending movement points. Also note that because it isn't an action, you don't need to end movement to be able to retrieve, you can be sharing a space with a figure as long as you have enough movement points to both retrieve and end movement legally. (Also note that Order and Executive Order and Command do NOT give Move actions, they allow to perform a move. Performing a move isn't an action. A Move action allows to perform a move, and performing a move gives movement points according to Speed.)
  2. Well, if you switch the target from A to B, B becomes the target of that attack, and A is not the target of that attack. She didn't attack A, and could still choose A as her second target.
  3. Imperial Dedication has "who could also be the target of that attack". Due to the restriction of "different target" Verena cannot choose A to a target for the second attack, because A was already attacked before and thus cannot be a target of the second attack ("that attack"), thus cannot be chosen by the imperial player when resolving Imperial Dedication. I.e. there's a distinction between "a valid target for an attack" and "a valid target for that attack". (Also note there is a threat cost in addition to an exhaust cost.)
  4. Counting Spaces tells that the figure isn't within 3 spaces of Obi-Wan and thus can interact.
  5. a1bert

    New map

    Uscru is from Ahsoka Tano pack.
  6. a1bert

    Are all villains earned?

    There's another class deck for Leadership that Inspires and focuses troops when their leader is defeated. Nemeses isn't that.
  7. a1bert

    Are all villains earned?

    It does. Emphasis from RRG. And I think the villain being defeated would be bad for the morale of their followers.
  8. a1bert

    Are all villains earned?

    No, because only non-unique groups return to your hand by RRG. Thus, they are not valid for Inspirational, which makes sense. (Villains are not martyrs who inspire after their death.)
  9. a1bert

    Are all villains earned?

    You can use both discount methods for any villains you have earned by any method (even both for the same one you deploy). The same applies to other cards that refer to villains - you can use them with villains that are in reserved groups. (Just note that a defeated villain cannot be redeployed by any means during the same mission.)
  10. a1bert

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    Art and tiles from Tyrants of Lothal, possibly then from that expansion itself. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/4/13/tyrants-of-lothal/
  11. a1bert

    Content Required to Play the Campaign?

    It is a good idea to play the Flight of the Freedom Fighter (FoFF) first with just the core set, and then replay with all of your expansions selected. I started playing the FoFF campaign with my game group a few weeks back with all expansions included. Coming across new groups that you have not seen yet gives a different experience even when the mission itself is largely the same (there are some random elements in the FoFF campaign, but not that many). The imperial groups have bonuses that vary, so you have things to explore. Enabling more expansions gives you different encounters so you can gain different allies. Choosing different heroes may make your approach to the missions change as well. But after 2-3 plays of FoFF, playing the same 5 missions will get boring. We need a new campaign for the app.
  12. a1bert

    eClawdite vs rClawdite

    Sure you can give more than one to a figure. Conspire (translated to a more verbose form): For a maximum of 3 times, for each surge result perform: you choose yourself or an adjacent friendly figure, and that figure gains a power token of your choice. Each figure can have maximum of 2 power tokens at a time though. If more are gained, any excess must be discarded.
  13. Military Might means you need to a) include his agenda set, b) draw his side mission before the last side mission slot, c) be able to afford it when you draw it, d) the rebels need to choose a different one to play or you need to win it. I would assume it to be harder than gaining Blaise from a class card.
  14. Attachments don't change the figure cost. (Neither up or down.)
  15. Yes, the discounts stack, but if you have Military Might, then it's less probable to ever gain Blaise.
  16. I would bet that you get at most one Activate Agent before Agent Blaise is defeated. (You also need to gain him as a villain first, which may not be that guaranteed outside of choosing a suitable class deck.)
  17. Here's the working link too: https://zionsfinestia.podbean.com/e/episode-053-fixed-still-no-dew-on-the-fleece/
  18. Maybe you could upload the real episode 53 instead of the episode 52 a second time.
  19. Yes, you are drawing line of sight to a figure or object on blocking terrain by drawing line of sight to one space it occupies, effectively ignoring the terrain type of that space. (And you are never drawing line of sight through the target space, only into it.)
  20. Out of a space != through a space. Into a space != through a space. You can draw line of sight out of a blocking terrain space, and into a blocking terrain space (to e.g. attack from blocking space or e.g. attack into a blocking space, or e.g. attack a figure or object from a blocking space to the "next" blocking space although the spaces are not adjacent), but cannot draw line of sight through a blocking terrain space (into and out of the same space). In the same way "through a figure" only happens if the line of sight line both enters and exits the space the figure occupies. For a small figure you are not drawing line of sight through a figure unless it goes into and out of the space the figure occupies. This can only happen if the figure is not in the target space. This isn't enough for large figures though, for them you need the allowance to ignore all spaces the "source" and "target" figures occupy. It's obvious to me and the tech editor Clipper that you can target objects and figures (including companion figures) in the same space without them blocking line of sight to each other. (Waiting to get Todd's "yes" to put this to rest.)
  21. When you draw line of sight to a space the companion occupies, you are not drawing line of sight through a figure that is on the same space. (In the same way that you can draw line of sight into a space of blocking terrain when you target a figure or object occupying it as long as you are not drawing line of sight through the space or other blocking spaces.)
  22. a1bert

    Vinto and opportunistic

    Opportunistic gives movement points which go into the pool and cannot be spent during Rapid Fire. (It has to be during Vinto's activation because special actions cannot be performed out of your activation.)
  23. a1bert

    The Anti-Hero Guide

    Droid Mastery is on the wounded side as well (and Mechanical Master allows to activate with another hero whether healthy or wounded). Do you mean withdrawn or incapacitated?
  24. I can ask for a confirmation. Whether this is too Insignificant to end up in the FAQ is for FFG to decide.
  25. I'm pretty sure the correct answer is that the figure and companion can be targeted independently just like objects in the same space can. Thus the extra ability of "Insignificant: You cannot be the target of an attack while in the same space as a friendly figure" on the R5 Astromech. Note that the distance between companion and another figure in the same space is 1 (they are adjacent) while objects in the same space are only considered adjacent (distance 1) for Blast and Cleave. (Thus "on or adjacent" in mission rules.)