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  1. Mauls Torch?

    While I have have watched SW:Rebels, I haven't watched Clone Wars yet, but the rumor is that you get an explanation there. I would guess Sustained by Rage. (How do you explain the force ghosts of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Joda?)
  2. Parry can add an evade, which often corresponds to 2 blocks.
  3. Homebrew Characters Thread

    How does Unwavering interact with Massive figures ending movement on them?
  4. See Jarrod with two melee weapons (for double Parry) and Mutual Progression. Focus-firing doesn't help much there even if you can keep the imperial units on the map long enough to take their shots. (And Parry gives Jarrod movement point with Forward Momentum.)
  5. Sounds like users crying. The app is quietly satisfied with the situation. (What's wrong with not clicking on the packs you don't want to see?)
  6. C1-10p's On A Mission question

    You can perform the move and perform the attack from Call the Vanguard in the order of your choice. ("and" makes the parts equal, it doesn't imply sequencing. Comma, "then", and others are used for sequencing.)
  7. The chosen figure moving during the resolution of the Push of the ability does not prevent it suffering damage from the last part of the ability. (I don't think the figure moving during the resolution would make the figure an invalid target for Dark Energy. You chose a valid figure, and are performing the ability as specified. The distance is not checked after choosing the figure. My opinion could be wrong though.)
  8. Yes, a second Parting Blow would work against On the Lam.
  9. Open Group Advice

    When you reinforce you are not deploying. Initial and reserved groups are deployed, and you can add attachments when deploying.
  10. I'm pretty sure Single Purpose says "up to twice." so you can't perform the same special action three times per activation. (Yep, remembered correctly.)
  11. The Move action allows to perform a move, which gives movement points according to Speed. It finishes immediately and doesn't move the figure. Spending movement points moves the figure. You can spend movement points before or after actions during your activation, but not during them (or during other abilities). You can perform the Move action to gain 4mp. Then spend 2mp to move, play/discard Grisly Contest for its effect (it's "during your activation", so not during actions), then spend 2mp.
  12. C1-10p's On A Mission question

    Field Tactician allows to perform a move. Performing a move gives movement points according to Speed. When received out of your activation, the movement points must be spent immediately or lost. When spending movement points you pay extra movement point costs unless otherwise relieved (mobile, massive, Efficient Travel). Move by X spaces is not using movement points. Thus there is no extra movement point costs either.
  13. Agenda, Influence, and side missions

    The app doesn't include any of the existing campaigns, only the campaign designed for it. Yes, but not as such. Yes, but not as such. Yes, but not as such. Yes, but not as such (they are encounters). Not at the moment. Yes, from encounters.
  14. No ruling as far as I know. I talked about the three ways to handle some of the oddities of focused elsewhere quite recently. (But I'm in a fever, so have no energy to search.)
  15. The Move action allows to perform a move, which grants movement points according to Speed. To move the figure you spend movement points regardless of where they came from.
  16. SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    The phone updating apps without asking is not the app's fault though.
  17. Just to make it clear: Performing abilities during end of round (or start of round) are not activations.
  18. Better collection manager

    Not just 2nd edition (I would call it 2nd printing - there are just errata integrated). Luke Skywalker (Hero of the Rebellion) and Darth Vader expansion content has always been included with the core box. So, if you have the core box (which is needed to play the app campaign or really anything), you always have them.
  19. Lure of the Dark Side confusion

    Probably not attack-related ones, just wanted to have the full rule there.
  20. Use of ? power token

    When an ability allows you to gain e, you choose which power token to gain.
  21. Yes, Force Choke + To the Limit + Pummel is fine. I don't see it in the FAQ, but if you have bleeding, you only suffer one strain for performing a special action costing two action(point)s.
  22. Lure of the Dark Side confusion

    Conditions and power tokens are figure's abilities, so conditions affect the attack normally and you can spend a power token from the figure on the attack.