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  1. Oops, I took the pluralis form to mean two groups. I remove my objection. (Edit: The group name is Sentry Droid.)
  2. One too many non-mercenary Droids (4) for Jawa (which can bring 3).
  3. Cleave on a melee attack doesn't need accuracy, there is no Check Accuracy step for Cleave. (For a ranged Cleave the accuracy is used to determine the validity of the target for Cleave, it does not add an accuracy check. For example Hidden (on the Cleave target) doesn't affect ranged Cleave.)
  4. For multiple abilities of the "same controller" (and friendly to the figure) the controller chooses the order. I.e. you can reroll with Raider first, see the result, and reroll other dice with Punishing Force. (Each die can only be rerolled once per attack. If you choose a die that was already rerolled to be rerolled, nothing happens.) I think with Weequays you would use Raider to reroll a dodge (and sometimes the evade+block side), and otherwise reroll dice with a single attack symbol, trying to save the use of Punishing Force for the other Weequay's attack. I don't think you would have a case where you would want to use Punishing Force before Raider or Squad Training, but you can choose to perform them in that order too.
  5. Page 2 of the RRG. If there are abilities with the same trigger, mission/core rules/abilities first, attacker abilities, then defender abilities. 1. Mission/core rules: Hidden is discarded first 2. If the attack has Hide and the target suffered damage, the attacker gains a new Hidden, and other after-attack-resolves abilities from the attacker 3. after-attack-resolves abilities from the defender, i.e. Peacemaker The full story: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1631857/ability-resolution-order-during-attacks
  6. You have one too many Droid (Scavenged Stock only brings 3) from other factions or lack Temporary Alliance.
  7. Just don't adjust too much beforehand. If/when the rebels can too easily defeat all initial groups they have no trouble keeping up with any new groups, and then it becomes very dull. I would only modify the reserved groups depending on how much stuff there remains on the board. (And if the rebels use Obi-Wan efficiently, they won't have trouble with the terminals even if you try to get imperials on or adjacent.) It's also hard to know how well the rebels are doing if you haven't played the mission before.
  8. a1bert

    Campaign Tracker

    Mission progress (not campaign progress) should require 1 or 2 pictures to record the imperial player's and each hero's play area (includes the state of class, item, and supply cards, and all tokens, including damage, strain, and the state of activation tokens). It sounds much more practical to me to move the hero sheets and cards and tokens in the play areas next to each other and take a single picture than to write down (whether on paper or on an app) the same information when you're in a hurry. But, YMMV.
  9. a1bert

    Campaign Tracker

    Do you have a camera on your phone? Or just camera with you? With a click takes an instant record of everything without needing to enter each detail one by one.
  10. a1bert

    Set for Stun

    It's guaranteed Stunned da-mit.
  11. Yes, you can include Explosive Armaments in your mercenary army, and if you bring in elite Sentry Droids using Jawa Scavenger, Explosive Armaments can be attached to them. (Each Skirmish Upgrade attachment must be attached to a different deployment card that satisfies its restrictions.)
  12. a1bert

    Rebel Graffiti and Data Theft

    Not sure what the question is exactly. You play Data Theft as-if it's Rebel Graffiti, so your Data Theft ends in your discard pile. When on the discard pile the Data Theft isn't a copy of Rebel Graffiti anymore. Re-Draw is only active when the card is in the discard pile.
  13. Correct, Temporary Alliance doesn't work for Skirmish Upgrades. You can only have skirmish upgrades of the army's affiliation. (Skirmish upgrade attachments can still go to a deployment card of a different affiliation.)
  14. 1.Yes. All attacks require the accuracy and have the penalty also melee, so you would be better off with the interact with attribute test. 2.Yes, if the hostile figures are dumb enough.
  15. a1bert

    Set for Stun

    What are those so I can check if I covered them in the consolidated rules? The Blast and Cleave timings that are also on the reference cards, or something else? There are a few important rules only in the campaign guide though.
  16. a1bert

    Set for Stun

    A lot of people are careless and use Stunned (condition) and Stun (keyword) interchangibly, which may be contribute to the confusion. Stun only applies the Stunned condition if the target suffered damage from the attack. Stunned is a condition that can applied separately from damage, just like focused and hidden. I don't think anyone would argue that focused cannot be given by Gideon or C-3PO because no-one suffered damage. (Talking about the intent of Set for Stun is a separate thing. The card as written does not make it a must-have, and thus I don't expect errata.) (Some wording mishaps slip through although there has been improvement. "If you do" or otherwise referring to the target of the choice do work to bind the parts together, as well as not breaking up the sentences in the first place. Space on the card is often an issue.)
  17. a1bert

    Set for Stun

    Then he would've given you the card to read. You would've read it. Depending on your opinion you would've asked the Judge for a ruling. Then it would've depended on the Judge whether it would've been ruled as written and depended on the player confirming it with TO before the tournament, possibly pointing the TO to an existing ruling and other similar abilities like Invasive Procedure making 0-0-0 focused even if there is no adjacent figure. Skirmish is rules as written, campaign is (sometimes) rules as intended.
  18. It counts for Verena (the controller of Weiss / IG-88 decides her Close Quarters pool), even when the figure no longer on the map. Usually abilities are not available when the deployment card is not in play, but in this case another ability asks for the attack pool, and Epic Arsenal/Arsenal are needed to determine that. (Edit: Although "when an adjacent hostile figure is defeated to interrupt" is more vague in its timing than "after an adjacent...".)
  19. a1bert

    Set for Stun

    FAQ entry would say: do what the card says. Errata is unlikely. There is a reason to buy Stormtrooper Villain pack now.
  20. a1bert

    MHD 19 and Medpacs

    It's not giving permission, it's centralized knowledge base.
  21. a1bert

    Set for Stun

    In the current rules, while On the Lam allows to break line of sight and forces the attack to miss and there is no target space, there is still target. So there is nothing preventing the target of the attack to become Stunned. (Without the additional rule about it, losing line of sight during an attack would make the target invalid and thus the whole attack would be cancelled. The rule changes that so that the attack misses and thus the attack gets resolved.)
  22. a1bert

    MHD 19 and Medpacs

    Medpac in the app isn't a medical card. Emergency Medpacs (among others) are still medical cards when playing with the app.
  23. a1bert

    Shyla's mandalorian whip

    1) No, for Mandalorian Whip the hostile figure needs to enter a space adjacent to her (even if a mission rule or another ability would cause the figure to end up elsewhere before the attack can be performed, such as the trapdoor in a few of the missions). (Knowledge from discussions with the tech editor and designers.) I.e. you can't do any part of the push if you can't fulfill the requirement ("to a space adjacent to you").
  24. a1bert

    Line of Sight Calculator thread

    Line of Sight: A figure does not block line of sight to itself. The target figure also does not block line of sight. Appendix I: Line of Sight Examples A figure can trace line of sight through itself and through its target (7).
  25. a1bert

    On deployment decisions - Not a guide.

    Those are the decisions to make. They are decisions because there is no one right way that fits all situations. 1+3. Whatever the round, if there are no imperial groups on the board, you usually want to deploy if the rebels are about to trigger an event next. If they spend actions to defeat the newly-deployed figures, they have less actions to deal with the event. If they go for the event first, you have a better chance of overwhelming them - provided you didn't deploy in a way that allows them to deal with both threats at the same time. If there is no immediate event expected, it's better to not deploy, and avoid allowing the rebels to benefit from their abilities such as gaining movement or strain recovery from attacks. It's best if you have managed to wound a hero, so that hero doesn't benefit from resting during that idle round. 2. Try to deploy where the rebels need to spend strain or actions to move to attack them. If you sometimes can't make move+attack work, then the figure is still there on the next round. When to reinforce and when to deploy? You tend to reinforce when you can't keep an activation count and want to make a big strike next round - you expect to only get that one activation. How to spend threat from Special Setup and rebels taking an ally? Saving some of that is wise to keep a constant pressure, but saving is not always an option.