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  1. To elaborate a bit: 2) The activation order is not fixed. When it's the rebel or imperial turn to activate, they choose to activate any ready group. (With the restrictions on heroes that have more than one activation token.) 1) Any expansion can be added in any order. A lot of the figure packs require the associated boxed expansion. Also, maybe http://www.iki.fi/a1bert/TheConsolidatedImperialAssaultRules.pdf will help you read about the basics. It has the information from the Learn to Play and Campaign Guide integrated, and additional information that seemed to be missing. (Also contains links so you can just click on the page numbers to jump around the document.)
  2. Get the core box first to see if you like the game, whichever mode or modes you are intending to play (1vs4 campaign, skirmish, co-op/solo app campaign). If you want to make sure you get them before they become hard to get, then the boxed expansions, starting with the big boxes. If you prefer more content, then the reinforcement waves that you didn't get tokens for in the boxes (+ Captain Terro for Dewback Rider). If you want figures to replace tokens, then get the figure expansions you can find at reasonable prices.
  3. Malastarian Outpost: Bespin 01A, 02A, 05A, 10A Tyrants of Lothal 01A, 03A, 04A, 05A, 06A, 07A, 3x 12A Core 25A, 27A, 31A, 2x 32A, 33A, 35A, 36A
  4. Spending movement points is a during-your-activation ability, and you can't use those inside actions (or other abilities), only before or after actions. The FAQ goes as far as confirm that they are not interrupting abilities.
  5. You choose an active deployment point (whether interior or exterior), then deploy the figure as close as possible to the chosen deployment point. In the case of Massive, this is the closest exterior space.
  6. The Epilogues (whether from the campaign book or from an epilogue card) tell you what the rewards are. The epilogue cards may give extra rewards, then instruct where to continue in the campaign book. The Additional Rewards section of the missions from the ToL campaign book does not apply because you're not playing the mission as a side mission (you get the rewards from epilogues instead). But the Additional Rewards of any inserted missions apply (they don't have the exclusion text), and thus give 1 XP.
  7. The energy shield only blocks line of sight on its "far end", i.e. line of sight can be drawn into the space, but not through it (both into and out of it). Please see the rules and examples in the HotE rulebook and/or the Consolidated Imperial Assault Rules ( http://www.iki.fi/a1bert/TheConsolidatedImperialAssaultRules.pdf ).
  8. Also note that if you play the tutorial and continue to the campaign, you'll miss the first "real" mission. So, if you play the tutorial, it's recommended to start a new campaign and skip the tutorial.
  9. The app scales somewhat according to the Fame you collect, so you can use any heroes. The usually balanced combination is 1 melee hero, 2 ranged heroes, and one "any" (can be supporting hero, can be melee or ranged).
  10. Deploy tells you to place the figure on or as close to the specified location (space or tile) as possible.
  11. True. You can deploy groups and reinforce figures during optional deployments. The deploy/reinforce step is an optional deployment.
  12. A hero can use the ability multiple times per activation, but each time the mission rule is used, hero needs to be adjacent. A hero could still move Lorn 6 spaces by spending total of 7 movement points if I picture the situation correctly.
  13. The Most Hated Droid. Even worse for you once MHD-19 gets Bacta Radiator. Drokkatta makes it very hard to have any figures far enough to not be reached by Blast, because 2 spaces is not far enough for Drokkatta. Vinto can finish the stragglers, with MHD-19 heroes don't need to spend their own actions to rest, and the rebels have a "dummy" activation which they can use to force the IP to make a decision they can react to. And Mak is a well-rounded tech / interact / ambusher, naturally made better with jeswandi Training. Ko-Tun, Drokkatta, Jarrod, and Vinto were unstoppable in this HotE campaign: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1885240/capital-attractions-swia060-finished-20180810 (even with the +1 Threat Level adjustment). I hope your rebels are not quite as good as mine..
  14. With only two heroes and those two specifically, you are going to have an uphill battle.
  15. You can strip the paint. The first thing to learn when painting is to thin your paints enough. And the second one is that you won't watch the result from 5cm distance when playing, so almost everything looks good on the table.
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