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  1. Depends on what the rebel player decide. If you put all attachments to a single group that has high health, the heroes can just weather attacks from that group, and potentially getting them Stunned to reduce their efficiency. Also, by the time you afford all of that (if you ever do), the rebels will have very good weapons to deal with them as well.
  2. Exploit Weakness is a good example of how to accomplish the same effect as the dodge (although allowing an attack for Exploit Weakness is a little overblown for 2XP). Don't restrict the heroes by loading them up with strain, but give the opponent (conditional) bonuses for certain things the heroes do. Perhaps require the imperial player or figure to pass some kind of attribute test. I think it would be best to create a totally new imperial class deck and leave Subversive Tactics behind. Just use it as an inspiration to create a new deck.
  3. Saska is a small woman like Jyn, and Tress isn't human. Death Troopers are selected to be tall. (Compare Biv and Saska from the same boxed expansion.) It doesn't really matter to me other than larger is easier to paint.
  4. a1bert

    Force Vision

    He still has Soresu Defense, and the Health/Cost ratio is very good.
  5. a1bert

    Force Vision

    You would expect so.
  6. They probably are not the same size, but the scale has crept up a bit during the last few waves.
  7. a1bert

    Spectre Cell Movement Points

    No, you do not gain actions from Call the Vanguard, just "perform a move" and "perform an attack". They are not actions. You can spend actions to perform them during your activation, and then they are actions, but not otherwise. In the same way Order, Executive Order, and Command do not give the target figure actions, just allows them to perform a move (or gain 2mp in skirmish) or an attack as specified. Perform a move gives movement points according to Speed, just like Spectre Cell gives 2 movement points and Order gives 2 movement points. Spectre Cell allows to gain 2mp and perform an attack, neither is an action. The movement points are gained out of your activation, so they must be spent immediately upon gaining them and any unspent are lost. You can choose to gain them before the attack or after, but you do need to pick an order. And yes, this is how it works. See also Heroic, which allows Luke to perform an attack without it being an action. (And thus doesn't count towards a figure's attack-action limit.)
  8. a1bert

    Spectre Cell Movement Points

    "gains 2 movement points and may interrupt to perform an attack" Like said above, you can perform the parts of "and" in the order of your choice, but you can't split the 2 movement points. (Edit: there are existing rulings.)
  9. a1bert

    Move X to attack <<Name Surname>>

    Also don't forget Hidden and extra accuracy from activation bonuses. It gets mathy fast even with just checking for the minimum accuracy (from dice and modifiers, more complex if accounting for focused and dice from activation bonuses).
  10. a1bert

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    Wording suggestion: Take Aim: At the start of your activation you may become focused. If you do, you cannot voluntarily exit your space during this activation.
  11. a1bert

    Played Jabba's Realm - got smashed

    In the app the heroes also get free equipment / armors from missions (whether playing with 2,3,or 4).
  12. a1bert

    Rebel Team Composition for Bespin

    I didn't say you should not get a hero with ranged abilities, just that it doesn't need to be Loku... (More than one melee character is pushing it in general, three is masochistic.)
  13. a1bert

    Rebel Team Composition for Bespin

    "either"? If she activates as the first hero each round she gets all 4 options from Lead from the Front. Get Hand Cannon early, it gets passed to her when she gets LftF. (Activation tokens are exhausted after the activation.) (Edit: You can see an example of this Murne in the the PBF campaign: Red Snow White Troopers swia032 )
  14. a1bert

    question about the app

    There are two campaigns in the app at the moment: 1. The Flight of the Freedom Fighter is 5 missions. You can get the first "real" mission if you choose to not play the tutorial. 2. Jabba's Realm campaign can be played if you have the Jabba's Realm expansion, and the theme and setting allows you to meet the bounty hunters. It's also very replayable - I played it 4 times, looking forward to playing again with my group. Maul "just Maul now" however doesn't really work for anyone. You might get him as a random mercenary deployment though. FFG practically said in the In Flight Report that they will do more app content. Also, check the Legends of the Alliance forum. It's a better place for LotA questions and discussions.
  15. a1bert

    Campaign - Jyn - Roll With It

    The trigger for Roll With It is step 1.Declare target. If you choose to pay the cost of an ability, the ability is performed. https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1631857/ability-resolution-order-during-attacks