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  1. a1bert

    Embrace Suffering

    Actually the FAQ only specified that the after attack resolves only use the attack timing, I don't think there was any change to the previous rulings about the control ending just before the after-attack-resolves abilities start resolving. Disabling Shot: Yes, it's a figure ability. Havoc Shot: Yes, it's a figure's ability (provided the strain can be suffered, or recovered from a surge and then activated). Ambush: Yes, it's a figure's ability (provided the strain can be suffered). Tactical Display / Combat Visor / Full Sweep (Shyla): yes, if they are ready. Opportunist, Sidewinder, Boltslinger, Fell Swoop (Davith) seem to fall under the old ruling that the control ends before the after-attack-resolves abilities are resolved.
  2. She probably just killed him. (In Imperial Hospitality the captive needs to spend a movement point to escape (see RRG, Escaping). Thus Force Throw doesn't work - it is Pushing, not giving movement points. Tactical Movement and some other abilities of the newer heroes would work.)
  3. See Neutral Figures from RRG. The mission rule says the tokens represent neutral figures, thus they are neutral figures and not objects. Using the neutral figures to block line of sight of the imperial figures to the heroes is one valid strategy.
  4. Careful now. Companions can Claim crates in one of the missions, but cannot retrieve crates in the other (because retrieving is form of interacting).
  5. Yes, you seem to be inventing something that isn't there. All text are abilities. Abilities that cost actions are actions. (The limit of special actions also apply if you don't spend an action.) The mission rule for retrieving doesn't include "during your activation", so it doesn't require it to be during your activation. (As opposed to dropping, which requires to be your own activation.) (If you are not convinced by the wording, I happen to know that the design intent is that retrieving out of your activation is allowed.) Not being actions also mean that you can drop and retrieve without ending movement, i.e. even when you would not be able to perform an action (or attack). (You need to end movement to be able to perform an action or attack.)
  6. Yes, movement points from Order and Executive Order, Command, Tactical Movement, and other such sources can be used to retrieve barrels out of your own activation. Using the Interact action is the most usual way to retrieve things, but it doesn't preclude using other ways to retrieve things without spending actions. The restriction is that Nexu cannot spend movement points to retrieve barrels because Non-Sentient says it cannot interact, and thus not retrieve. Note that the Interact action is not used to retrieve during your own activation either. You are spending movement points. Also note that because it isn't an action, you don't need to end movement to be able to retrieve, you can be sharing a space with a figure as long as you have enough movement points to both retrieve and end movement legally. (Also note that Order and Executive Order and Command do NOT give Move actions, they allow to perform a move. Performing a move isn't an action. A Move action allows to perform a move, and performing a move gives movement points according to Speed.)
  7. Well, if you switch the target from A to B, B becomes the target of that attack, and A is not the target of that attack. She didn't attack A, and could still choose A as her second target.
  8. Imperial Dedication has "who could also be the target of that attack". Due to the restriction of "different target" Verena cannot choose A to a target for the second attack, because A was already attacked before and thus cannot be a target of the second attack ("that attack"), thus cannot be chosen by the imperial player when resolving Imperial Dedication. I.e. there's a distinction between "a valid target for an attack" and "a valid target for that attack". (Also note there is a threat cost in addition to an exhaust cost.)
  9. Counting Spaces tells that the figure isn't within 3 spaces of Obi-Wan and thus can interact.
  10. a1bert

    New map

    Uscru is from Ahsoka Tano pack.
  11. a1bert

    Are all villains earned?

    There's another class deck for Leadership that Inspires and focuses troops when their leader is defeated. Nemeses isn't that.
  12. a1bert

    Are all villains earned?

    It does. Emphasis from RRG. And I think the villain being defeated would be bad for the morale of their followers.
  13. a1bert

    Are all villains earned?

    No, because only non-unique groups return to your hand by RRG. Thus, they are not valid for Inspirational, which makes sense. (Villains are not martyrs who inspire after their death.)
  14. a1bert

    Are all villains earned?

    You can use both discount methods for any villains you have earned by any method (even both for the same one you deploy). The same applies to other cards that refer to villains - you can use them with villains that are in reserved groups. (Just note that a defeated villain cannot be redeployed by any means during the same mission.)
  15. a1bert

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    Art and tiles from Tyrants of Lothal, possibly then from that expansion itself. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/4/13/tyrants-of-lothal/