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  1. Yeah. I'm using the definition that activation always means figure activation unless specified otherwise. (Well, in the above there's context to confirm that.. )
  2. It was HotE out of the press. I got mine early this week.
  3. 1. There are no alternating activations between sides, there is a round-robin of activations. Sitting order gives you a natural record-keeping device. 2. Depends on your group, I guess. I would allow open (not showing cards to your team-mate) discussion, if if is hearable by the opponents. 3. You can't trade cards. Strictly you can play cards that have a trait restriction box on friendly figures though, so there would be no need. 4. The pass rule is probably undefined for 4p skirmish. 5. I think how Take Initiative works (or doesn't) is mentioned in the 4p rules.
  4. The attack is cancelled if the attacker is defeated. (And if it's the attacking figure's activation, the activation ends immediately.)
  5. Sounds like the correct answer regardless.
  6. Todd already ruled that resolving Last Resort when it is triggered counts as "before being defeated". (Or that's how I read the reply on the first page.)
  7. I don't think you can have pending effects without them being explicit. If Last Resort triggers (and you want to use it), you need to resolve it before the game can continue.
  8. Btw, even when stunned, Vader could've Force Choked Luke if he just was in line of sight already.
  9. Maul still gets to perform his activation and is defeated at the end of it. Also, he may get to perform attacks before his activation from Emperor, Executive Order, Order Hit... Parting Blow...
  10. Technically not. I have played some of the missions, and I have entered the maps to the Vassal IA Campaign module (save file), but have not read through their full flavor text nor where the imperial (or rebel) choices lead. If I were (and I very well might), I would still pick the "best" choice for the current story.
  11. There is no "may". If there is at least one valid target for the attack, the attack can and must be performed.
  12. And the HotE rules say that the imperial player should not read ahead...
  13. Break up the players? I'm not sure what you mean by that. (Nexu is not Massive, so it needs to find an empty 2x2 space to land on.) (I have used a Probe Droid bomb to win Imperial Entanglements, and it's 'fun' in Temptation.)