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  1. The future FAQs are indeed expected to include new rules and rulings when appropriate (which the rules addition to blocking terrain is).
  2. a1bert

    Davith Elso's Force Seed

    I would say, because Force Speed is a "during your activation" ability, just like spending movement points, he's does not need to end movement between using Force Speed and spending movement points he has. He can thus end in a space with another figure with Force Speed and then spend movement points to end movement legally. (He needs to have those movement points before using Force Speed.)
  3. You mean development in this context, not production, right? (It is clear that Disney/LFL approvals of the final products are needed to produce, market, and sell them under license.) That still wouldn't mean all aspects of the LotA app needed to be agreed to before any part of it has been developed.
  4. You refer to legal costs, then you seem to believe Disney/LFL creates a separate licensing agreement to every would-be product beforehand. You could read the Hasbro SW licensing agreement to see what kinds of things a Star Wars (or any IP) license agreement usually contains. https://corporate.findlaw.com/contracts/operations/toy-license-agreement-lucas-licensing-ltd-and-hasbro-inc2.html Also check out: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2011/8/2/use-the-force/ (Sure, any SW license holder will probably talk with Disney/LFL unofficially to see if there is anything in their plans that could be a roadblock. This was referred to in one In Flight Report. But that doesn't mean that the product is designed right there and then.)
  5. Disney/LFL is not designing the products, so they cannot know beforehand how they will turn out. If you read the credits, there is Disney/LFL approval for each campaign separately. They are approving the products after they are finished (which for the app means each release), not dictating what the products will be.
  6. 1. There is no contractual/licensing requirements for the app to include anything at all as far as we know. It's a free app, generating sales. Customers have asked for it, and FFG sees it as a way to sell products. Like I said, spending resources on a free app and then not reprinting ("letting the game die") sounds very strange, even stranger than not promoting skirmish. You still need to remember that skirmish is what you see (through articles and Organized Play), but Imperial Assault is foremost a campaign game, mostly played in private game groups.
  7. a1bert

    SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    The workaround is to save&quit, Load Game, but before selecting the save slot, choose the cog icon and reset the mission.
  8. 1) If multiple heroes satisfy the "on or adjacent" condition, you choose one ("a hero .. may test"). (Any ability can only be performed once per opportunity.) 2) I haven't played this. Wounding all heroes is (unfortunately) often the more viable option, and still not very viable.
  9. Assuming makes an ***.. By RAW the corner spaces of the spire seem to actually be normal spaces with two impassable terrain edges (the space is not fully encompassed by a single border and/or walls), so Ahsoka can well Force Leap and end movement there, and other force users can use Force Jump and trap themselves... (Edit: And not only by rules as written. I talked with Todd, and they are indeed just impassable edges.)
  10. Use the timing conflict resolution rules (non-attack, in campaign): Prediction is an imperial ability, so it happens before rebel abilities. Bacta Pump can thus be used to remove the stunned gained from Prediction.
  11. It's an open prediction. You are as much trying to force another hero to activate as discourage the chosen hero from activating.
  12. a1bert

    Lothal Wastes Strategy Discussion

    That. Each space is considered separately. Only the spaces you enter matter, not the spaces you exit or do not enter.
  13. The FAQ from https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-imperial-assault/ Note that being errata means the cards are fixed in newer printings, Imperial Officer, Royal Guards, and Rebel Saboteurs have been fixed in the core box for quite a while now.
  14. 1) Imperial Assault will not disappear from the stores, you are expected to be able to purchase any of the existing expansions for the foreseeable future. 2) Only FFG knows if and when they are going develop NEW expansions.
  15. FFG has just released a new campaign for the Legends of the Alliance FREE app, so it is fairly obvious that they are going to keep reprinting expansions.