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  1. Any Word on Another Campaign?

    You can see the names of the IA team on the credits of the LotA rulebook. While it's possible that Asmodee Digital (or where some of them worked before) could've been involved in the implementation, the design seems to be from the IA team itself.
  2. Jabba's Realm question

    Just reading RRG is enough, tt has been in there from the beginning.
  3. Murne and Jet Troopers

    Do you mean False Orders? False Orders expires before after-attack-resolves abilities are performed, so the 'rightful' controller of the Jet Trooper decides. https://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/27192049#27192049
  4. Perilous Hunt question

    When placing a large figure, one of its spaces must enter the specified space and the rest of the figure must enter legal spaces for the figure to end movement. If it takes an action to interact, a figure needs to end movement to perform the action, and a figure cannot end movement while occupying a space with another figure.
  5. I had 3 legs detached (2 of one and 1 of another). I used a "regular" generic plastic/rubber glue. I have painted and coated the Probe Droids afterwards, which provides extra adhesion and stability. For future readers the link for parts requests: http://parts.asmodeena.com/
  6. Do you consider how long the mission is a spoiler? Knowing could give you a hint of how much you should rush or pound on the imperials... One of the longer missions took me 4 hours with plenty of thinking and taking down notes played with 4 heroes. The finale probably took about the same the both times I have played it.
  7. Equipment from mission to mission

    Not everyone will read the rules reference guide, so the LotA rulebook needs to cover the most often needed rules. The app has brought a lot of new players, or players that have had the game on the shelf waiting to be played.
  8. Equipment from mission to mission

    Single-use supply cards are discarded after use. There are only a few multiple-use supply cards. Supply cards that have not been discarded are still discarded at the end of the mission. The normal rules are still in effect unless the LotA rules explicitly override them. The supply deck is handled in the same way as before, just the crates are handled in a different way - sometimes they give supply cards and sometimes something else.
  9. Equipment from mission to mission

    (Unless you are are actually talking about Grappler Arm, which is a supply card.)
  10. A. The top ability has an exhaust cost, which can only be paid when the card is ready. The bottom ability has a discard cost, which can be paid if you have a card to discard. (Whether the card is exhausted or not, the ability text is available.) B. Exhaust cost makes the ability future-proof in case we ever get an ability that can exhaust skirmish upgrades / skirmish upgrade attachments. (It would have to trigger between the ready step and end of round step of the status phase though to have an effect on Rogue Smuggler.) (Rogue Smuggler being exhausted doesn't affect Return Fire.)
  11. Relentless?

    You have already spent the action. · If an interrupt makes the current action or ability invalid, that effect is not resolved. Any costs used to resolve that effect are still paid.
  12. Equipment from mission to mission

    Note that Cybernetic Arm is not a supply card. It is an item card and shows up in your group inventory. Follow the card text like said above. Once assigned to a hero, it cannot be traded and must stay with the hero to all missions. However, you don't need to assign it to a hero if you don't want to.
  13. Brace Yourself Command Card?

    Yes, no different to Executive Order or Order Hit.
  14. Brace Yourself Command Card?

    Also, Call the Vanguard.