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  1. It's more probable that you can. I don't think Skirmish Upgrades are intended to be counted as Deployment cards for Heroic Effort, but the separation between "real" deployment cards and skirmish upgrades isn't quite total and complete. In a skirmish, some Deployment cards have the Skirmish Upgrade trait. Rules and abilities that reference Deployment cards do not affect, do not include, and cannot manipulate Skirmish Upgrade cards unless the rule or ability states otherwise.
  2. a1bert

    Hondo Cards up

    This forum is the Rome. Everything of importance ends up here.
  3. Yes, try a figure that next-best satisfies the criteria, then the next-best... With <<hero name>> you can fall back to closest rebel figure directly.
  4. If no figure that matches the requirement cannot be attacked (with the move 3), you target the closest rebel instead. Here Gaarkhan is closer than Mak. If there are two alternatives (if they were the same distance), Imperial Rule says to pick one that's worse for the heroes, i.e. the one closer to being withdrawn.
  5. a1bert

    Move X to attack <<Name Surname>>

    Copying with substitutions from Targeting Priority: Sometimes, the Imperial figure's intended target is not legal. For example, it might be instructed to attack a named hero but does not have line of sight to that hero. In this situation no criteria was given, the Imperial figure targets the closest Rebel figure. I.e. giving a name of a hero to target is not a criteria which would allow you to pick a next-best target (unlike something like "a hero with the most tech dice), but because it's between << >>, it is not absolute, so you use targeting priority and thus target the closest rebel figure (hero or ally) instead of the named hero.
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    Spoiler out today at 3 pm Eastern

  7. a1bert

    SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    Do you have the 1.4 version released yesterday?
  8. a1bert

    Hondo Cards up

    Paying VPs is a combination of spending VPs (which we have rules for already) and the other player gaining the equal amount. (And you cannot spend more than you have.) You can expect to find the definition in the rulebook or rulesheet of the associated expansion.
  9. a1bert

    Spoiler out today at 3 pm Eastern

    The drawback of Lie in Ambush is that if you have it in your army you have to attach it to a group. It doesn't need to be the same group from play to play though, so there is some flexibility depending on your opponent and the mission.
  10. a1bert

    Spoiler out today at 3 pm Eastern

    If I were allowed a guess, Rebel players refers to the campaign. Edit: but the campaign version of Hondo was already revealed.. so I'm wrong.
  11. a1bert

    Move X to attack <<Name Surname>>

    If the text is in << >>, then you always use targeting priority. If it is without, then you skip if it's not possible.
  12. a1bert

    New Jabba Campaign

    I would say there are no clearly "morally superior" options to the choices required. You choose according to who you are, what you have learned during the campaign, what the choice is, and what the situation is. I have not played with Gideon, but my experience is that any group can be used (even with Hard), because the difficulty adjusts according to Fame in more ways than just the costs of imperial/mercenary group. And Gideon isn't "broken" in the app because he only gets Masterstroke for the finale. I think the only thing you need to keep in mind is that Biv and Shyla are both "melee", which provides its own challenges. I played two missions on some days, but Jabba's Realm campaign being addictive isn't why I have "already" played it 4 times.
  13. a1bert

    New Jabba Campaign

    I have played the Jabba campaign with: 1. Jyn, Vinto, Jarrod, Drokkatta 2. Ko-Tun, Loku, Onar, Verena 3. Diala, Fenn, Saska, Shyla 4. Gaarkhan, Mak, Biv, Murne All in Hard, all great experiences with their own challenges. (In the last one I didn't get that good weapons or modifications.)
  14. It does change things. It allows different weapons to be used during the same activation, which "any weapon once per activation" would not allow. For example Imperial Officer Executive Ordering an attack with a weapon, then attacking himself with another weapon during the same activation.