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  1. You can always make campaigns longer by adding an intro mission (like I have done with minicampaigns), but it is much harder to make campaigns shorter. For me, 8 missions is near optimal.
  2. Darth Vader is not a hero in the game. Heroes are the rebel characters that have hero sheets. I don't think Vader is called a hero even in the Star Wars lore.
  3. You can play with any heroes.
  4. Both of my Finnish main shops have Chewie in stock. Look around.
  5. Because there is no comma, it's probably "'A' happens or a door opens" for the first time. Which mission is it? Edit: Ok, there's only one matching mission. It's definitely when either of the things happen, you resolve the event, and resolve it only once.
  6. If you get to draw 2 supply cards, you first get to draw 1, and can choose to use Stockpile instead. You then get to draw 1 supply card, and may choose to use Stockpile instead.
  7. "half of what he would normally gain" (figure and attachment), so it's (15-4)/2 rounded down.
  8. Maybe it's a trap! to make you play the campaign at least twice.
  9. It's hard to know if it has an effect.
  10. Are you also running with 2 heroes? Have you tried the tutorial with 3 or 4 heroes?
  11. After playing the tutorial you can start a new campaign, and get a new first mission. A lot of the missions have slight differences in them. There are also story clues in the flavor text that are useful later in the campaign. The clues are different in different plays of the campaign. And, of course the random deployments will often be different.
  12. To make it more clear: The app content will be all new campaigns and missions specifically designed for the app. There won't be existing campaigns or missions ported to the app. What is missing from expansions is support for imperial groups other than the ones in the core / wave 1, and (optional) use of tiles from boxed expansions.
  13. Complete? What's that word? What does that mean? There is one full 5-mission campaign in the app. More content will be added in the future.
  14. The "normal" Brutality doesn't get to perform two attacks that often. So, in the app it gets other bonuses.