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  1. I'm a player in Chattanooga TN and we have a small player base here. A couple of the other players have been discussing how do we bring new players to the game. I came across this on the site https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/fc/98/fc981ac0-3ef5-4175-a1c3-c6740e03deb3/adn01_demoguide_eng.pdf and it looks like a great tool for teaching the game. However I can't find a deck list for what should comprise a "demo" deck and other than a sale on ebay, I can't find the demo decks anywhere. I'm currently using a core set that I don't have any extra cards in at all to demo the game. I figure if I can show someone what the core set offers and get them interested then maybe they will get invested in the game. Any word on how jkayati's escalation league is going? That sounds interesting and it gets people in the door for not too much money.
  2. I would love to see alt art in the draft packs. I have participated in one draft, it was fun, but other than being able to play with grail ice early, it was a day of playing randomized netrunner that I paid $20 for the privilege. I have a couple of those cards in decks right now because I like having multiple decks built at a time, but if there were alt art, I would be all over them.
  3. I just used your app the other day. my opponent brought his iPad and we used the app in lieu of counters. I've never really been a fan of ios. But your app is brilliant. I may need to pick up an old iphone or 1st gen iPad. Thank you, it's really great.
  4. I am new to the game (been buying, reading, and sleeving, the cards no play yet), but would be very interested in getting together to play. I am usually at Game On in Chattanooga for their Thursday night X-wing, and recently I have been going to Epikos in Collegedale to play netrunner on Wednesday. Looking forward to your reply. -Jon
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