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  1. They thought it was worth it, eliminating all my units every turn.
  2. Triggered The False Report not once but twice to bring Navy Palpatine back into play and bring back the 12 damage objective from the dead for a total of three times in 5 turns. Thought that was funny.
  3. But would that be worth it? Sure you can pump him to a 4 or 5 but then you get, what 1 maybe 2 uses all game and one of your best units and 3-4 good enhancements are tied up with him.
  4. Yeah 2 cores and 2 EOD's later, possibly the Balance of the Force packs. Hoth has a lot of cards that get very little play.
  5. FYI It's spelled Revan Great cards I cannot wait to get em some day.
  6. Here's a question related I don't know - WHY are the Aquaris Freeholders in this game at all, let alone so strong? Best I can tell they are a very obscure 90's RPG reference. Was one of the game designers involved with that or something?
  7. We intend to do regular tournaments. Really why the heck should I complain? First even I went 5-5 which isn't bad at all. I just complain too much. Explains why I played 3PO in my college's radio adapation
  8. Nah I would keep coming and try and do casual play. I am going with a Navy swarm and really trying to find a good combo with Crix/Jan plus my 2 friends who came had a blast (one of em really needs experience players help though, he went 0-8 (bye) and never got his Dial up past 6 and never saw turn 5 as Light Side and destroyed only 2 objectives all day. I am nowhere near good enough to offer anything but very obvious advice
  9. And hey it's possible there was a lot more variety and I just never saw it. That's good, means games will be more interesting. Could have been a bad luck of the draw
  10. First 3 and last were Sith Control. Was 5 Rounds of Swiss. 3 were Freeholders/Mains, one was Jedi and one was Freeholders/Unblockables. The other deck was a Capture deck that worked well against an unblockable vehicle which shocked me as that doesn't seem like an ideal matchup
  11. Balanced in your area. I fought ALL freeholders and Sith Control in 4 out of 5 matches.
  12. Yeah that was the other thing. First 3 DS decks I played against were Sith Control and 80% the same. I'm told people bring more variety to non-regional qualifiers and regular play and I hope so.
  13. So at New England qualifiers I saw 16/21 players using a Dash/Freeholders combo with the Falcon. Some added in the Blockade Runner/Sleuths others the Han/Lando pods but it was deja vu all day. And really frustrating to see a game with this many cards limited to 2 variation decks. As a first tournament experience that was a downer. Everyone was nice and all but I'm hoping this gets fixed STAT. Until it does though, what's a good dark side counter? Palpatine/Weequay/Jabba/Mara capturing and Tactics icons up the wazoo? Has anyone found a good way to shut this down? I lost all 3 matches to these jokers on their second turn (one guy got an absurd opening hand of 3 Freeholders, One Falcon and two of the drawing 2 cards each event which I assume is just a one in a thousand NPE and not something I can do anything about, he was nice enough to even feel bad for me afterwards)
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