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  1. I do a 6 pile shuffle, then a 2 pile shuffle, followed by a random fan shuffle for about 30 seconds.I do this for all games that require a random deck, from Magic TG, to Warhammer Quest treasure deck and now WH40K Conquest
  2. How many loom bands did it take to weave that!! Myself, I play on 2 black mounting boards. They make a nice 4x3 board. I've used a silver sharpie to draw stars on the board and fixed them together with scotch tape so it folds for storage.
  3. I understand what the OP means. But I think we're in a little lull, just to allow Armada some time to breath and before Wave 8 is announced as Ep VII X Wings, Black Ties (strictly no jeans or trainers) and Square-rectenna Falcon. I think the K-Wing and Punisher, as models, are hideous-looking things which would never have got a 'fabuloso' stamp, but I like the Hounds Tooth and the Kihrax (I know, mis-spelt) has its place in the Scum fleet. The cards and upgrades are exciting enough to prompt me to buy at least one of each, more so if the new TIE upgrade is usable on my swarm. A deeper plunge into EU obscurity may provoke a similar response from me in that I simply cannot relate to the ship as I have no movie point of reference to refer to, but hopefully FFG are simply easing off the pedal prior to a flurry of Ep VII releases. In the meantime, we've got the Raider, upgraded TIE X1, and the upgrades in Wave 7 to play with and keep us all flying casual.
  4. 0Dark

    Happy Star Wars Day

    Happy Birthday Gadge. All Star Wars movies are being shown back to back on Sky Movies Showcase ....... You'll have to wait until this afternoon for the proper fillums though! May the Fourth be with all of you.
  5. 0Dark

    downloads not working

    I did too, initially. I closed the browser, went back in and it was fine.
  6. Hi Fenyx Does it look like this game plays similarly to the previous games in the Forbidden series? (Can't say I'm familiar with them). If so, can you give us some insight into the game mechanics?
  7. The game tiles may have restriction on movement, eg warpspace lanes, etc, which would make more sense in using tiles rather than a static system map. Laying out the tiles in different combinations creates differing pathways along which forces can travel - a bit like the mountains and rivers limiting movement in Mighty Empires. I would imagine expansions would add new units and factions, though not necessarily more players (eg up to 4 people still play, but one might play Tau rather than Orks).
  8. I think the space marines are the blue player so that they can be Ultramearines, but that's just semantics. In the setting, Space Marines are very much a separate fighting force from the Imperial Guard (who would be a better stand-in for "The Imperium" as a whole.) Each Space Marine chapter is very much a self-sufficient sect of warrior monks. Yes, they are part of the Imperium, and they fight for the Emperor and blah, blah, blah. But they do their own thing in the name of the Imperium more than they represent the Imperium itself on the battlefield. To have the entirety of the Space Marines reduced to one or two units in a larger "Imperium" force would be to grossly under-represent their power and presence in the 40k universe. They definitely belong as their own player faction. Could FFG have used the Imperial Guard instead of the Ultramarines for the core box? Sure, they could have. But it wouldn't have been as iconic a representation of the setting. And, as others have already said, I have little doubt that the Imperial Guard, the Sisters of Battle, and maybe even the Titan Legions will be making their presence known in future expansions, assuming the game does well enough to justify them. =P A Warlord Titan is already in there - so clearly Titan Legions are represented. No doubt other units/factions will be introduced by way of expansions. This is simply the core set a la X Wing. This game appears to be a mix of Epic 40k and Might Empires ( for those that remember it!). I'm looking forward to it and like the idea of an 'all in one' 40k game which reflects the Galaxy wide conflicts of the 41st Millenium - "There is only war" ............. Or "There is only Waaaaaagh" for Orks.
  9. I think there was - produced by Forgeworld, so it cost upwards of £200. Can't remember if it was a different type of Titan though (it might even have just been a highly detailed Revenant) I remember (some) of the clans being: Hearts Armoured for Battle (Lirithion, Iyanden) Watchers over Ancient Wrongs (Ulthwe) Protectors of the Fallen Caurifel
  10. Dammit, I gotta ask:What were the 3 different Eldar Titans called? Warlock, Phantom, and???? Revenant ...... Ninja'd
  11. The Eldar Phantom looks amazing can't wait to paint it in Fir Lirithion colours
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