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  1. The Core Set rulebook says you draw (+ mulligan) your initial hand before you arrange and place the quest cards. The Saga rulebooks say you place the campaign card next to the quest deck (and then follow the setup instructions), which won't be on the table until after you've drawn your setup hand. I don't think you'd lose Andúril to a mulligan.
  2. I am a big fan of this recent trend of getting guest writers to do articles. First we had Ian and now Sean, all three very well written and highly enjoyable to read. It's really nice to see an article that's written purely from the perspective of a fan - and it's great that people who have done a lot for the community around this game are being recognised. The art choices are spot on as well, especially the Blood of Númenor one. I wish Magali would hurry up and sell a print of that.
  3. It's "The Mountain of Fire" and it's mentioned at the bottom of the third paragraph on the front page of the rules.
  4. Good spot, looks like it's a Boon: (CardGameDB can't handle double-sided cards very well - you can actually see Side B of quest cards by adding a 'b' to the image URL right before the '.jpg' extension, e.g. this is 1B from the Siege of Gondor quest: http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/uploads/lotr/ffg_MEC54_69b.jpg)
  5. I guess it sort of becomes a substitute for Burning Brand; you can use Livery to cancel any damage that might accidentally kill Gloin. You still take as much damage as you can handle, you just have to cancel the excess. Yeah, but only if you have the resources already on him. Going from the Wingfoot + Quick Ears ruling where responses that cancel have to occur before any others, Glóin wouldn't get resources from the damage before you'd have to cancel it with Livery.
  6. I was going to go with Snowbourn Scout, that sort of works. Maybe.
  7. I'm picturing Barliman during Pelennor Fields selling beverages while the battle is on. I'm picturing him sliding around on his freshly-greased behind.
  8. Yeah, Caleb said they're past 100 quests now not including NM. That's more than enough for another cycle, possibly two. I can't remember the exact maths off the top of my head, but we're around 78-80 at the moment.
  9. That looks like the deck box that came in one of the early Game Night kits: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2012/12/11/the-stuff-of-nightmares/ Nice find, very jealous!
  10. I would like FFG to release some LOTR playmats. I know it's not as straightforward as "print a bit of art on a playmat and sell it", but this and Conquest are the only current LCGs they don't sell playmats for.
  11. I hope they do continue with the alt art cards at Gen Con, and this is coming from someone who will probably never get to go. If it were new heroes or existing ones with different abilities I'd feel different, but it's a nice way of rewarding those who do make it out there and to Fellowship events (bear in mind there's also people who don't have any Fellowship events near them).
  12. That's not throwing up any errors for me, as long as there aren't more than 3 in total.
  13. Yes, you can exhaust it immediately after attaching it to a hero and use the generated resources.
  14. Wow, very excited about this. I love the FFG-created heroes, especially now we get back story for them. Only slight disappointment is that it spoils some of the story for this cycle.
  15. So a character's text box is essentially a repository for traits and keywords to be 'written' into? Interesting, not thought of it like that before. The gaining of ranged or sentinel seems a bit odd given the recent rulings on lasting effects, where encounter card effects have to be recalculated whenever the game state changes. Unless that only happens when the encounter card says "printed text box" (e.g. Shadow of Fear) rather than just "text box" (e.g. Shelob's Poison)?
  16. Yeah, of course. Sorry, I'm not helping. I just want to find an explanation that doesn't require errata, as I think that should always be a last resort.
  17. Yeah, that's true. It would act like a free "Doom Hangs Still" for 2-hero decks.
  18. I think it depends on what is meant by 'treat as if it were 20'. If it's a filter on 'reads' of your threat (i.e. engagement checks, playing secrecy + pseudo-secrecy cards, checking for threat elimination level) then yes, you could perform the combo. If it's a filter on both 'reads' and 'writes' (i.e. playing threat reduction cards) of your threat then you can't, as you wouldn't be able to raise or lower your threat at all. Personally, I think it'll be the latter - if only to not allow this combo as it's pretty broken.
  19. Difficult to choose an absolute favourite, but this is pretty good:
  20. Someone's done an Excel spreadsheet on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/105455/lotrcg-card-counts
  21. Oh, nice! Definitely grabbing some of them. Cheers
  22. Ouch. Yeah, might give them a miss. Thank you though. I've got all mine in a cardboard-backed envelope that some binder pages for my cards came in.That'll do for the time being.
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