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  1. Popn618

    Multiple mercenary copilots

    They don't seem to be unique- How about 3 mercenary copilots in a Decimator? Keep at range 3 and turn every hit into a crit.
  2. Popn618

    The art of the One-shot; or a Mathwingers' call for aid.

    I just one-shotted a z-95 with a prox bomb (that I deployed right under him from a firespray. One hit and two crits and the one crit that got past his shields was a direct hit.
  3. Popn618

    Imperial Epic Ship - possible spoiler?

    I like wedge-shaped x-wings. Especially with predator.
  4. Popn618

    Card Sleeve sizes for X-wing??

    Upgrade cards are mini american. I want to find binder sleeves for them and have not had much luck.
  5. Popn618

    How to lose friends and win enemies

    Both which need to actually hit to have an effect.
  6. Popn618

    How to lose friends and win enemies

    It does need a name and I don't think super Biggs cuts its. I'm thinking "Biggs, Lord protector"
  7. Popn618

    STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL upgrade cards!

    It was the first ever appearance of the infamous boba fett
  8. Popn618

    How to lose friends and win enemies

    I'm thinking of running this at my next "soon to be u-friendly" friendly game: The idea is to keep as close a formation as possible. Biggs gets 2 focus, 1 evade, and an extra green dice every turn, and gets an extra shielded hit point- (though maybe changing this for stealth device and dtf on airen) Biggs Darklighter — X-Wing 25 R2-F2 3 Shield Upgrade 4 Kyle Katarn — HWK-290 21 Jan Ors 2 Airen Cracken — Z-95 Headhunter 19 Garven Dreis — X-Wing 26
  9. Popn618

    OT: Jedi gym

    Without further ado:
  10. If terrain echo, if no terrain whisper. With engine upgrade and ptl Move, boost, cloak, (stress), Decloak, green 3 forward repeat. One could argue that 4 forward with no boost/stress would be fast but that one bank would a bit farther. And the attack for getting behind ships would be effective.
  11. Popn618

    YT-1300 scum an villainy ?

    If it just had ORS stats I would be ok. I think in a perfect world, all the yt-1300 pilots should have used ORS stats and the millennium falcon title should have increased it to what the named pilots are.
  12. Popn618

    can you loop dauntless and daredevil?

    You can only take an action once per turn. So it wokld work the first time for double stress
  13. Popn618

    Decimator + Prox Bombers

    I would try and add ion torpedoes on here somehow. (Maybe a firespray instead of Decimator but that probably negates your list.) Shoot with ions, watch your enemies ships float forward 1, watch all three prox mines explore, profit.
  14. Popn618

    Rebel Imperial mixed lists

    How would rebel captive work?