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  1. May still find boxes out there but official line is "complete product" and OP support for skirmish is ending in March. Still a great game and community, which is why there is a community project to keep the game going
  2. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/12/10/2020-spring-world-championships/ Sad but interesting to go out on worlds as was expected. Just need to get a list to make sure I win one game at least!
  3. Also news been released about worlds being "last op supported event" for IA.
  4. Or Horrid. Depending if you're using it or facing it
  5. If you can get the combo, Single Purpose, a Beast Tamer to move Brutality enabled Rancor, Crush, use brutality to attack twice, wild fury to become focused and use brutality again, then to the limit to get a 5th attack off. Yes you are bleeding and stunned but a 5 attack and 4 damage from crush will destroy things utterly. fun combo for sure
  6. Did anyone get the map that's supposed to rotate in soon as well? not seen it on sale anywhere
  7. Cool cheers, should have mentioned don’t have horrific journeys or path of serpent yet. Have all the others and DLC though
  8. Hi All, as title am looking for recommendations for some scenarios with no or very few monsters. Any ideas? Background to this. I’m currently mid painting all the monsters, I did think about doing them half and half but got over enthused (very unusual for me!) and did the lot. Some are very nearly there so could do a few ready We also only have around 3 hours max to play. all help appreciated! Thanks
  9. Yeah that’s true. Am planning a trip over to use uk nationals invite, hoping we can do whole thing but a chance may have to leave on the sunday
  10. Anyone know what days tournaments are gonna be yet? Need to fly back on the Sunday and don’t want to miss top cut (I won’t make top cut but mate normally does!)
  11. Shouldn’t this be renamed “it’s friday is the game going to be totally finished his week?”
  12. Just because there “are currently no physical boxes in development” doesn’t really mean there won’t be plans started in a couple of months. was the same at last worlds and still had lothal
  13. Still playing skirmish and campaign, don’t see it ending any time soon for me. have plenty of models to add as proxies for missing minis so may look into doing cards
  14. My prediction for this Fridays news... not a sausage for IA! there said it
  15. Given that the last we heard was not even play testing anything I’d say we’d be lucky to get anything at all this year. Cynical? Yes. Hint of reality? Possibly
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