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  1. As per my post above: You can do all turns with a Large base. You can do all turns and all 1 maneuvers with a small base. This would make the Punisher a good jouster...but jousters aren't really good in this meta...
  2. If this card launches bombs forward pre-movement then I think it is a really good buy for 1pt. I've been messing around with a 3 ship Nym and Miranda build that doesn't have the points for Advanced Sensors AND Engine on Nym. Trajectory Simulator could fit nicely in a list that doesn't have a lot of points to spare to open up a lot of options. From screwing around in Vassal, Large base ships can avoid their own launched bomb with all turns while small base ships can also do all the 1 maneuvers. A small based ship with this card turns into a really good jouster. I could see a Tie Punisher with this, bomblets and unguided rockets being decent for 27pts.
  3. bmf

    Vassal teaching

    You can PM me on Vassal. I can show you the ropes but might not have the hour to two hours for a full game. I'm AFK frequently so don't think I'm ignoring you. I'll respond when I get back to the computer. In the meantime you should spectate a bunch of games in progress to get a rough idea of how things work.
  4. How about this barebones list...high PS, lots of health, good firepower and Backdraft supplies crits for Kylos condition... Unnamed Squadron (100) "Backdraft" — TIE/sf Fighter 27 Veteran Instincts 1 Fire-Control System 2 Special Ops Training 0 Ship Total: 30 "Quickdraw" — TIE/sf Fighter 29 Adaptability 0 Fire-Control System 2 Special Ops Training 0 Ship Total: 31 Kylo Ren (TIE Silencer) — TIE Silencer 35 Adaptability 0 Fire-Control System 2 Autothrusters 2 Ship Total: 39
  5. ICT is actually really good in this meta. Lots of 2 ship lists...lots of 1 agi ships. Check out the #1 Swiss list in this 45 player store championship: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=3299 He went undefeated. Keep in mind that skill is also a factor as he is the top player in the area, but this is probably the best showing for an ion cannon turret in store champs this season. The list: Sabine Wren + Crack Shot + Autoblaster Turret + Intelligence Agent + Phantom"Chopper" + Fire-Control System + Ion Cannon Turret + Hera Syndulla + Ezra Bridger + Ghost + Tactical JammerBiggs Darklighter + R4-D6 + Integrated Astromech
  6. Both ships at range 1 with focus and target lock: Braylen has a 58% chance of getting 5 hits (4.5 expected hits). Norra has a 32% chance of getting 5 hits (4.17 expected hits). But she has the advantage on defense. What is the rest of the list?
  7. Craving for a Game in Surrey, BC, Canada 43 Players with Cut to Top 4 Top 2 - Patryk (2nd in Swiss went 5-0) with Fenn (Attanni, AT, Title) / Asajj (Attanni, Latts) / Scout (Attanni, Intel, Cargo) Top 2 - Calen (1st in Swiss went 5-0) with a Chopper (FCS, ICT, Hera, Ezra, Title, Tact Jammer) / Biggs (R4D6, IA) / Sabine (Crack, ABT, IA, Title) Top 4 - Ray (3rd in Swiss went 4-1 but dropped from cut) with Miranda (TLT, Bomblet, Sabine) / Biggs (R2-D2, Integrated) / Lowhhrick (Self, Rey) Top 4 - Thomas (4th in Swiss went 4-1 lost to Patryk in top 4) with Tycho (Rage, PTL, Cruise, EI, Title) / Nym (VI, ABT, AC, Bomblet, Title, Genius) / Kaszyyyk Defender (Wookie Commandos) Top 4 - David (5th in Swiss went 4-1 and lost to Calen in top 4) with Biggs (R4D6, IA) / Lowhhrick (DTF, Wookies) / Jess (M9G8, AT) / Rex Final wasn't played. It was getting really late and neither of us wanted to play another game. So Calen let me decide if I wanted to final salvo him AFTER he rolled his dice and I knew the results. He got 2 hits, I rolled 5. So I got the plaque and he got the larger store credit and we both got to go home an hour early. Listjuggler: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=3299
  8. She is actually really good. I prefer her with Expertise, C3P0, Finn, Title and Engine. Paired with Miranda with a TLT, Bomblet and LRS. In arc she hits super hard and can tank quite a bit of damage with C3P0, Evade and 2 Agility with rerolls. Out of arc she plays more like Fat Han (minus the Gunner effect). I feel like engine is a must. Try to avoid incoming fire or turtle up if you can't avoid it. PS8 is the downside to the squad with so many ships at PS9 and PS10. I had a lot of experience with Fat Han but I never liked using the standard Slooping Rey. She seemed to die too easily. Never had trouble playing against her either. I do like the Fat Han version a lot though.
  9. bmf

    Danger Zone II

    I tried this recently: Lowhhrick with Selflessness and Tactician Biggs with R4D6 and IA Rex Braylen with Title, Tactician and R3A2 Offense is not good but it dishes out enough stress to cripple opposing squads.
  10. The following gain a bomb slot due to Cad Bane: G1A Hwk Jumpmaster Lancer YV666
  11. In the next release can you add the option for a Jumpmaster to drop bombs. I was fooling around with a Cad Bane + Proton Bomb Dengar and realized that there is no shortcut to drop a bomb. Needs to be done manually right now. Thanks for all your hard work!
  12. *UPDATED JUNE 28th* Here are the cards I have for trade from SOR: Card # Card Name Type # For Trade 2 FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper Rare 1 5 E-Web Emplacement Rare 2 6 Imperial Discipline Rare 1 7 DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol Rare 1 9 Asajj Ventress - Force Assassin Rare 2 16 Lure of Power Rare 2 18 Aurra Sing - Deadly Shot Rare 1 19 Guavian Enforcer Rare 1 25 Vibroknucklers Rare 2 27 Mon Mothma - Skilled Politician Rare 1 30 C-3PO Rare 2 32 A180 Blaster Rare 1 33 Overkill Rare 1 35 Chirrut Îmwe - Blind Warrior Rare 1 36 Luminara Unduli - Inspiring Commander Rare 1 38 Delta-7 Interceptor Rare 1 41 Journals of Ben Kenobi Rare 1 45 Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen Rare 1 47 Smuggling Freighter Rare 2 49 Lone Operative Rare 2 52 Astromech Rare 1 57 Vibroknife Rare 1 59 Ascension Gun Rare 2 60 Con Artist Rare 2 62 Imperial War Machine Uncommon 2 64 Sustained Fire Uncommon 2 65 Traitor! Uncommon 1 70 Imperial Inspection Uncommon 3 71 Anger Uncommon 1 72 Lightsaber Throw Uncommon 1 84 Loose Ends Uncommon 1 87 Scrap Buy Uncommon 2 89 Armor Plating Uncommon 2 90 Emergency Evacuation Uncommon 1 91 Friendly Fire Uncommon 2 93 Our Only Hope Uncommon 2 95 Sensor Placement Uncommon 3 100 Caution Uncommon 1 103 Guard Uncommon 2 105 My Ally Is The Force Uncommon 1 107 Your Eyes Can Deceive You Uncommon 2 112 Rebel Uncommon 4 115 Never Tell Me The Odds Uncommon 1 118 Life Debt Uncommon 2 119 Bombing Run Uncommon 1 121 Salvo Uncommon 4 129 Momentum Shift Uncommon 1 140 Resolve Uncommon 1 145 "Fair" Trade Uncommon 3 147 Sabotage Uncommon 2 150 Fast Hands Uncommon 1 151 Carbon-freezing Chamber - Bespin Uncommon 2 156 Moisture Farm - Tatooine Uncommon 1 159 Secret Facility - Scarif Uncommon 1 Here are the cards I have for trade from Awakenings: Card # Card Name Type # Trade 34 Survival Gear Rare 2 50 Diplomatic Immunity Rare 3 52 Infiltrate Rare 1 55 IQA-11 Blaster Rifle Rare 2 88 Emperor's Favor Uncommon 2 103 Commando Raid Uncommon 2 110 Retreat Uncommon 1 113 Resistance HQ Uncommon 1 114 Anticipate Uncommon 1 123 Jedi Council Uncommon 3 Here is what I am looking (priority is underlined) for: Card # Card Name Type # Needed 1 Death Trooper Rare 1 3 Director Krennic - Cruel but brilliant Legendary 1 13 Command Shuttle Rare 1 14 Force Lightning Legendary 1 20 IG-88 - Assassin Droid Legendary 2 22 Slave I Legendary 1 23 Blackmail Legendary 2 31 U-Wing Legendary 2 37 Obi-Wan Kenobi - Mysterious Hermit Legendary 1 48 Bowcaster Legendary 1 54 Force Push Rare 1 55 Force Speed Legendary 1 78 Dark Presence Uncommon 1 I am located in Vancouver, Canada. I have had many successful trades in this thread during the Awakenings launch as well as in the X-Wing Trade thread.
  13. bmf

    How to Fly Kanan Biggs

    It's Calen not Caleb. Approach from the side of Kanan and get into Range 1. You can also block Kanan to deny him attacks and actions. This is most effective early in the fight to prevent him from charging up his focus stack with rey.
  14. I don't have much info. Got a few texts from the Vancouver guys. Blair is 7-0 for the day. He's running 2 Blues with FCS, 2 Bandits with Tracers, Chips and a Stresshog. Calen is 6-1 as seen from yesterday's score sheet. He's running Calen's Pride (Kanan with TLT, Finn, Rey, Tactical Jammer, FCS, Title and Zeb with Chopper, Title and Biggs with M9G8, Integrated). Alex Yeun at 5-2 might be running the same list...
  15. I played against this list in Round 5 of Swiss. He basically set up the shuttle near the center of the board, then deployed Wampa and Whisper at Range 2 of Dormitz towards my end of the board, giving them both an evade ready for round 1 combat. Round 1 he moved the shuttle up and used coordinate to pass another action to Whisper. So he basically ends up with 2 ships that are turtled up in Round 1, but the shuttle is not in combat range. It was definitely the biggest "what just happened" moment at the tournament for me haha...
  16. Awesome report. Bummer about the performance. I think we've played each other about 2 times on Vassal...It's a pretty unique list...recognized it instantly.
  17. Here is the Top 8 results from the Vancouver Regional (63 Players): Player Name Score Swiss Rank Championship Rank Margin of Victory Strength of Schedule Dropped? List Patryk Dzwonek 6 1 4 972 0.69 false Manaroo + Attanni Mindlink Asajj Ventress + Attanni Mindlink + Latts Razzi Fenn Rau + Attanni Mindlink + Concord Dawn Protector + Autothrusters (100) Manage list Corwin Marsh 5 2 1 968 0.64 false Manaroo + Attanni Mindlink Asajj Ventress + Attanni Mindlink + Latts Razzi Fenn Rau + Attanni Mindlink + Concord Dawn Protector + Autothrusters (100) Manage list John Paul Mawet 5 3 4 941 0.44 false Warden Squadron Pilot + Extra Munitions + Chopper + Cluster Mines + Advanced SLAM Warden Squadron Pilot + Extra Munitions + Sabine Wren + Cluster Mines + Advanced SLAM Norra Wexley + Crack Shot + Rey + R2-D2 + Alliance Overhaul (100) Manage list Blair Bunke 5 4 8 805 0.64 false Contracted Scout + Attanni Mindlink + Proton Torpedoes + Extra Munitions + Boba Fett + R4 Agromech + Guidance Chips Contracted Scout + Attanni Mindlink + Plasma Torpedoes + Extra Munitions + 4-Lom + R4 Agromech + Guidance Chips Contracted Scout + Attanni Mindlink + Plasma Torpedoes + Intelligence Agent + Black Market Slicer Tools + Guidance Chips (100) Manage list Bryan Taylor 5 5 2 798 0.58 false Manaroo + Attanni Mindlink Asajj Ventress + Attanni Mindlink + Latts Razzi Fenn Rau + Attanni Mindlink + Concord Dawn Protector + Autothrusters (100) Manage list Raymond Lendt 5 6 8 794 0.58 false Warden Squadron Pilot + Extra Munitions + Intelligence Agent + Conner Net + Seismic Charges + Advanced SLAM Zeb Orrelios + Chopper + Phantom Lothal Rebel + Fire-Control System + Twin Laser Turret + Hera Syndulla + Sabine Wren + Ghost + Seismic Charges (100) Manage list Dan Hope 5 7 8 780 0.61 false Whisper + Agent Kallus + Fire-Control System + Advanced Cloaking Device + Veteran Instincts Wampa Lieutenant Dormitz + Emperor Palpatine + Hyperwave Comm Scanner + Kylo Rens Shuttle (97) Manage list Glenn Morgan 4 8 8 821 0.50 false Countess Ryad + TIE/x7 + Veteran Instincts Colonel Vessery + TIE/x7 + Veteran Instincts Omicron Group Pilot + Collision Detector + Emperor Palpatine + ST-321 (99) Manage list Congrats to Corwin. We had a great and enjoyable round 6 match. Full results on ListJuggler: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=2619
  18. Update: I'm still looking for: Force Choke x1 (Highest Priority) Commanding Presence x1 Black One x2 I have: Legendary: One With The Force x1 Launch Bay x1 Poe Dameron x1 Rare: General Grievous x2 General Veers x1 First Order TIE Fighter x2 Nightsister x2 Immobilize x2 Sith Holocron x1 Infantry Grenades x2 Bala-Tik x2 Tusken Raider x2 Flame Thrower x1 Gaffi Stick x3 Leia Organa x1 Rebel Trooper x1 Force Protection x1 BB-8 x2 Hired Gun x2 Padme Amidala x4 Diplomatic Immunity x3 Infiltrate x1 IQA-11 Blaster Rifle x1 Force Training x4 Datapad x1 Uncommon: Endless Ranks Tactical Mastery The Best Defense… Local Garrison Abandon All Hope Force Strike Emperor’s Favor Hidden in Shadow Nowhere to Run Ace in the Hole Underworld Connections Prized Possession Commando Raid Retreat Resistance HQ Anticipate Willpower Jedi Council Daring Escape Hyperspace Jump Let the Wookiee Win Shoot First Play the Odds Second Chance Leadership Supporting Fire Mind Trick Flank Reversal Emperor’s Throne Room
  19. Reporting great trade with TheKhan74!
  20. I have a Poe die that has one side that flaked off slightly straight from the booster pack unplayed. It was in the center on Poe's face so it does not affect the die value.
  21. Reporting awesome trade with DarthDane.
  22. UPDATED FEB 17TH All gone. Thanks for the trades.
  23. Sounds nice, but a bit like fortressing? Hopefully this will not become standard. It is a case of having a strategy fit the situation. I do not know why people have such an aversion to fortressing. The game does not provide a means for it to work for long in any given match. Honestly, had Mark not blanked out on two key roles three-quarters of the way through, I think the results would have been different. They have such an aversion because it makes for a sh*tty game. I've noticed this happening way more frequently on Vassal (talking about casual matches). Defenders endlessly k-turning in their corners etc... The reason it worked in the finals was because Daniel had a dice advantage for Final Salvo. He had zero incentive to break the fortress until Mark approached him. Was definitely a good and viable strategy.
  24. Congrats Blair! Runner up was Trevor with Omega, Vess, Palp. Runner up was William (Travis) Wooldridge "Tarvis" wih Juke Vessery, OL + Shield and Palp+SensorJammer Whoops...I had the correct name in mind...not sure why I typed Trevor...my apologies. Unfortunate, especially since I faced William (Travis) in the Vancouver Regional Finals.
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