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  1. I assume these don't work together but I actually only got the reverse answer so far in a local group: I'm assuming since Sarco Plank replaces agility, you don't get +1 dice from Stealth Device to your defense dice?
  2. I really dig it; my only issue is it logs you out REALLY fast so I quite often have to login in rapid succession, but the builder itself is great!
  3. No-brain solution: Mithel+Dengar+8advanced and move, move, move! Yeah we have to coordinate who uses what unique folks but I should be able to do that since the other imperial player is in a "screw it just bring decimators/TIE Defenders" mode atm
  4. I posted it above, but rerolls from two sources, +1 speed from some upgrade, Nebulon brought something that gives two friendly squadrons free 1 move after it does its maneuver, some upgrade that lets bombers attack twice if they don't move, some chick that strips a shield on a crit, various upgrades on flotillas AND nothing can be tied but because Intel is a totally balanced addition to the game :/ Easily apparently, but the main reason for me to worry about Rebels is that as Imperial playing Corellian Conflict they're my only concern and there's already a fully tooled 500 point list I've had to face twice that would fail if I could just deal with fighters. Also Y-Wings have more health than TIE Bombers so I'm instantly concerned about them more. Who had the ~621 point fleet? 500 points = 167 of fighters (cuz I guess you round up?) plus 40 extra points from an option for base defense in CC since I was attacking a place with a Rebel base. The other base defense options are ion cannon or an armed station, and unlike what I thought going into it, there's no station/base token to blow up if he picks fighters; you're just fleet vs fleet.
  5. Y-Wings are black dice, and with a reroll that's basically a guaranteed 1 damage and 1 shield gone not including the hit/crit result. There were two Y-Wing groups, E-Wings and change group, a Z-95 group, 2 Hwk's in there (so since he brought so much not all of it was Intel'd actually, funnily enough) and some X-Wings to boot. 207 points goes a ways.
  6. I think you use "overpowered" as freely as Vizzini used "inconceivable" in The Princess Bride. Raiders are awesome and now if you get some flechette torpedoes is crazy what you can do. Tie defender are, right now, the best "screen-fighters" IMO. They have speed, hull and damage and they work well in the long term when you clean the table. The drwback: 16 points. Tie interceptors are as great as defenders. 4 blue with swarm are really close to 2 blue 2 black. I think the difference is 0.25 damage. And they have counter 2 too. Their lack of hull is compensated by their low cost and the easy ways you have to improve their damage (Howlrunner and FC to 5-6 dice and Dengar to boost the counter to 3-4, seriously this is crazy). Tie fighters are a good option if you don't have room to something better. Good point: they can be boosted to 5 blue dice the same way the interceptors are. Bossk simply kill whatever he face against. I don't want imagine what we can do with the new advanced character and this mother ******. Mithel+Dengar/Chirpy+some advanced and pew-pew-pew every round. Imperials have a lot of synergy and you will find other options. As a screen I usually play with interceptors more/less boosted. Those are just some ideas. But screening doesn't matter because of Intel, or else I'd just bring TIE Fighters and not worry about fighters getting anywhere Well when I'm losing both Gladiators every round, those points add up. Scarred Soontir/Howlrunner are also pretty useless. Well don't lose both then, silly! Tell that to the Rebel fighter list I've exclusively fought so far listed above. Glads can't fly in front or they get destroyed by bombers, but then they're not zooming after the tiny ships boosting all the fighters. Basically Soontir Fel sitting in the middle of one fighter group and 2 anti-fighter blue dice from Gladiators is the best defense I've had so far, and even after Soontir killed ~6 fighters solo the opponent still had 12+ bombers so it didn't matter.
  7. Well when my ships are outnumbered 5 to 1 easily, that doesn't matter. Granted I was attacking a base, he had full 167 points of squadrons in his 500 pt list AND 40 extra points to play with literally everything Rebels can bring (reroll from two sources, attack twice if they don't move, +1 speed and free 1-speed movement after the Nebulon moves, a shield removed after each hit, various other upgrades helping) but to me even if it takes as many points as a ship to blow it up (and it doesn't) the fighters MIGHT take 2 damage and keep flying where as my ship's gone... Also my aces don't do anything against ships so if you didn't bring fighters they'd just kinda sit there.
  8. Well when I'm losing both Gladiators every round, those points add up. Scarred Soontir/Howlrunner are also pretty useless.
  9. Since there's a dedicated fighter list in our 4 person Corellian Conflict game and rebel fighters are clearly overpowered, what's a good clump of imperial fighters to stop them or at least make like difficult? It seems like Raiders with the upgrade that lets them engage squadrons completely negates Intel (also overpowered) and regular ol' TIE Fighters with 3 dice each and a reroll are cute, so what else should I bring? Howlrunner, Soontir, and some escorts are my idea right now, though I may be biased as Soontir w/ Counter 3 from Dengar blew up like 6 ships by himself last game when I previously just assumed counter was pointless since rebel ships have 5/6 health. I also might be trying some tricks with smaller Imperial ships since every rebel ship that had all of its upgrades dedicated to breaking already broken fighters can just infinitely stay out of range of big ships, then your big ships get blown up by 3 Y-Wings or whatever.
  10. I got full Show of Force points and actually have some single digit amount of points left over (and I could've got to 500 but had to repair both gladiators so I had to dip into resources). Rebels also won their Hyperlane thing and from what I can tell get more resources than imperials since they can build bases easier, and you also get 25 per base PLUS the bonus on the location, so everything adds up. Also don't outposts get the bonus points but not the 25 for a base? Also I have the same opponent and no, I didn't blow up anything other than one fighter since I blew up both stations and warped out turn 4 so his half of the resources could go directly to extra stuff. I could've maybe gotten greedy and blown up a corvette but the 30 free repair points would cover it anyway so whats the point? Also its 167 squadron points because he's maxed at 500, PLUS one of the extras for defending a base is +40 points of squadrons. I added Dengar, Ties and Black Squadron this week as far as fighters go; since Dengar's presumably a Rogue I could've added more fodder but I expect to get the initiative so two rounds of squadrons from the Victorys seems like enough for me to blow up some bombers.
  11. Faction: Galactic Empire Points: 470/400 Commander: Admiral Screed Assault Objective: Custom Objective Defense Objective: Custom Objective Navigation Objective: Custom Objective [ flagship ] Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (85 points) - Admiral Screed ( 26 points) - Director Isard ( 3 points) - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) - SW 7 Ion Batteries ( 5 points) = 126 total ship cost Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (85 points) - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) - SW 7 Ion Batteries ( 5 points) = 97 total ship cost Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer (62 points) - Intel Officer ( 7 points) - Assault Concussion Missiles ( 7 points) = 76 total ship cost Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer (62 points) - Intel Officer ( 7 points) - Assault Concussion Missiles ( 7 points) = 76 total ship cost 1 "Howlrunner" ( 16 points) 1 Saber Squadron ( 12 points) 1 Soontir Fel ( 18 points) 1 JumpMaster 5000 ( 12 points) 1 Dengar ( 20 points) 1 TIE Fighter Squadron ( 8 points) 1 Black Squadron ( 9 points) I had to pick the director because my original pick (the guy that changed an enemy ship's speed by 1) was on the other imperial list, and so far I haven't even used her cuz I just ran everything at the two stations in Show of Force and solely targeted them for the win. My biggest issue is my opponent this week has full 167 points of fighters for 500 points AND +40 points of fighters from the base defense thing, and I've had a rough time killing fighters as imperial. I think my plan will again be to just shoot the crap out of the base, possibly blowing a hole in his 4 million ships with the Gladiators to get through, and hopefully just win attrition thanks to discarded defense tokens, guaranteed 3 damage per shot from the front of a Victory, and overall hull totals of the Victories. Also I'm the returning player who didn't play at a tournament level on our team where as my compatriot has kept up with everything this entire time, and the otherwise has the same BUT I keep playing the vet player :/ EDIT - Had the wrong ion cannon on a victory; both definitely have the SW7 ions for 3 guaranteed damage out of the front
  12. Technically you can make 4 decks out of the base box so I'd just stick with those. I'm pretty certain that any decklists on here will assume you have everything.
  13. I'm assuming it's redundant, but does gaining a battle icon you already have do anything rules-wise?
  14. Here are the results from TBS Comics's store championship in Pensacola, FL that happened on February 6th at 6pm: 10 Players 4 rounds of swiss, Cut to top 4 1st place - Kameron Little w/ Han Solo+Luke, Chewbacca+Gunner. But since he can't go to regionals, he gave the bye up to... 2nd place - Rebecca Zittel w/ Han Solo+PTL+C3PO+Millinium Falcon+Engine Upgrade+Kyle Katarn, 3x Tala Pilots 3rd place - Andrew Robinson w/ Wes Jensen+R3-A2+Flechette Torpedoes+Veteran Instincts, Tarn Mison+R7 Astromech, Horton Salm+Proton Torpedoes+Proton Torpedoes+Ion Cannon Turret+R2-D6+Veteran Instincts; beat by 1st place 4th place - Casey bowling w/ Han Solo+Veteran Instincts+Engine Upgrade+C3PO+Luke, 3x Tala Pilot; beat by 2nd place Runner up at 5th was Joshua MacDonald w/ Captain Oicunn+Dauntless+Moff Jerjerrod+Intelligence Agent+Daredevil+Rebel Captive+Engine Upgrade, Vessery+Veteran Instincts+Engine Upgrade+Ion Cannon
  15. TBS Comics in Pensacola, FL is hosting our Star Wars Card Game store championship on 2/21 starting at 7pm. Entry is $5 and of course everything currently released at the time will be legal. If you have any questions please call the store and ask for Paul (if I'm not there they'll probably just call me on my cell about any info) or message me on here. TBS Comics 6895A North 9th Ave Pensacola, FL 32504 www.tbscomics.com 850-474-1419 If you make the trip I'd highly suggest trying PoFolks to the left of us for food, it's fantastic!
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