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  1. * Best Alec Guinness voice Use the suspension of disbelief, Luke....
  2. I've had some fun with Chopper pilot, zeb, fcs, gunner and tactical jammer. Biggs, IA and r2f2 Standard issue stress hog.
  3. Apparently there is a promo Guri card. It has the same art but the art takes up more of the card. here you go:
  4. Cog o Two? http://www.cogotwo.com/x-wing-compatible/short-range-rulers-orange-detail
  5. Let us know how you do; I'm flying the first list at a sc next weekend. In play testing its done well and is fun to fly.
  6. I ride a Yamaha fz1. It's a litre street bike and does everything I want. I'd say it's a t70 - versatile but doesn't excell at any one thing. I ride for a living too, so probably around ps6. Special ability is predicting stupidity from other road users.
  7. Cheers for the advice chaps. For the record, the scum list was; moral eval with hlc, eu, hotshot and gunner iirc, with 3 black sun / feed back array z95s. The rebel list was a standard issue stress hog, 2 daggers with ion cannon and fcs and a pro type a wing with refit.
  8. The scum list was just playing around ( the yv was a xmas gift ) but the rebel list was a SC possible. The irony being the scum one did better as it absorbed more of his firepower to deal with! I got down to two golds before i got bogged down with ion! Considering going back to the tie swarm!
  9. So, I got battered by 4 golds with ion turrets. i flew a initially a yv666 and three black sun soldiers then a y/b/b/a list. Did my best to stay at range three for as long as possible but couldnt keep it and then got turreted to death not being able to turn around. Id rather fly against tlts. any ideas on how to counter it without losing effectiveness against others? ( I know the player will be taking this to a SC soon ). cheers
  10. Naa, I reckon May the fourth; it'll be with you. Badoom tish.
  11. Mountain Time. I am from the UK so I grew up just using the time time zones was for other people... Will edit the original post to make it more user friendly. Kris Don't pander to these heathen colonials! GMT for queen and country!
  12. Planning on this for a store champs; Kenkirk Darth vader Ysanne isard Gunner Omega leader Juke Comm relay Epsilon squadron pilot. Leaves me with 3 points to play with. Thought about stealth device on omega leader or an ept for kirk... Any thoughts?
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