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  1. Yes swerved in, I am not pished
  2. And I will be next to him, you will recognise the pale face from someone who has just spent 30 quid on two rubbish burgers and two pints at friggin Weatherspoons!!!!!!! #NECripoff #capturedaudience Ps. yes I am from the north of England and when I was a lad 30 quid could buy a comfortable semi and a small family car PPS. Sorry any international viewers, weatherspoons is a budget bar( normally) and folks from the North of England enjoy value for money, racing pigeons, black pudding and Coronation Street. PPPS. Black pudding, pigs blood swerved in a stomach lining
  3. Ashley

    Post 10,000.

    No not really, when the content of his posts is pointless non sequters
  4. Ashley

    Post 10,000.

    Well done, note we both joined this forum and stated playing the game at the same time, guess which of us is single
  5. Ashley

    Gunboat DOA

    Terrible rules, don't sum up the Gunbaoat Mcboaty Facegun rules at all, and overcosted
  6. Exactly this, they just become another obstacle to avoid. when they are dropped in your face and you can't avoid them, that's when they are gold. played against a great Punisher player today with Deathrain and I would have been happy for him just to litter the play area to start with.
  7. I assume you won then? Crushed all your enemies, saw them driven before you and heard the Lamentations of their women?
  8. I love the optimism at the start of this thread, Wave 11 shipping soon and still no sign of the elusive GUNBOT. posters have gone from Glass half full to Torpedo tube half empty!
  9. Never mind the nerf threads or why has the Jumpmaster ruined my life, I want FGDs take on the Skurgg, will it look good next to the ARC How many of these ships JBR7 is going to buy and create Emojis for how Para is going to build a list of game breaking potential with the wooden Wookiee wagon Geko to mention the GUNBOAT at every oppertunity Vorpal Sword to offer some insightful comment Wonderwaghh to reply in some snarky manner to all the above and finally Ribbann to ask " The IG aggressor title should work with TIE Aggressor and here is why.........." Also why are there not more girls playing X wing and where is the fix?
  10. Ribann?.....oh welcome back, I have missed you
  11. Be carful you could be next, I for one would hate to lose your witty insightful comments.....
  12. Even more strange no comments on new wave, speaking of which( and another Forum personality) JBR7 has made no comment on the upcoming ships, not one single Emoji..... Para FGD JBR7 Who is next? whats happening here, please post all your wild ideas and conspiracy theory's?
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