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  1. Sekac

    FFG have ***** up x-wing 2.0

    In other words "just in case someone was about to take me seriously, you definitely shouldn't, because I'm just a whiny jerk." Thanks for clearing that up.
  2. Sekac

    A Slight Reimagining of The Last Jedi

    No, the primary issue is there's no reason whatsoever to have the FO counter attack occur immediately after TFA. None at all. No reason whatsoever other than they started their story board there and so that's what it was. So they made the entire movie take place over an incredibly short period of time because...well...because nothing. One of the biggest complaints of the series in general, and TLJ specifically, is how unbelievable Rey is as a Jedi-ish type. A large part of that is the fact that she receives almost no training whatsoever but is then capable of performing as if she were trained. Her going to meet Luke wasn't for training purposes? Fine, then don't arbitrarily make her better than people who are trained. But you can't really have it both ways. She didn't go to train, she just accidentally became trained by being there for tea time. They wrote themselves a very small box in which to develop characters, but there's no payoff whatsoever to have a difficult to write timespan.
  3. Sekac

    A Slight Reimagining of The Last Jedi

    What exactly is the right approach, out of curiosity? If I think the biggest issues are with pacing and timelines what is the objectively correct way to approach that, if reordering the scenes is incorrect?
  4. Sekac

    A Slight Reimagining of The Last Jedi

    I honestly think most of the main issues with the movie could be solved by simply rearranging many of the scenes. The timeline is the biggest issue. All of the Resistance evacuation, escape, Canto Bight, and the final showdown are mostly fine timeline wise. Trying to fit Rey's training into that same timespan is just awkward, and worst of all--unnecessary. Having her training sequence mapped onto something like 2 days does nothing but undermine the believability of her training and rushes her maturing. By changing the opening scrawl slightly, and having the movie begin where TFA left off--with her holding the saber out to Luke, you change it entirely. Have that moment up until sleeping outside of Luke's hut as the opening and you establish that her arc isn't concurrent with the Resistance escape.
  5. Sekac

    Daredevil Cancelled

    Sure if you're going by pure quantity. But if you add Ironfist, Luke Cage, and Defenders together, there's approximately enough quality to equal a DD or JJ season.
  6. Sekac

    Daredevil Cancelled

    Only tangentially related, but I think the biggest missed opportunity in DD season 2 was not having the Punisher gun down 2/3rds of the ninjas on the rooftops at the end. There were like 50 running across the rooftops and only about a dozen showed up to the final fight. It would have been a classic Punisher moment and plugged that continuity error nicely.
  7. Sekac

    Daredevil Cancelled

    I loved Daredevil Season 3. I think it's the best marvel show they've done yet. And I'm honestly okay with where they ended it. They put a nice little bow on it.
  8. Sekac

    Uh, soooo... I thoroughly enjoyed Solo

    L3 was a little much, but the droid riot was hilarious. Good bit of physical comedy.
  9. Sekac

    Uh, soooo... I thoroughly enjoyed Solo

    I liked it a lot too. I've been waiting for a non Empire vs rebels Star Wars story and this was the very first time anyone has even attempted it. What a breath of fresh air!
  10. Sekac

    What Will Incentivize FFG to Fix This?

    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why FFG has prioritized how bombs are dropped and not what the bombs do. There's essentially 2 kinds of bombs, mines and bombs (ones that blow up when you hit them, and ones that blow up and hope to hit someone). Rather than making those 2 distinctions in the rulebook and/or on a reference card and then put the bomb's effect on the upgrade card, they've decided to carry their ridiculous system into the 2nd edition. We'll tell you on each and every bomb upgrade how to drop it, and you'll have to look elsewhere for what it does. Elsewhere, in this case, meaning definitely not in the app. Certainly nobody would need to know what a seismic charge does when building a list. The only important thing is: when does it blow up? Oh it blows up when someone hits it? That's probably the bomb for me, but who knows. FFG is not able to recognize the problems with their rules presentation, so I have very little faith they'll improve the app to the point of reliability. That would require a level of introspection they've established they are incapable of.
  11. Sekac

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I used to romp through decimator lists with him back in the wave 4 days. The good old days.
  12. There, I helped you sound like you know what you're talking about a little bit. Are you ever going to drop the "Mark Hammill hates what they did with Luke" point? I know you know it's not real. He had reservations, but what satisfied with the result. The actor himself has clarified this and I know people have pointed that out to you before. You know it's untrue and yet you keep saying it anyway. You're desperate. Hey look, you're giving us strawman arguments too, ain't hypocrisy grand?! Please show me where I said you'd be "unharmed" in space. Since you are clearly a student of the Hollywood school of science, I know it may be a shock, but you don't die immediately in space.
  13. Shrug. My guess is that it's more the Hollywood myth that when you're exposed to the vacuum of space, your lungs are sucked out your eyes and you're frozen solid or some such.
  14. I was referring to Leia's space walk and Luke projecting across the galaxy. Two common complaints there are that the force isn't capable of doing those things. In reality, nearly every Star Wars installment has added new force powers. People should be equally outraged by the Emperor's force lightning. The force didn't work that way either. Until it did.
  15. People have drained every well and mined every vein looking for criticisms. My favorites are: -Lasers don't curve! (As if it was anything but a style choice) -That's not how the force works! (As if there's been some immutable set of force powers that every movie has adhered to) And -That's now how Luke would behave!(As if watching collectively 6 hours of a person's life in their late teens and early 20s will inform you how they'll behave in their 60s) That's why I've said many times, a Star Wars fan is the last person you should ask if a Star Wars movie is good. When asked, we have an extremely hard time separating the movie as a movie, from how we felt about it as Star Wars fans.