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  1. I have a player playing a Padawan Survivor and has done the same thing, where he has spent is XP un-optimally to represent who his character is. They survived Order 66 barely, and lost their connection to the force due to the Trauma. As a result all the XP spent on Force Talents, and on Lightsaber were essentially wasted, and I explained there is a good chance they won't develop into a Jedi in the campaign I am running. I wouldn't this is handicapping your character, as technically everyone wastes a little XP here and there, such as in weaker corners of Talent Trees, or skills that don't come up. This is just a little more wilful.
  2. I think you have mis-attributed the problems here. Bad players are bad players. It isn't tied to the minmaxing or the deliberately weaker character.
  3. This is the best way to develop this concept - once you have the Talent which unlocks the new style, then allow a series of Talents that you can only take if you the fighting style, then you can make special attacks and moves that are related to that style. You can even look at the Talents used in Star Wars - like Hawk Bat Swoop.
  4. When Windu takes control of the military he properly reviews the full training program the clones went through, and reviewed the General Orders. Which he is also gradually reforming, and bringing the Grand Army of the Republic under the Jedi. Basically in my setting Windu see's the GAR as an opportunity to reform the Jedi into a more active body, one that can perhaps counter the republic's worst tenancies.
  5. I would argue timing it important. Yoda only acts when it is too late. My whole premise is that IMO Yoda ****** up the Clone Wars Era (as did George Lucas, but that's another debate). Yoda was focused on the Jedi maintaining a purity of soul and weathering the storm, while the Sith outmanoeuvred, trapped and assaulted them. This led to the defeat of the Jedi, which Yoda planned for. Arguably Mace should have contacted and brought Yoda, but he didn't know he was facing a Sith. My setting creates an alternative scenario where Palpatine can be confronted early, resulting in him no longer controlling both sides of the conflict, and the Clone Wars become a genuine conflict which each side is genuinely trying and capable of winning. Thanks for the suggestions - there are some solid ideas I didn't think about - House of Cards is a great idea!
  6. I mean in Paint you get Purple by mixing Red and Blue. I don't think its true for light, but it makes sense.
  7. In terms of balance, it kinda works fine with the big hitter weapons like the z6, but in reality it will be too beneficial on the smaller ones like the Carbines, and suddenly the Auto-Fire Mod weapon becomes the easiest way to hit single targets, so if I have a regular blaster rifle or pistol I should attach an autofire mod to have an easier time to hit single targets. To me it is making other options redundant, and creates a narrative dissonance. Laser Sights already can add 1 Adv, which makes Auto-Fire more achievable and Accurate increases the chance to hit a bit, alongside Aim or talents like Clanker Killer.
  8. A fair gripe, and it is a personal interpretation of Mace Windu - I would however defend my argument by suggesting that attempting to arrest a possible Sith Lord Chancellor of the Republic by force was brash. His taking direct action against Palpatine whilst Yoda took philosophical action (preparing for a future revival) is the definitive moment for Mace Windu's actions. He is still a chill dude, because he is a Jedi. I also have a soft spot for the old Canon idea that Mace's purple lightsaber is due to it being a cross between Red and Blue.
  9. Rise would be more suitable for your campaign idea in my opinion. Rise has enough regular Droid stuff, and it has more career stuff focused on regular Jedi, as opposed to Collapse which is focused on War Jedi.
  10. I actually read it the same way, but did note the lack of rules. I have allowed my players using Ion weapons to make called shots on systems without taking the 2 Setback Die penalty, and if they Hit & Crit they knock out that exact system. It hasn't come up tonnes as my players are very Pro Droid rights and as such find Ion weapons distasteful.
  11. This is good. This is real good. I agree it would be better as a Talent, and if I was running Gensys I would probably go that route. As this is still a Star Wars campaign using the Specialisation Trees I will probably adopt some sort of Attachment that grants a Weapon Quality or something akin to this: This is good. This is real good. I agree it would be better as a Talent, and if I was running Gensys I would probably go that route. A Weapon Quality or perhaps a weapon attachment does
  12. Hitting a single target doesn't prohibit additional hits on that target. Your initial rule was to downgrade difficulty to hit only one target, not just hit once. Once you downgrade difficulty you do not just make it easier to achieve hits however, you also make it easier to achieve advantages to trigger Auto-Fire. This means it is exponentially useful.
  13. I thought about something that makes it easier to Auto-fire, but the problem is that exacerbates the existing issues with Auto-Fire already being incredibly potent against single targets, and doesn't provide a Support weapon that non-shooty characters can wield and hope to hit with.
  14. The key point of the idea would be weapons designed for high brawn characters that deliver low damage (so it would come with a High Cumbersome Rating), so an automatic success represents it being consistently easy to tag foes with shots, but each shot being less damaging. I do not see a problematic interaction with Autofire, which takes Advantages to Trigger, not successes, and if its base damage is lower than other Autofire weapons, then it is surely less problematic than the current weapons in the game?
  15. Not a problem per se. I want to add options for non-Agility driven characters to use alternative weapons - the idea being the big buff guy that uses a mini-gun to saturate an area in shots. I think the Accurate quality is a different beast, as it is inconsistent - only adding a 1/3 chance of affecting overall success, and also contributing more to the Advantage economy which leads to other problems, like contributing to Crits and Triggering Auto-Fire. The intent with this gun would be you can spray an area and you will hit someone - much like the Droideka ability. The key point being I want it to be weaker, kind of like a reverse Power Attack from D&D - you gain consistency at the cost of damage, because your shtos are all over the place.
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