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  1. Ghost Dancer

    Your Token Resources for US and EU

    Some inexpensive, 3D printed tokens: http://www.anotherdimension.biz
  2. Ghost Dancer

    Possible errata/changes for a better tournament game

    I agree on both points. I have a logos deck with infinite draw and its not really a game when that happens - I won't ever stack library access effects as I play to have fun, even in tournaments. The fact the rules account for house lock by missing a turn is the one bad design feature of this game - missing a turn in modern game standards is just very bad design because its simply not fun. I also have a deck that can do this but never will - if I play combos that are not fun to play against, I'll soon have no-one who will want to play me!
  3. Ghost Dancer

    1-2 Turn Wins

    I think this sort of thing will be a game killer for a lot of people, myself included. Even with just library access and reverse time it can be auto win if you get them out early. I think allowing cards to go back into the discard pile immediately is a bug mistake. If cards like library access were discarded only when the effect expired it would fix these issues. I played a game last night where i played library access and reverse time in turn 1. I ended up lots of cards in my hand, loads of amber, and lots of my logos on the board. Using novu archaeologist I pulled reverse time out of the discards into my archive. Turn 2 I forged a key, and did the combo again - ended up with most of my deck in my hand or on the board, lots of amber, and wiped opponent's creatures. My opponent then conceded because he hardly got to play a card, it wasn't fun, and it wasn't really a game. I didn't blame him and that's basically I deck I'll never play as it was no fun for me either if the opponent doesn't even get a look in. I really hope they fix these insane combos that auto-win, its just not fun for either player and puts people of playing the game. When I play games like this I want a good back and forth where players of equal skill have closely fought games, not one-sided slaughter-fests - I thought KeyForge was meant to be different than this?
  4. Ghost Dancer

    Rule of Six clarification question

    Thanks for the replies, that helps clear it up.
  5. Ghost Dancer

    Rule of Six clarification question

    I'm also a bit hazy on the rule of six. Does it apply to Library Access? So if I play a 7th card after LA, I no longer get to use its effect to draw cards? That's how I interpret it but not sure if that is correct.
  6. Ghost Dancer

    House Sanctum

    Armour gets reduced by every attack, and is restored at the end of the turn. So if you attack an Armour 2 creature with a Power 2 creature, you deal no damage but reduce the armour. You can then follow up with a second attack (in that same turn) with a Power 2 creature and deal 2 damage.
  7. Ghost Dancer

    Favorite Format

    Where are the different game formats explained?
  8. Ghost Dancer

    Is this game co-op?

    Well, the latest preview answers my original question. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/10/17/the-essence-of-survival/ Looks like its semi coop, which is not what I wanted to hear. It also has player elimination. For me, these two points kill the game. However, I am thinking that its simple enough to house rule to make it fully coop, and just add a loss condition that if one player dies, everybody loses.
  9. Ghost Dancer

    Is this game co-op?

    Its not very clear in everything I've read whether its co-op, semi co-op or competitive - or does it depend on the scenario? The deal breaker for me is if its semi co-op as that never works for me.
  10. Ghost Dancer

    Will we get a Medic unit?

    Repairing on the fly is thematic to the films, e.g. r2 repaing Luke's xwing in A New Hope.
  11. Ghost Dancer

    Fleet Troopers

    I said as much in a different thread - very odd.
  12. Ghost Dancer


    I played mine for the last time last night. It was destroyed in round 2, after only one activation. I put it on the flank and held back its activation, but a few dlt/hh attacks and Veers command card made short work of it.
  13. Ghost Dancer

    Leia and Fleet Troopers are incoming

    I'm still baffled as to why there is no preview for the fleet troopers - they normally put the article up a few weeks before release.
  14. Ghost Dancer

    1 or 2 fleet trooper expansions?

    Thanks for the replies, looks like most people are only getting 1 (to begin with at least). I saw the other weapon - very disappointed its another exhaust, makes it less desirable. It looks like all the expansions have 1 exhaust weapon.
  15. Ghost Dancer

    Fleet Troopers

    On a fb group - spanish I think but you can see all the stats.