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  1. Tabletop Admiral list building site

    Just a suggestion, but instead of limiting available cards by collection, can you just flag it up?
  2. How to measure range

    As long as part of the base is in range, you can make the attack (so 'at range').
  3. What I took away from the demo game...

    Exactly, well said. Also, it means that moving troopers out of a commander's bubble is not an easy decision as they become more vulnerable. Additionally, taking a second commander is an important decision to make when list building (assuming its a trooper heavy list).
  4. Los and area terrain

    I don't think trees block los when in area terrain. The rules state that you can (re)move trees for model placement - that being the case, a player could place their minis in a way to remove los blocking trees, which is totally broken. For this reason I don't think they block los as it opens itself to abuse.
  5. Excitement levels? Whats yours

  6. Los and area terrain

    I asked this a while back, in part because the rules also stated that woods can have movable trees to aid model placement. For this reason I lean towards not letting such movable objects in area terrain affect LoS. That said, I am in favour of treating the entire area as blocking LoS if its between two units.
  7. Trees/woods and los

    Yeah, I was thinking of something along these lines. Or a simpler version - just that a unit on one side can not see a unit on the other side. Thematically though I think I'd also have restrictions on shooting into woods from outside too (your limited range idea is a good one).
  8. Trees/woods and los

    If you have some woods area terrain, do individual trees block los? I'm assuming they do (as does all terrain). However, if you move some trees to allow for placement of minis (as mentioned in the rules ref) you are potentially changing the los for minis near those trees - this could be abused to change terrain to someone's advantage. So this had me wondering if woods just provide cover and don't affect los (which isn't very realistic though). I know other games have the entire area blocks los rather than individual trees within it which works better imo. Just wondered what people's thoughts are on this?
  9. Impact Grenades and stacking keywords.

    I can see both interpretations and no idea which one is correct. I initially read it as they don't stack (i.e. only different weapons stack their keywords) but there are good arguments against this. Will just have to wait for an faq.
  10. Official Rules Posting Date

    Not sure why they're holding back. It would be helpful for people to have read the rules before playing. More importantly though, I want to see the terrain rules so I can start buying and building my terrain so its all ready for when I get it on release day.
  11. Painting 101

    Great guide. One point about the glue: I'm sure I read that the rules recommend superglue (rather than plastic glues).
  12. Impact Grenades and stacking keywords.

    As I understand it, the LtP is referring to different weapon types in regard to keyword stacking. The speederbikes are a good example as there are 2 of them but still only have Impact 1 in all the examples/demos I've seen. Either way, this has been debated ad nauseum in another thread, and until we see the rules ref or faq I don't think anyone will be changing their mind anytime soon.
  13. Maneuver and Range Tool questions

    There are no clicks on the move tool. Not 100% about the angle but think its 90 degrees.
  14. Learn to Play Rules and Demo Pictures

    Thanks for that From the way the trooper upgrades are worded, I think droids will be added this way (e.g. medical droids and other support abilities) and will probably be able to be added to any unit (of that faction).
  15. At-rt-icle

    My bad, was looking at the wrong stat, but basically twice as many.