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  1. Ghost Dancer

    Is this game co-op?

    Its not very clear in everything I've read whether its co-op, semi co-op or competitive - or does it depend on the scenario? The deal breaker for me is if its semi co-op as that never works for me.
  2. Ghost Dancer

    Will we get a Medic unit?

    Repairing on the fly is thematic to the films, e.g. r2 repaing Luke's xwing in A New Hope.
  3. Ghost Dancer

    Fleet Troopers

    I said as much in a different thread - very odd.
  4. Ghost Dancer


    I played mine for the last time last night. It was destroyed in round 2, after only one activation. I put it on the flank and held back its activation, but a few dlt/hh attacks and Veers command card made short work of it.
  5. Ghost Dancer

    Leia and Fleet Troopers are incoming

    I'm still baffled as to why there is no preview for the fleet troopers - they normally put the article up a few weeks before release.
  6. Ghost Dancer

    1 or 2 fleet trooper expansions?

    Thanks for the replies, looks like most people are only getting 1 (to begin with at least). I saw the other weapon - very disappointed its another exhaust, makes it less desirable. It looks like all the expansions have 1 exhaust weapon.
  7. Ghost Dancer

    Fleet Troopers

    On a fb group - spanish I think but you can see all the stats.
  8. I'm still not totally sold on the fleet troopers, mainly due to their range 2. However, I think having 2 units will likely be better than just one. Just wondered what people's opinions are on this, especially those who have tried them out already on online simulators.
  9. Ghost Dancer

    So what's next?

    I agree, that's how I'll prob be running them. Considering a second box, either for second sniper team or full squad. I like how these guys can hold their own without so much dependence on a commander.
  10. Ghost Dancer

    So what's next?

    There is a sniper heavy weapon with the scouts - you can take it as part of a full unit or 2 man team.
  11. Ghost Dancer

    Imperial Scout troopers announced.

    I was thinking the same about the range. I think dice will vary between the scouts and commandos. I don't see why the weapons will have sharpshooter when the unit already has them - plus it seems to be a unit keyword and not a weapon one (so far only units have it), whereas blast is so far only a weapon keyword.
  12. Ghost Dancer

    Immobilize Token

    The name 'immobilize' suggests some sort of movement restriction. Troopers already get action reduction via suppression so doubt they will double up on that.
  13. Ghost Dancer

    So what's next?

    Chewy as an operative is pretty much a given, as is an imp commander. After that a second option for the heavy and support ranks - troop carriers would be good (support). More special forces arent as important at this point as the announced expansions come with 2 units each. As discussed in another thread, I think we'll see more options for the personnel upgrade slots, including medics and engineers (probably droids).
  14. Ghost Dancer

    Additional trooper upgrade, future?

    I hope we do see something like this, and faction specific. However, I think we'll see more full units first before they start releasing fillers like this.
  15. Ghost Dancer

    Additional trooper upgrade, future?

    I would like to see faction specific packs that have both unit specific personnel (so have the same armour and weapons), and universal ones (most likely droids, but they prob wouldn't have access to the unit's weapons but would have a stronger support function, e.g. medical droid).