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  1. Thanks, that's useful but I like having the diagrams and such. Its that background image that sucks the ink dry!
  2. I'd be happy if they provided a version that didn't have that background image. It would be so simple to do, and would save a lot of players money which would be better spent on more Legion stuff I printed out the last PDF and it used up an entire set of cartridges, costing me over £20, so that was one less expansion I bought!
  3. The new skirmish army option doesn't get save with the list. When I reload the list it is set to standard army size.
  4. They look great. And the sort of colours I am aiming for on mine. What type of paints did you use and what colour(s) did you use for the fur?
  5. I've been playing jyn and pathfinders a lot and they're amongst my favourite units. The trick is learning to use them effectively (don't over infiltrate). Both are good objective grabbers, especially recover supplies. I deploy pathfinders next to the central supplies, and then grab and run with first activation. You can use jyn's teamwork card (or others) to get a dodge on them. Danger sense is incredibly effective against small dice pools - my opponents often give up trying to take them out and go for easier targets. I've been running these units with leia and sabine, plus rebel troopers (with uplinks and detachments). With the vets order shenanigans, you can get amazing results from complete the mission, and leia's no time for sorrows. I usually run the pathfinders with pao - his weapon is great and the inspire 2 really helps with suppression management. Plus having a range 4 unit really helps against the empire. @syrath good call on the teamwork + nimble. Like many people, I just leave the token so haven't benefited from this.
  6. Not sure about this one. They might be interesting to play, but don't want to drop $40 on a 2 mini unit (not interested in the terrain). I like the secret mission ability - couple with the right objective this could win the game. Whilst being an operative opens up some good stuff with command cards, I'm gutted that we can't run luke, leia, han, and chewy with the droids - was looking forward to that. The most likely solution to this would be a han operative with chewy counterpart.
  7. Ah my bad, I didn't notice as it put the new unit several spaces down so I didn't see it. In that case its fine. On a related note, how about listing like units next to each other, e.g. if I split a unit of vets, they are next to each other in the list.
  8. I noticed it now groups like units together. This is useful in some ways, but not so good when you want to equip them differently. Could you maybe add an option to group them or not?
  9. Totally agree with this. In fact I'm not sure why people have said they are temporary? To my knowledge there is nothing official that says the changes are temporary. They said they would review it annually and change as needed to balance the game. To interpret that as a temporary change seems crazy to me!
  10. We played a match with a 7 activation limit a few nights ago. It was so we could play hero lists with the bonus that the game would be a bit shorter (time constraints). It was one of the most fun matches I've played and would highly recommend it
  11. One of the problems with strike teams is they were too efficient in terms of cost per activation - this applied to snipers and sabs. Snipers were not an issue in a full squad, so increasing the cost of the strike teams is absolutely the right call IMO.
  12. +1 for printer friendly version. I literally just used up an entire colour cartridge and didn't even print the whole thing (the first 10 pages or so hadnt changed). That aside, I love all he changes. Should bring some diversity back to list building.
  13. The cards are still valid. Its only the points that have changed (in most cases). I don't see the big deal, use one of the several great list builders out there and the printed points are simply not a problem. For the few cards where the rules have changed, just print the erratad version from the pdf - I did that with the objective cards and slid them over the top of the real card in a sleeve.
  14. I'm loving all these changes. I thought it would mainly be vehicles, but good to see other changes too. Has it been confirmed that there are more changes than those mentioned, or is that wishful thinking from some players?
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