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  1. I've had good success with her. When used with pathfinders, they are great at capturing objectives. Especially claim the supplies - can deploy next the he center supplies and grab them turn 1. I use the pathfinders to grab and move, and give them a dodge via Trust Goes Both Ways. Complete the Mission is also amazing, especially late game. I think Jyn has a bigger learning curve (as do pathfinders) which is why they are often overlooked, but both units great once it clicks how to use them.
  2. that's a good point. I hadn't considered that as I already had the detachments in my list. In conclusion, whilst the weapon isn't particularly bad, there are just much better ways to spend the points.
  3. Its not a big step down, but it costs a lot more points (9 points more, or 7 if you take out the costs of the actual person). As I mentioned in my original post, having two of these costs the same as a unit of troopers with a z6 which is a much more efficient use of points: an extra activation with good damage output (compared to an overpriced heavy weapon that doesn't actually add much to the unit).
  4. They work great with hq uplink: triggers Defend and Coordinate. With 2 units and 2 detachments, that's 4 extra orders on the table and out of the bag! Plus it works with several command cards (no time for sorrows, and complete the mission come to mind).
  5. This is part of the problem. Crits are great, but this is essentially converting a hit to a crit. Sometimes that's useful, but often the net result is the same after you remove normal hits to cover, dodge etc.
  6. So I had my first game using the veterans recently. I had 2 units with the CM-093 heavy weapon (plus comms specialist and hq uplink, plus the detachments to go with them). It may havbe just been bad luck, but they didn't seem to add much - I think I only used the critical ability once in the entire game, and the 4 white dice are... well white dice. I was building a new list, again with 2 veterans, and it occurred to me that 2 93s is the same cost as unit of rebel troopers with a z6 (62 points). Suddenly that's a no brainer - I can't ever imagine choosing the two heavy weapons over a z6 unit, and all the veteran lists I've built so far all have 2 units of them. So, unless I've maxed out my corp slots its unlikely I'll ever take the 93s. Anyone else have similar thoughts? Or has anyone found the 93s to be a good addition? On the plus side though, the order shenanigans with the uplinks, coordinate, and defend worked really well. Even better with the commands, complete the mission, and no time for sorrows - 4 extra units got the benefit from them. Overall I like the vets and the detachments, I'm just not sold on the heavy weapon option.
  7. I said it can help against pierce - the extra dice means you have a chance to roll more blocks than hits, so roll 2 blocks against 1 hit with pierce 1 means you don't take any damage. It won't always work, but its great when it does, and it acts as a deterrent so your opponent might not risk wasting an attack on them.
  8. One thing I found with danger sense is that it is very good against low dice attacks, even snipers. If maxed on danger sense, and after cover, only 1 or 2 hits get through there is a good chance you'll block them. It can also help against pierce as you're rolling extra dice. Because of this, I've found my opponent stops trying to plink them down and focusses elsewhere.
  9. I struggled with pathfinders but in my last game I played them much better and won the game. I think they are just harder to use but once you master them they can be very effective - they are excellent objective grabbers, especially when claiming supplies Fleets on the other hand I just don't gel with. The short range is bad enough, but their ability to get aims in standby is almost worthless due to how easy it is to remove standby. As mentioned above, if standby was better (I.e. not so easily removed) then fleets might see more use.
  10. Splitting that hair mighty thin. If it had different stats then yeah, but that wouldn't make sense thematically unless it was just adding additional keywords to match the characters.
  11. Agreed. I'm not saying its a good or bad decision, I just recall seeing/reading it a while back. As to the light sabre, as with the z6, its not a unit.
  12. That's a weapon, not a unit!
  13. I'm sure that quite early on, someone from FFG stated that they would not have any units that crossed factions, so no Luke or Leia on speeder bikes.
  14. Me too Great work though, I'd not seen this before so will try it out on my computer.
  15. It does work with no time for sorrows because that card says 'when a friendly unit is issued an order' - it doesn't specify who issued it, which is an important distinction to Jyn's card.
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