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  1. I was considering this technique - I did it for my Blood Rage minis where I just washed the entire model and they look pretty good. WOuld def go a bit more detailed for this though. You can also dry brush white over the wash (once its dried ofc) to make them pop a little.
  2. Whilst generic terrain is available from numerous places, SW specific stuff (like the buildings in the demo video) would be amazing. FFG would have to be pretty stupid to not make terrain for this game, but then I'm not aware of any terrain they do for any of their other games.
  3. Indeed, I've often seen players move the tape measure forward as they move the model. While its often done unintentionally, I know some people use it to cheat slightly (sad but true).
  4. I much prefer having 1 ship per faction in each wave. Not only is it easier on the wallet, but it gives us more time to explore the new ship. With 2 ships per wave, the amount of possibilities often means they haven't been fully explored by the time the next wave comes out. Having 2-3 waves like this a year is a good pace.
  5. Thanks. Its not clear though, that's why I asked APT still deals an extra damage though, however its an expensive combo coming in at 12 points.
  6. Also, the FAQ doesn't specify what happens when using both XX-9 Turbolasers and Assault Proton Torpedoes together - does XX-9 count as the first damage card being dealt face up? In other words, if both crits took effect, do you deal 2 or 3 face-up damage cards?
  7. I think they should sell an update pack for all changed cards (for a reasonable price). Its very easy to forget changes if they haven't been used for a while. For example, I recently had a game where I was second player and had Most Wanted (an objective that's not been used in our meta for a while). My opponent made a comment that it was a bad choice given how many squadrons I had - I had to remind him that it only applied to ships.
  8. Totally agree. The current model worked for X-Wing because it was so cheap, but Armada costs so much more. Everyone I know who plays, only plays one faction so half the core set is just a waste of money. New players also tend to only want one faction and are put of by the high buy-in (half of which is wasted). Our local players are few in number, and its totally due to this reason. Having separate faction starter sets would have massively increased the player base IMO. Unfortunately, this is not how FFG does things
  9. I use them a lot (never really got to grips with the torpedo variety). I mainly use them with Mon Mothma and equip them with TRCs (often accompanied by TRC90s). We're not super competitive in my area and I do fairly well with them - I'm currently the only player in our CC campaign who is undefeated and I'm using one (under Mon Mothma, and its equipped with Foresight & TRCs - the Imperials hate it lol). Although I don't get to use the black dice very often, they act as a deterrent (especially if I'm fielding 2 of them).
  10. OK thanks, didn't realise the stand-alone chaos bags are harder. That's good to know as I won't feel like we're cheating if we start with them. Not sure how much Carnivale differs solo and with a group, but I played it solo and just scraped through (1 more turn I would have died to the boss). I might leave this one for now as don't want to kill the characters before we start the actual campaign
  11. I'm about to start Dunwich with my group (I've already played it solo) and I'm trying to decide the best place to do the two side quests. Thematically it feels wrong to go on a trip to New Orleans or Venice whilst investigating in Arkham & Dunwich - the campaign scenarios seem to continue on with no break between them. So I thought about doing the side quests before starting the campaign, but the character's can't pay the XP (they are new characters). Would it be balanced to play Ragarou stand alone but keep the rewards and penalties, and then use the XP (assuming we get enough) to play Carnivale (using Carnivale's token set)? Then we go into the campaign. Or play them both as stand alone, and then start the campaign? I'm interested to hear people's thoughts on this and how people have approached it.
  12. Speaking to my FLGS, lots more people would get the game if it was a cheaper buy in. Also, everyone in my area only buys expansions for a single faction. So yeah, single faction starter kits would likely be a huge boost to the game. Add in something new and exclusive, and many existing players would also buy them too.
  13. Nice write up. I've yet to experiment with Strategic squadrons and this has definitely made me want to try them even more now
  14. This is how I interpreted it, and how we play it.
  15. I struggled playing solo with just 1 core. A second core set allowed me to create much stronger and more reliable decks, so if you plan to play solo the second set is a must have IMO. Also, the second set means you can better accommodate more players. I am currently playing one campaign solo, and another campaign with two other players. So I have 4 different decks (all different classes) and not had any issues (although I prioritise my solo deck as more players makes the game a little easier, whereas in solo mode I need a stronger deck).