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  1. I played X-Wing a couple days ago at a friends house until like 1am. The next morning, well the same morning actually, my alarm went off and I woke up all groggy, rolled over to my wife and said, "Is that my ship. Is my ship ringing? Can you hand me my ship, please?" I paused for a second and then said, "Umm... I meant my phone." She was like, OMG!
  2. This is a good question, especially for Bs with Advanced Sensors. To look and check the maneuver you picked before you 'reveal' your dial to your opponent if you're gonna use Advanced Sensors would be good to be able to do. The group I've always played with stresses that you just have to remember what you did and that you can't check before you use that card. But, the card says before you "reveal' your dial... So I guess maybe I can look at it because I'm not necessarily revealing it to myself if I'm just checking to make sure if I'm going to use that card. Something to think about...
  3. One time I simply said to a friend who said he was stressed, "Just do a green maneuver..."
  4. Hey Jolleyone, three of us will be at the Con tomorrow for sure and I also joined the Alliance page recently and told the other guys about it. I'll be sure to look for you tomorrow. Good luck tomorrow and May the Force be With you, I mean me... I mean us. lol
  5. There are about 4 or 5 of us that play pretty regularly in Greenwood, SC. So, hour and a half away... We're also playing at the SC Comic Con in Greenville on May 17th and at one of the wave 4 tourneys on June 1st in Greenville as well. Maybe we can work some meetings up and get some games in sometime! Would be good to play against some new people every now and then.
  6. Forgot to post on here that although it's hard to see, there are layer overlays of range one and range two on the mats for ship and asteroid placement. That really helped out, especially for the asteroids.
  7. A lot of the time, It's all in the dice. Get hot with the dice and you'll blow up some ships and win some games! Just have fun out there!
  8. Beautiful call on the asteroid placement. Killer strategy. I could totally see that working. Gonna try it next time fo shizzle!
  9. Here's another pretty good list... Tycho w/PTL, Biggs w/R2-D2, a Rookie Pilot w/an R2 Unit and a Prototype Pilot. Gonna fly this one next and try it out. Then, put either a Hull Upgrade or a Stealth Devise on Tycho. Tycho with Push the Limit is a match made in dogfight heaven as well as Biggs with R2-D2...
  10. I designed a few mats for International Table Top day. We had a little X-WIng Tourney that day so I printed them out on a 44" plotter on semi-gloss paper. They looked amazing! The paper was the perfectly sticky and looked so good. Everyone playing loved them. Stuck them onto the tables with poster mounts at the corners. Let me know what you guys think!
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