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  1. If it doesn't say you "may" add a shield (which jetpack doesn't say may), it's not optional. You have to fulfill as much of the card text as possible, so if there is a melee result in someone's pool, you have to remove one, and if you don't have 3 shields, you have to add a shield token. Touche!
  2. But its also my understanding that you don't have to give a shield. There is no "then" or "you must". Also for the fact that you can give a shield to the attached character with out having to remove a melee if none are showing. If there is one showing you have to remove it to get a shield. Even if its yours and its the only one showing...
  3. We're baaaaaack! www.stayontargetxwing.com (you can listen straight from the website) After far too long, Gordon, DHaus, Franch have returned with guest Mikhail to talk about their 2nd place finish at the Outryder Cup and reflect on the current regional season. 3:00 - OUTRYDER CUP RECAP | 32:00 - REGIONALS REFLECTIONS | 50:00 - CLOSING
  4. Just in case you missed it, we have a playlist on Across The Saga YouTube Channel! Subscribe for future content. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJuaNvQcLOVerBrIQA7W7nA The future of www.acrossthesaga.com will be a central hub for all three of our current and future shows. Although this site is just a place holder, the real site will allow the community to express their thoughts through blogs and comments. We can't wait to share all of the fun ideas for the future with you guys. Thanks listening and watching! May the dice be with you...
  5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Hit the nail on the head with this one...
  6. I traded for 2 Force Throws. Only bought 2 Kylo sets. I do not and will not play heroes....for now. (Untill they come out with mace windu hehe then I will think about it)
  7. I can see Ray/eLuke. People with inherently go after Luke (because ain't nobody got time for that) which gives you opportunity to build up Rey and use her ability. So if they go after Rey then great! You have full health elite Luke to use for end game and Luke straight cuts people down.
  8. Episode 2! "The Dice, They're Calling To You." Listen! http://www.thejeditrials.com CooMasterCoo and DHaus take time to discuss listener questions that include a recent tournament, deck experiences, potential future and broken cards. 1:00 - CANTINA GOSSIP CORNER | 55:00 - TACTICAL MASTERY | 1:14:00 - COUNCIL MEETING
  9. The adult sensible part of me is like " They are just cardboard cards and plastic dice. You can wait." BUT The kid in me is like that scene from scanners when that guy's head explodes waiting on my FLGS to say they received shipment. I literally haven't been this excited for a game since Pokémon when I was 7.
  10. And if I played Heroes at all (let alone yellow ones) I would have to auto include 2x Negotiate in all my decks. Card is a beast.
  11. We are very proud to present... Episode 1 - May the Dice be with You! with special guest Zach Bunn Your hosts CooMasterCoo and DHaus welcome you to The Jedi Trials! They're excited to bring you our first episode, especially with special guest Zach Bunn to start things off right. Hope you enjoy! Also listen at www.thejeditrials.com ...Oh and Happy Thanksgiving! Haha https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/jedi-trials-star-wars-destiny/id1179352942?mt=2
  12. "Hunter" Ewok COST - 2 Support 2 X +2X 1 Focus Special - Special - You next event gains Ambush You could essentially have several different types of Ewoks. Hunter, scout, etc. So you can make a deck work around having horde of them. (EDIT) Would help if I made it a 6 sided die instead of a 7 lol.
  13. Thanks for the shout out guys! Listening to it now. Great as always.
  14. From the same network that brought you The Combat Guild, Stay On Target and Inside the Force brings you a brand new show called... The Jedi Trials - A Star Wars: Destiny Podcast http://www.facebook.com/TheJediTrials Twitter - @TheJediTrials www.thejeditrials.com - (Coming Soon!) We are recording our first episode before thanksgiving. We can't wait to join the ranks of the other podcasts that have already been covering this awesome game. The backbone to any game is it's community and we hope to help it continue to prosper with our show. We have some great coverage on our FB of a local pre-release that we invite you check out until the big day (Wednesday) when we upload our first episode. Any and all comments welcome. Only through knowledge and mediation, can we hope to learn the true way of the cards. May the cards be with you!
  15. How long before somebody makes a Desinty card of the Asmodee shipping freighter? lol
  16. I am not sure that's what the developers meant to convey by that ability. I am sure it will be in the next set of rules coming out. Lukas mentions it in the last KoR podcast that some things will be addressed. I like where your head is at though. Finding little loop holes and exploiting them to catch your opponent by surprise it awesome. (EDIT) Just saw you post after I sent it. Cool!
  17. Bossk yes please. 1D 2D 3D 3D (1) - - Say what!? 4 damage sides? Hopefully he will be super aggressive but also have that tendency to miss because of that so 2 blanks. His ability can be ... " While Bossk is the only character left he gains : After Bossk is activated take an additional action." Haha probably super OP but it will cause people to go after him first. Which may counter act his crazy good die/ability.
  18. Got a link? Still locking down some stuff. But we are hopeful we can unveil that day!
  19. Legionary Games Lexington, Ky on the 19th. There may or may not be a special surprise from the 21 Network on that day as well. lol. Hope it's a great pre-release for everyone!
  20. Play "Lying in Wait" either when they claim the BF or when you run out of cards on a turn. My scenario they have almost a full hand and looking pretty happy about it. I play LIW then they discard. I then play this card "Boundless Ambition". Who is laughing now! Mwhahaha
  21. Having trouble listening on iTunes. It could be just my device. Love all the content thus far and just found your show!
  22. December 1st is the official release date. Will they decide to follow in Magic's footsteps moving forward and release the next pack at midnight after the pre-release? We shall see. My guess is because of the holidays. They decided to do it after Thanksgiving so everyone is done with boring family stuff and can focus on their DESTINY! lol
  23. One of the perks of this game is that I am sure you would be able to trade something for something else. Me for instance, I am only in playing Villains and would be very interested in a trade for something of equal value. That's at least my plan. Someone out there will be my opposite and only play Heroes. Han for Vader...seems legit. Food for though if anybody isn't used to this format. Also, its only a matter of time before shops start to sell individual Characters.
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