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    Dronevil reacted to ClassicalMoser in Simultaneous Card Pack Release of Generic Upgrade Cards With The Waves They Debut In   
    I'll say it was definitely a mistake to release the B-Wing before Hotshots and Aces. If they released at the same time or after, it could have included Stab-Foils, Gina, Passive Sensors, and Autoblasters (four cards that B-Wings very much appreciate). As it is the B-Wing is almost unusable out of the box, and there isn't an easy way to price things so that it is without ruining other options.
    Probably the biggest mistake in all of 2.0
    Regarding the upcoming generic cards etc. (new cannon, Starbird Slash, Hondo, TIE-only upgrades, etc.) I will be profoundly surprised if they don't show up in the Phoenix and Skystrike packs (possible exception of Hondo who will certainly at least be in F&C). It will be a 3-5 month wait max. I don't think that's impossible to endure, and I say that as an Imp primary and Rebel secondary who's been messing around aimlessly in Republic and FO for lack of new toys. 😕
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    Dronevil got a reaction from Wolfshead in Simultaneous Card Pack Release of Generic Upgrade Cards With The Waves They Debut In   
    I exclusively collect and play Rebels and Imperials. I pre-ordered the conversion kits and 2.0 base game. Then I waited. And waited. I pre-ordered the three card packs when they were announced. Finally some new pilots! I've now had to wait until the TIE Heavy to get anything new. Of course I've pre-ordered two.
    I have money in my pocket that FFG are not getting. I'll buy new ships, alt art ships (if they come with something I don't have card-wise. I'm looking at you Rebel A-Wing), card packs etc. There just aren't any for me to buy. Flappy wings aren't enough to make me buy ships I already have more than enough of, if all I'm getting is the ship and no new pilots.
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    Dronevil reacted to dezzmont in Simultaneous Card Pack Release of Generic Upgrade Cards With The Waves They Debut In   
    You need to understand that a lot of players in a lot of collectible games express a loyalty to an identity. It is part of their appeal.
    A big problem with the X-wing model of releases is that the release schedule segments releases particular players of this type will care about, and there are loooong periods of time where certain players get nothing.
    If you like to faction hop, you probably don't notice this problem. If you strongly identify with a faction, especially one of the 3 original factions... well...
    You can be a bit.... parched for content.
    The last new rebel thing to be released in 2.0 outside of a cardboard product was.... let me just check my notes here...
    Never. The last thing was never. That can't be right, can it? And the cardboard pilots and upgrades saw next to no-experimentation, let alone play? Shame... shame...
    This is... really bad. Sure, it makes players feel bad and not excited for future announcements, but more importantly it also does REALLY bad things to your stores carrying your local products which hurts your game's ability to exist because if a local store doesn't carry the product a local scene won't exist and then paying players can't really exist.
    YouTuber Kohdok, who does a lot of stuff on the production and logicists of cardgames, has a series called The Seven Deadly Sins of TCGs, but some low key apply to other products as well. One of the Sins, "Do not have too many uncombinable attributes" is cropping up here, in a manner that low key kinda sorta tends to make games... fail...
    Specifically, a major attribute in X-wing (faction) can't be combined at all between lists, meaning many products are going to be released most players don't care about. This isn't a problem as long as each faction gets new content that is also relevant and useful in a timely manner, but they don't, both in terms of totally new content (Again: Rebels have not gotten a single new thing besides from the H&A pack and Rebels is low key probably the faction new players are gravitating towards the most and probably needs to be the BEST supported faction outside the new ones, from a pure player retention standpoint), and in the sense that not every faction gets something every wave. In fact, the waves kinda have to focus on the 'new' factions to get them up to speed, which is why sometimes a wave will have two releases for the new factions and some old factions don't even get a re-release.
    This creates a problem because you now have segments of your market just not buying content, and because the product is non-randomized (which is good, don't get me wrong) you also will, if you carry re-releases or a faction no one cares about, get overstocked on product you can't move and have to store, meaning supporting X-wing is more expensive for local stores and less attractive as a result. This is why almost all the pure re-releases were just flat out canceled, like Saw's Renegades or most of the epic ships: No one wants to buy a bunch of product whole sale when, despite having a 9-12 person X-wing tournament, most of the product just doesn't freaking move because most of your casual players play the factions from the movies that made them like the IP in the first place and those factions are either not getting anything or you can't compete with the value of a conversion kit and 10 dollar X-wings or TIEs off amazon.
    FFG tries to get around this by packaging new generic cardboard with other faction ships, but this doesn't work great, because most players are reluctant to buy plastic for a faction they don't intend to play to get one card. And casual players probably aren't super aware of the content of packs that don't belong to their faction anyway. Do you know how many people thought Magpulses and Snap Shot were new to H&A, or Electron Proton Bombs were to Fully Loaded? The answer may shock you!
    The actual solutions are either to allow faction mixing between 2 factions (Then EVERY new ship could be a new rebel ship, and which has the added bonus of pushing all players to be faction-hoppers because no part of their collection is isolated from each other: this is what 40k ended up doing to great success) which is uhh... not realistic at all and probably will never happen just because the competitive scene is too important to X-wing and it would make balancing way too hard, or to accept that a cardboard product each wave is necessary to keep single faction players buying.
    So this isn't just entitled whining of people who don't want to buy new ships. I know it sounds that way to the majority of people on this board, who probably have been to so many tournaments they lost count and already are collecting 4 factions anyway, but some of us are only on 3 factions (Rebel, Scum, Imp myself, bought into Imp juuust before the outbreak, bad timing on my part) and it seems likely that most people getting into X-wing will be single faction for at least 2-3 waves. 
    X-wings future... is cardboard. If it doesn't get the go-ahead to invent things whole cloth (which honestly is how a lot of great Star Wars ships and characters originated, but Disney is no fun), then its going to become harder and harder to keep players of the 1.0 factions around and engaged as they continue to not get new cards and, honestly worse, new ships.
    At some point, I suspect FFG is going to bite the bullet and release a cardboard product with each new wave, which contains the wave's upgrades as well as probably one or two exclusive cards for factions not getting anything in the wave (and maybe even some for old ships in existing factions, to help keep those packs moving a bit and to create a perception of value in players who haven't started collecting that faction). Just... kinda makes more sense than hoping Joey Justwantsahavefunenstein is going to drop 30 bucks on one card they may not even know exists. They are resisting doing this, because they can charge more for plastic bundled with cards with the new aces packs (especially if you have to buy multiple ships to get those new cards), but I suspect those won't work amazingly well. They will be a good product still (I plan to hop into Resistance using an aces pack and a few individual packs!) but they won't scratch the itch I know every Rebel Loyalist has for something that isn't plastic for a ship they already got with cards that came with the conversion kit. On top of that, cardboard products are easier to ship, easier to display, and easier to restock. It would make stores very happy for there to be a product in the line that the week they get it 3-4 copies get yoinked right away because everyone wants the new pilots/upgrades for their own faction's old ships, even if they are also getting the other stuff too.
    Also gives them a neat chance to do something thematic with waves: Give them a cool name that can go on the wave package, tie the art visually together on the cards, maybe include a scenario card, and, again, it would let rebels get new content please FFG please I am so thirsty I am dying.
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    Dronevil reacted to RedHotDice in Fan made swag, am I being rude by saying no thanks?   
    I love going to x-wing tournaments! Don’t get me wrong a casual night is a lot of fun, but the sheer excitement of going to a grand tournament is just so much fun. Standing in a hall of 100+ passionate pilots together with your mates from your FLGS all in matching shirts is amazing.
    I also love the official prices (the FFG swag) these tournaments allow you to compete for. It is a great trophy to bring a some of these badboys home to show off to your mates.
    But then there is the fan made swag.....
    When you get paired op with your opponent, I usually say hi with a big smile, we exchange lists and then I usually proceed to chit-chat with my opponent, asking where he (and in the rare case she) is from, and we lay out some ground rules (cocked dice, dice that have rolled of the board etc.). But then, and perhaps it is because I am being very friendly, my opponent will offer me some homemade or fan made swag.
    This happens a lot, and I think it is an increasing trend. I know it is a curtesy - but NO, I don’t want your homemade ugly target-lock you made yourself out of wood burned with a laser engraver, who in their right mind thinks this is pretty?!? F*ck no, and it is even worse when it is a token where they have burnt in their team name. Oh how original. Why would I like to play with a token with the name of another team!! – this has not been thought through, idiots! I even once had an opponent who keept pushing me to use these during the match, which I respectfully declined, I need to know which were my tokens, no distractions please. Now sometimes it is a fan made pilot card or upgrade, and sometimes even very well made and sometimes very funny. Once got a card featuring “TA-175” with the picture of a Mexican Pinata, which was funny. Now I don’t play Seperatists so I have no use for it.

    I don’t want to appear rude or offensive to my opponent at a turnament, so I have just taken these, said “thank you”, sometimes even complemented them (100% fake), and when I got home….they go straight to the bin.
    Should I start to say “No thanks”?
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    Dronevil reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in New Thrawn Trilogy 2020   
    "Journey to the Unknown Regions and learn more about the origins of Thrawn and the Chiss Ascendancy."
    The Ascendancy Trilogy by Timothy Zahn starting in May 2020.
    (Thrawn Prequel Trilogy)

    Thrawn: Chaos Rising official poster by Jeremy Wilson for Barnes & Noble Edition 

    Thrawn Ascendancy Book 1 Dramatis Personae
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    Dronevil reacted to Jo Jo in Precog have you worried?   
    Its just hard to actually Ion a 3 agility target.
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    Dronevil reacted to JJ48 in WAVE 6 [image heavy]   
    Well, technically one of those ships is two ships...
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    Dronevil reacted to Cr0aker in [Blog] The Evolution of Rebel Beef.   
    I am nervous seeing Rebel beef being overly nerfed and overly focused on. I won my regional with a tie swarm. Only two lists gave me trouble. Rebel beef, and a Han Fenn monster that put 1/2 points through on a tie and tried to run.
     I believe TIE swarm right now is stronger.  It has a higher difficulty threshold to learn, so fewer people are running it.  If beef is knocked down too hard, you'll just have a different hyperspace meta monster.
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    Dronevil reacted to 5050Saint in [Blog] The Evolution of Rebel Beef.   
    Whoa, that's a 17 point swing. You might be too aggressive with your re-pointing. Leia at 5-6 is reasonable. Braylen could probably go up a few, but Cassian isn't OP but more just really good with Braylen. An argument can be made for Wedge going up, but only by a few.
    Making Wedge 53, Braylen 49, Leia 6, and keeping Cassian the same leaves 45 points left for beef. That eliminates Biggs, Ten, Double-Tap Ion Horton (and dorsal if VTG goes up), and ProTorp Dutch as options. Choosing your fourth would actually be sub-par choice instead of many good named pilot choices. It also make taking selfless a choice.
    Honestly just making Leia 5 or 6 points is going to change quite a few lists.
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    Dronevil reacted to KCDodger in X-Wing: Bad Game Design - Focus   
    Let's talk about Focus... and why it needs to friggin' go.

    Think of one more useful action in the game. You can't. There isn't one. If you don't take focus, you're losing a dice mod that's extremely handy. If you do take focus, you're giving yourself the most versatile token in the game. It is useful offensively and defensively, and while you may say, you may say that it adds a strategic aspect on when to spend it...

    You have to take it instead of...

    Barrel Roll.
    Target Lock (what Focus SHOULD be)
    And many others.

    No single action is more useful than Focus. It is the Battle Rifle of this game. The design mechanic that dominates all others because it is too good in too many scenarios, and too advantageous to use instead of others. In a game about positioning, pilot skill, and getting behind your foe, shouldn't there be more inherent value in abilities that reposition you? I believe there should be.

    But no, Focus is more useful because it removes randomness- or mitigates it. That's good, but the problem is that it has to be taken instead of genuinely interesting abilities. Which is why linked abilities exist. But if it doesn't link into or from focus, you're almost straight up hurting yourself.

    What if it was baked in, though? What if at range one, you didn't get another dice, but were allowed to flip an eye result? What if it was part of the range mechanics? With less dice being thrown around, there's less reason to use something like focus. After all, more dice is more odds to get more eye results, which if you focused, means a load of damage output... Or mitigation, if not outright evasion!

    Stack focus on top of something like crack shot, elusive, evade, it just gets frustrating.

    I do not like that Focus is an action. If anything, it should be a reward for getting into range one. If this were the case, you'd be working with better odds anyway, but not dishing out more firepower- just having way better chances of hitting something. Which I think makes a lot of sense.
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    Dronevil reacted to Hoarder of Garlic Bread in Hyperspace Prize Support?   
    Do the retailers of upcoming Hyperspace Trials have their kits yet/know when they will have said kits? I'm not too concerned as to what's inside them (although it would be nice to know), but I'm concerned that the kits might come after a few of the events are hosted. For a lot of casual players I know, that would be inconvenient, and for tryhard players such as myself, it tests our patience. The first Hyperwave Trials in my area starts in just a little over two weeks. Time is ticking.
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    Dronevil reacted to Arkanta974 in Those with the new kits - did FFG screw us over again?   
    Yeah I think FFG should never done conversion kit. As a old player I will be truly happy to put in the trash all of my 1.0 collection and buy again all the ship ! This is the real best solution !
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    Dronevil got a reaction from DarthJalapeno in X Wing Famous   
    Maybe his X-Wing fame gets his wife in the mood?
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    Dronevil got a reaction from Odanan in X Wing Famous   
    Maybe his X-Wing fame gets his wife in the mood?
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    Dronevil reacted to haritos in Reading new ship articles has become pointless for me without point costs   
    Does anyone here get excited about reading new articles any more?
    This is the first time this happens to me, I see new 2.0 ship announcements and don't even bother clicking. What's the point, with so much information missing? Great, you gave this X pilot this cool new ability. Or you made interesting changes to a 1.0 upgrade. So what? I don't know their cost. I don't even know where I can slot some of them!
    The whole points-in-the-app thing is something I find positive for the game, but man they should at least find a way to make these articles interesting, or just dont release them at all until the app is out.
    Update: Please don't justify this new approach by saying that in 1.0 people used to build lists months ahead of release. FFG's idiotic article release schedule is to blame for that. And instead of changing it, they will keep bombarding us with articles months ahead of release , only now they will be completely point-less! 
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    Dronevil reacted to Tbetts94 in 2018 Worlds+2018 Euros won by shooting in arc and pilot skill, heres hoping 2.0 brings back turrets and bombs   
    To be honest, Control Bots are kinda cancer to play against too. Like you die a slow and painful death when you make one wrong move and you just want the game to end. Takes skill to play the list right, but man it’s not fun to play against someone that knows how to fly it.
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    Dronevil reacted to skotothalamos in Will FFG comment on the generics issue?   
    Hm...I just laid it out in excel and by putting generics on the backs of named pilots and then adding a few generic/generic bases, I can get all generics equal to dials for all ships except the Falcon, HWK, and Ghost (which each have 3 uniques and 1 generic) with exactly 43 bases, which is what's in the box.
    The sky is falling?
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    Dronevil reacted to Commander Kaine in Will FFG comment on the generics issue?   
    Stockholm syndrome with capitalism? 
    You are wrong. 1 Conversion kit should cover everything inside... Why would you buy 2 conversion kits, if you only wanted to run ships from 1 of them. It makes no sense. 
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    Dronevil reacted to kraedin in Will FFG comment on the generics issue?   
    FFG never promised that they wouldn't harvest my organs for sale on the black market, but I'd still be upset if they did.
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    Dronevil reacted to Pewpewpew BOOM in The reboot affect - 1.0 -> 2.0 -> 3.0?   
    Building in the ability to adjust point costs ongoing is a great step forward in KEEPING a game healthy as it grows.  It will all depend on FFGs use of this ability. The fact that FFG came up with the idea and spent resources to develop the app are promising signs to me.  
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    Dronevil reacted to TasteTheRainbow in What IS "Rebel Bias"?   
    There is no alternative. The claim just isn’t at all testable. You can’t prove it right. Nobody else can prove it wrong. It’s a silly exercise that, at best, will drive some people to dislike an enjoyable game. /golfclap
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    Dronevil reacted to Crimsonwarlock in Venture Bro's "The Monarch" themed StarViper Squad   
    I finally got the last commission for the star viper repaint done.  The only thing I need as this point is the alt art pilot cards.

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    Dronevil got a reaction from FTS Gecko in The UK System Open Is Underway!   
    I'll be there. First big tournament
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    Dronevil got a reaction from Gilarius in The UK System Open Is Underway!   
    I'll be there. First big tournament
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